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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Boy/Girl Johnson

Amy writes:
I came across your blog on a search to find a name for my second child that would fit with the first. I have a son named Nicolae Farley. I am Romanian and Nicolae is a family name. Farley is my husband's grandfather's name. I realize this is an odd name never thought of the problem I would have naming my second.

We do not know the sex of the baby, so have to consider both genders. My husband is German/Swedish and I wouldn't mind chosing a name from that ethnicity. I don't think I want to go with all my children's names beginning with 'N.' Our last name is Johnson so nothing that would match that or ryhme with it.

I had considered Ivan if it was a boy since it is a variation of my great-grandfather's name (Ivanti) and David for the middle name since it is my father's middle name and my father-in-law's name. For a girl, I have considered Evalina or Annalise but am not quite sure that will work with Nicolae. My maternal grandmother's name was Margaret and I'd love to use it, but am concerned it may not be a good match or sound odd with Nicolae. I really am not concerned about middle names matching. I really dislike names like Hayden/Conner or Ceirra/Jayden.

Any advise or suggestions would be great!

Swistle's friend Mairzy writes:
Scene: Swistle and Mairzy are in their virtual office, sitting at their virtual desks. Swistle is doing a little on-the-job field research: she's flipping through "The Baby Name Wizard." Mairzy has broken open the certified-mail envelope that brought their latest virtual payment and is eating the toffees, leaving the fudge for Swistle. Suddenly an email comes in. Books and toffees are forgotten: Swistle and Mairzy gear up to solve another name dilemma and make the world a little better place for babies.

Except that this time, there wasn't too much for us to do. Here are my thoughts, and please forgive the sticky toffee-stains on it.

If you keep your current choices, you won't go wrong. Ivan is a good compromise between global and "normal American." Annaliese is a beautiful name, with German roots, and a top choice on this blog. Margaret pairs with it well, although it does make for a very long name.

Other suggestions (most courtesy of Behind the Name):

Margot (as a form of Margaret)


Still, with all these in front of me, I like your suggestions best. Go for what you've got!

Best wishes!

Thanks, Mairzy!

My favorites from Mairzy's lists are Francesca and Gabriel---but I agree with Mairzy that I like Amy's choices even better. I love the name Ivan with Nicolae; and Margaret is a great name and also a family name, so that's my first choice for a girl. Maybe Margaret Evalina?

Let's do a poll over to the right [poll closed; see below]. Since we don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl, please choose one boy name AND one girl name.

[Poll results: 180 votes for boy names, 184 votes for girl names

Boy names
Ivan: 93 votes, roughly 52% of the boy name votes
Adrian: 10 votes, roughly 6% of the boy name votes
Gabriel: 22 votes, roughly 12% of the boy name votes
Sebastian: 20 votes, roughly 11% of the boy name votes
Julian: 24 votes, roughly 13% of the boy name votes
August: 11 votes, roughly 6% of the boy name votes

Girl names
Evalina: 31 votes, roughly 17% of the girl name votes
Annalise: 38 votes, roughly 21% of the girl name votes
Margaret: 19 votes, roughly 10% of the girl name votes
Claudia: 18 votes, roughly 10% of the girl name votes
Francesca: 16 votes, roughly 9% of the girl name votes
Margot: 41 votes, roughly 22% of the girl name votes
Johanna: 21 votes, roughly 11% of the girl name votes]

[Update! 08-29-2008 Amy writes:
"It's another BOY! Gabriel Matei
My husband wasn't fond of Ivan and actually had chosen one of your ideas (Gabriel) as a favorite without seeing your polls. Thanks for all the input and the votes!! -Amy"]


Linda said...

Is it I-vin or E-von? I've heard it pronounced both ways.

Hadey said...

I am partial to both Ivan (my brother's name) and Annalise (my mom's name). I would suggest an alternate pronunciation of Ivan (I'm assuming you're going with a long "I" sound), and pronouncing it ee-von instead of eye-van. Ivan Sebastian has a really nice sound, and goes well with Nicolae. Also, for Annalise, how about an alternate spelling - Annelies. Perhaps Annelies Margaret? Just my 2 cents. ;-)

Catherine said...

I really like Margot for a girl. Margot Johnson has a nice ring to it - classic but modern, a little bit unique without being annoying. Plus, Margot & Nicolae sound great together.

Karen Lew said...

I think Ivan David is perfect.

I love Margaret but I don't think it matches well Nicolae, which seems to matter to Amy. So, I'd use it as a middle name. Evalina Margaret Johnson is nice.

M said...

Ivan David is great.

I love Margo ...

Margo(t) and Nicolae. Very nice, me thinks. I don't care for it spelled with a "t" - looks too much like magot.

Margo Annalise Johnson.

Hope said...

I love Ivan, especially with Nicolae. I don't think you need to look for any other boy names. I like Ivan David and Ivan Sebastian as someone mentioned above.

For girls, I like Evalina and Johanna. I think it needs a somewhat ethnic flair to go with Nicolae. I'd save Margaret for a middle name.

f8hful_lo said...

I definitely did not vot for Julian (although I love the name)! Julian Johnson???? No thanks. Also, why do most of the boy names end with an/en? I don't think that sounds good with a name that also ends with that sound (which my last name also does - sucks; there are too many good names with that ending!!!). Anyway, I actually like August a lot, but voted for Gabriel because it is more practical.
For a girl - I love love love Evalina!! You could even do Evalina Margaret, which I think is superb! Good luck :)