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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Middle Name Challenge: Baby Girl Hannah ___ #2

Joslyn writes:
I'm due on Sept it could be *any* day now as I am already dialted to 3 and this is my 3rd child.

We do not know the gender of this baby and we've picked out a boy's name for sure but we've been struggling with a girl's name.

We've finally decided on the first name of Hannah for the baby if it's a girl, because we had so much trouble with choosing the first name hubs has decided to let me have full reign over the middle name.

This makes me nervous for several reasons, now since I have no rules I have no idea where to begin.

I do have some self-imposed stipulations:

1) the name needs to have 4, 5, or 6 letters

2) I don't want the middle name to sound like any of my other kid's names: Daniel Joseph and Amelia Elise (so no names like Danielle or Annelise)

3) I'd like to avoid anything that rhymes with Cherry or ends with the "ry" (like Rory) due to our last name

4) I also don't want anything that ends in the same sound as Hannah (like Matilda)

5) Since my name is Joslyn I would like to NOT use the name Lynn

6) She might end up having to go by this middle name if she's one of 16 Hannah's in her class going through school so nothing too out there (though I love the name Calliope, which doesn't fit my rules ;-) )

Thank you in advance for all your help!!

We've looked at middle names for a baby Hannah in another post. Here was the list I came up with for that baby, taking out the names that don't have 4, 5, or 6 letters:

Hannah Claire
Hannah Faith
Hannah Jane
Hannah Jeanne
Hannah June
Hannah Kate

In the original list I omitted Hannah Mae for sounding like "anime," and the mother omitted Hannah Belle for sounding like "Hannibal." I omitted Hannah Jo because it wasn't good with the surname, and it doesn't meet your requirement for number of letters so I've left it out of this list as well; I omitted Hannah Noelle for the surname reason, but that one would work for you. One commenter mentioned that "Hannah Claire" sounds like "Han Eclair."

I like Hannah Catherine and Hannah Margaret, but they're too many letters.

Without your surname, it's tricky to find more middle name options---but perhaps those will get you started.


LoriD said...

How about Hannah Beth? That way if she needs to use her middle name she can be Hannah Beth or Hannah B(ee). Cute.

aibee said...

Hannah Marie and Hannah Maria are the two name combinations that immediately came to my mind.

Ditch Hannah Marie because of the Say No To "ry" stipulation.

So, Hannah Maria, which I think sounds lovely and goes well with the other children's names.


moo said...

I have to jump in here because I immediately thought "hannah pearl"

I don't know why, but I'm totally in love with it.

Allyson said...

What about Hannah Grace?

Rayleen said...

I also immediately thought of Maria, but that has the "ah" at the end like Hannah. I still like it though. My choice from the list would be Claire.

Jan said...

My comment didn't post (sorry if this duplicates):

Out of the one-syllable suggestions I like Claire, Kate, and Pearl. Other one-syllable suggestions: Paige, Brooke. Two-syllable suggestions: Lauren, Eden, Lucy, Simone, Sabine. Three: Ariane.

Anonymous said...

Hannah Grace was my go-to girl's name for a long time, before family considerations made it less possible. I love it. Totally classic.

Anonymous said...

I like Calliope, myself -- and so do you. You made the rules, you can change them if you want...

Anonymous said...

i too like calliope but don't think i would use it with hannah; what about hannah callie?

Karen said...

I thought of Hanna Nicole but y'know.

I like Hanna Faith or Hanna Grace and generally prefer a consonant after Hannah but Emilia Elise suggests you might like a vowel. In addition to the other suggestions, what about:
Hannah Rachel
Hannah Erin
Hannah Meghan
Hannah Isabel
Hannah Yvonne
Hannah Violet
Hannah Paige
Hannah Sophie

Some other that match the rules but don't seem your style are: Carol, Susan, Morgan, Taylor, Sydney, Lily, Daisy, Amber, Kelly...

Erin said...

I have to jump in here too!! I've always LOVED the name Hannah Grace. I think it's so beautiful! :) Good Luck!

bridgetroll said...

ohh! i'm so excited to see my question!

the last name is Sherry-Neiderer (pronoucned: Need-er-er)

Thank you for all the suggestions so far!!!

My middle name is Marie so I don't want to use that either. I like Kate and Claire, but Hannah means "grace" so I want to avoid that as well.

Frema said...

Even though they don't meet the letters requirement, I agree with Hannah Catherine and Hannah Margaret.

What about Hannah Marin? A friend of mine just gave birth to her first daughter and named her Marin. So cute!

I also like Hannah Leigh. Leigh is my daughter's middle name, and I love it.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I love Hannah Claire and Hannah Beth!

Michelle said...

I love Hannah Kate and Hannah Claire, but here are some other suggestions:

Hannah Alexis
Hannah Camryn
Hannah Carys
Hannah Melody
Hannah Naomi
Hannah Nicole
Hannah Rose

Anonymous said...

My name is Hannah, too. Good choice! :)

I really like Hannah Jane. It's so cute! I actually know someone named Hannah Jayne, which is a variation. Other ideas:

Hannah Paige
Hannah Sofia / Sophia
Hannah Hazel
Hannah Julia
Hannah Lily
Hannah Rose
Hannah Faith
Hannah Willow
Hannah Brooke

I think Hannah Hazel sounds cute. :)

kel said...

I vote Hannah Beth.

Anonymous said...

Hannah is such a feminine name, what about something a little harsher sounding to anchor it, like Hannah Blake or Hannah Quinn


Rayleen said...

Ooh, I like Hannah Blake.

Karina said...

I like Kate & Claire as middle names. I love the idea of "just" Kate as a middle name, no Katherine/Kathleen stuff, just simple. Same goes for Jane & Paige. . .
or maybe something like
Hannah Corinne
Hannah Cecile
Hannah Camille
Hannah Celeste
(though perhaps too many letters? of course spelling is flexible)

Clare said...

Please spell it Clare so much nicer

Frazzled Mom said...

I like Hannah Simone, Hannah Isabel, Hannah Lucy, and Hannah Sophie. How about Hannah Phoebe or Hannah Chloe? And this breaks your rule, but I immediately thought of Hannah Penelope so I'm sharing it anyway.

Anonymous said...

hannah rose

Nicole said...

I second the suggestion of Hannah Nicole.

Nicole - A form of Nickolas, the root of Nike means Victory.

Thus - Graceful Victory. Excellent meaning.

Frema said...

"Hannah Nicole" automatically makes me think of Anna Nicole Smith!

shoeaddict said...

Hannah Kate is really good.

Anonymous said...

Hannah Kate or Hannah Jane are my favorites. (Both would be cute nick-names too)

kelsey said...

I LOVE Hannah Claire. sooo pretty.
Other suggestions - Hannah Brynn, Hannah Paige, Hannah Lily, Hannah Rose, Hannah Zoe, Hannah Morgan, Hannah May/Mae, Hannah Louise...?

the hungarian said...

What about Hannah Joy?

Caitlin said...

Hannah Jane is currently a huge favorite of mine for my own personal reasons, and I think it's absolutely adorable!

Hannah Rose is beautiful, too.

aibee said...

I came back to say the same thing, caitlin.

Count me in for Hannah Jane and Hannah Rose too.


Anonymous said...

My name is Hannah-Jane. so its one name and I love it. If I had been called any of the above variations I dont think I would have liked it. Hannah-Jane rolls off your tongue.

Probs too late now lol but just thought I would write that in.