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Monday, September 22, 2008

Name Update!

Update on Baby Girl or Boy Haggerman!
Thank you so much for all of your advice and suggestions. It gave us so much more to talk about. This is Lucy's husband. We just wanted to let you know that my wife gave birth late last night/early this morning to a beautiful baby boy.

Owen Jasper Haggerman

We really hadn't thought of either names, but immediately fell in love with both as soon as we read them. Thank you again for all of the suggestions!

Many thanks,
Kevin, Lucy, Virginia, and the newest addition Owen


Jan said...

Quickest update ever? :) Congratulations!

Linda said...

Wow, YOUR BLOG completely changed their kid's name! I mean, usually you tweak a name or pick the best one out of the list sent in, but this time, they went with your suggestion completely. YOU CHANGED THIS KID'S LIFE.

Lara Jane said...

LOL @ Linda! It's true, though!

Fantastic name! Congrats to the family!

Rayleen said...

Congratulations! Enjoy your little one!