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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Girl Anna/Annalise Cooper

Melinda writes:
Hi. We are due on 8/14/08 and we are just now narrowing down our name choices. This has been one of the hardest things for my husband and I to decide on. I love the first name Annalise, but my husband really likes just Anna. I could go with Anna, but Annalise is so beautiful and distinct.

Our 2.5 year old son is named Nathan. I'd like to include my late Grandmother's name, Maxine or a form of, in the middle name. I'd be happy with a middle initial of M. Our last name is Cooper.

1) Anna Maxine Cooper
2) Annalise Maxine Cooper

We would love your suggestions!

Thanks so much!

Here is the nice thing about going with the name Annalise in this situation: the name Anna is a nickname for it, so both of you can use the name you prefer.

I love both names. I think Annalise Cooper has a slightly better rhythm, but that's completely subjective and someone else is probably thinking, "Hm, well, Anna Cooper has the better rhythm." Nathan and Annalise sounds great, and so does Nathan and Anna.

Maxine is a terrific middle name, sassy and strong with an appealing vintage sound. I like the way the ee sound in Annalise repeats with the ee sound in Maxine.

In fact, I don't even have any additional suggestions for you to consider. I think you've chosen two terrific names, and since your husband can still call her Anna, my own vote is for Annalise. On the other hand, if he carries the day with his choice, Anna is a beautiful, classic, never-fail name.

Let's take a vote! Which would you choose, Anna or Annalise? Poll is over to the right.

[Poll results:
Anna Maxine Cooper: 46 votes, roughly 21%
Annalise Maxine Cooper: 174 votes, roughly 79%]


janet said...

Annalise is a personal favorite of mine. Sadly, my husband doesn't love it so I doubt we'll ever use it. But you should! I love it!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I voted for Annalise; I agree with Swistle, it's nice because your hubby can call her Anna...but it gives her a nice, longer name option that I think it a bit more unique than the somewhat plain (although of course still classic and beautiful) "Anna".

I know it's a fairly popular name, but it just seems to have a bit more kick than "Anna" alone.

Alison said...

I agree with Swistle. Annalise really is the best of both worlds. Even if you call her Annalise and your husband only calls her Anna, she'll probably love that her dad has a special nickname for her. I always loved my dad's nicknames for me (even though they were very strange). Oh, and Maxine is very cool. If she ever hits a tomboyish/tough phase in junior high, high school, or college, she can always go by Max. I think that Annalise Maxine is the ultimate in flexibility.

-R- said...

I prefer Anna, but both are good choices. And Maxine is a great middle name too.

Jan said...

Since your last name is fairly common, I like the more unusual first name. I love Maxine, too, and have it on my girl list. The style doesn't totally fit Anna or Annalise though if that matters to you. Anna is more down home to me and Annalise more Continental. Maxine to me is '60s tough chick. :)

youcantcallitit said...

The last name seals the deal for me. With Cooper, I definitely vote for Annalise, as I would think Anna Coopers would be a dime a dozen. I do love the spelling Anneliese, pronounced Ah-nah-lee-zuh, if that interests you at all.

Nicole said...

Annalise Maxine - It just Sings!!!

aibee said...

I reckon I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like the name Annalise.

And here's why: My name is Annalisa (two n's THANK GOD) and the ENTIRE WORLD calls me Annalise REGARDLESS because people can't read and don't listen.

So I'm throwing my name into the ring as an option because every time I hear the name Annalise I practically fall over waiting for that last A to drop.

(and practically speaking, Annalisa is a WAY less common than Annalise. Not that Annalise is exactly common, but for the sake of the argument, etc ;) )

Shazamy said...

I much prefer Anneliese (pronounced the same way as Annalise). The "Annal" part of Annalise is very unappealing IMO.

ZestyJenny said...

Another vote for the Anna-lisa pronunciation. I think it's BEAUTIFUL.

BTW, the Scandinavian spelling of "Anna-lisa" is Annelise, which is very pretty, and removes the "anal" factor.

Robin said...

I prefer Anna with Maxine, and in general. Although if you do go with Annalise, I much prefer the Anneliese or Annelise spellings a couple people have mentioned. You could still call her Anna. Even with a double "n", the "annal" still gets me.

Anonymous said...

While we're playing with spellings, why not cut to the chase with Analease! Or Kathleen Yasmine, you know K.Y. for short!

Frazzled Mom said...

What a dilemma. You have two great name choices. Do you pick the exciting, more modern sounding Annalise (probably actually an old name that is just getting recognition from my frame of reference) or the solid, classic, never-go-wrong Anna? How should I know? In the end, I voted for Annalise because I think it complements your last name the best.

But I still wonder if I should have voted for Anna. Sure, Anna is more popular, and sure it may seem less exciting, but you know Anna is timeless. If Annalise never catches on, it won't really date your kid either, but you never know. Annalise could be one of those up-and-coming names that soars out of no where.

Plus all of the discussions about spelling and pronunciation, make me think there might be issues there, that could make your kid's life confusing. Imagine calling a customer service rep because you were overcharged on something or whatever, and you're not getting good service and on top of that, the rep keeps messing up your name or asking you to spell it half a zillion times. It stinks to have to think of these things when naming kids. I would much rather have fun with the process, but while naming a kid is fun, practical issues should be considered.

One thing is certain, IMO, Maxine is a kick a$$ middle name. Don't use another name that begins with M or a form of Maxine; use Maxine. You won't regret it.

Anonymous said...

enough said.

Anonymous said...

Well, Annalise is nice and all, but it's getting a bit trendy. I feel like I hear it EVERYWHERE, and it's the same story- people think it's so different and exciting and can't wait to use it. I get why and all (it's familiar but different- see Addison riding on Madison's coat tails. Anna, (Isabelle), Annabelle, Elise, all popular well-known names), but I just have a hard time getting exciting about it.

Also, call me a name snob if you want, but the spelling "Annalise" drives me CRAZY. It's lazy. It's Americans replacing the middle "e" in Annelise (or Anneliese) because they either don't know better or don't care about where the name comes from. To give an extreme example, it's like a lesser version of spelling Olivia "Alivia." Annelise doesn't take away Anna as a nickname choice, and it DOES take away any resemblance to the word "anal."