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Friday, August 29, 2008

Update! Baby Girl ___ K. Tsai

[Let's try this out as a new way of doing updates. I'll do a separate post with the update, with a link back to the original post. I'll also change the original post to include the update. We'll see if this works better.]

Update on Baby Girl ___ K. Tsai! Michelle writes:
hello again!

so sorry for the belated update-- but baby lauren kara tsai is now here! caught us by surprise by coming 16 days early, but we've been enjoying every minute of her. yes, even the 4 am minutes. :)

we did end up going with our original name, though i DID make a valiant effort to sway him toward "emily" on the ride to the hospital since i've fallen in love with the nickname "emi". but no dice. but now that she's here, she just *looks* like a lauren to us. still no nickname for her, but maybe she'll come up with one herself if she decides she wants one!

thanks again for all the suggestions! emily will definitely be high on the list should #4 be coming along someday...



Casa Wasabi said...

Hey my sister-in-law is named Laura (absolutely lovely girl by the way) and her nickname is Lola. I know it's not any shorter than the regular name, but it's adorable and totally suits her. Everyone also calls her simply "La" once in a while. I think it's so much cuter than "Lo" for a nickname for Lauren.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Congrats! I also know a Lauren-nicknamed-Lola. She's about 7 years old and Lola is a super cute name for her.

michelle said...

ooh thanks! i'm really liking "lola" thanks to your suggestions. i think it fits her! :)

Kate said...

love the mini updates!

i really love this site and i think i bring it up in random conversation at least once or twice a week (it's amazing how often baby names come up in casual conversation). you know, "well, swistle has an interesting point of view on popular names" or "swistle says that it's ok if you give your daughter the same name as your former collegue that you'll only see once a year because..., etc." anyway, thanks!

f8hful_lo said...

Wow, you ladies certainly know how to offend a girl whose nickname is Lo!!! My name is Laura and fam and friend call me Lo. I love it! Lola is cute, too, but sounds more like an actual name and not a nn. I also like Lolo, which people call me, too. Congrats!

michelle said...

still debating with dh on the "official" nickname... but i've decided that i will be calling dd "lolo" as my own special nn for her. i call her older sister "lili" (as in leelee) so i figure those go well together. :)