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Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Boy Bewick

Jennifer writes:
Everyone I know seems to struggle with baby names, despite reading books and scouring websites. I'm no different. We're expecting our second child, a boy, in November. Our 20 month old daughter is named Madeleine Lise. Lise is my mom's name and she's French Canadian. We always loved the name Madeleine but when we found out that the name was becoming common we decided to ditch it. We spent months arguing over other names until finally coming back to what we originally adored. Our Madeleine is everything to us and she couldn't have been named anything else.

We have a few names that we like for our son. At the top of the list is Owen. My husband wants to be done with that - he thinks it's perfect. I like the name but I'm not sure it's IT. I really like Hayden, but my husband isn't sold. I also like Emmett, which my husband does like but not as much as Owen. The names that appeal to me for girls are all traditional - Amelia, Charlotte, Lily, Jocelyn... you get my drift. For boys, I'm into masculine names - Kyle, Mason, Evan, Eamon and obviously the above mentioned. I'd love to hear what you suggest. We're going with Charles for the middle name, after my father-in-law. Our last name isn't tough but it does have that strong "u" sound, so the first name may be better with two syllables. I'm not into Michael, David, John, James, etc., mostly because my name is Jennifer and I grew up with at least 5 Jennifer's in every class, and at least a couple Mike's, Dave's, John' know, all those names from the 70's that haven't gone anywhere. My husband doesn't like names that sound too preppy - Brody, Gavin (which I like), Cooper. He could be happy with a plain name like Michael (no offense to anyone with a Michael - just not my cup of tea).

I think the list you've come up with is good, and that Owen Charles Bewick is a wonderful name. And so I'm turning this one over to the readers: What would you choose? What would you add to the list of choices?


Carolyn said...

I think Owen is a great choice.

Anonymous said...

I'm also an Owen fan. It has a great sound and fits nicely with Madeleine. What do you and your husband think of these:


Any you like? For girls, I love Amelia and Charlotte. So pretty! Other suggestions:


BTW, Madeleine is a great name!

Jan said...

How about something with some French background to go with your daughter's name--Brice, Max, Damien are a few more American/Masculine sounding names.

Alison said...

I like Owen and Madeleine together. Definitely not very matchy, but the common "n" ending makes them cohesive. And Owen Charles is definitely masculine to me!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

I love Owen and I think it goes well with Madeleine.

What about Logan?

When we named our daughter Zoe we were so in love with the name that we didn't care that it was popular. When you love it, you love it. Since you will be saying and writing it a lot, it's got to be something you totally love.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Love love love Owen! It's great!

Go with it!

Frazzled Mom said...

Owen is one of those names that is becoming popular, but I like it anyway. I think it has a classic quality, and therefore if that's what you love, I would go for it. I also like Emmett, and it is a lot less popular than Owen.

A word on Hayden: this name is part of a trend patter of names rhyming with Aidan. I mention this because you had brought up being one of several Jennifers. This next generation won't be one of several of the same name, but will be one of several similar names. So if you go with Hayden, I can almost guarantee your son will be surrounded by at least one of each: Aidan, Caden and Braeden. To me this is almost worse than being in the same class with 5 Jennifers, and makes Michael and David actually seem refreshing now.

If you are looking for another suggestion, I think Philip would be a great choice inspired by the French theme started with Madeleine.

Frazzled Mom said...

OH, and how could I forget Jayden. Aiden, Caden, Braeden, Hayden, and Jayden... I strongly discourage Hayden. But all of your other names are great.

brooke said... are few names in the same vein as Owen Charles:

Lewis Charles Bewick
Everett Charles Bewick
Graham Charles Bewick
Leo Charles Bewick
Holden Charles Bewick (fresh alternative to Hayden)
Duncan Charles Bewick
Liam Charles Bewick
Nolan Charles Bewick
Spencer Charles Bewick
Wyatt Charles Bewick
Zane Charles Bewick

Good luck!

Leslie said...

I love the name Owen, and I think Emmett would be my second choice. Both Owen Charles and Emmett Charles sound wonderfully masculine and distinguished. I think those are lovely, excellent choices!

Anonymous said...

I think it's hard to improve upon the name Owen - it's a great choice.

My DH is like yours - once we settled on a name for our daughter, he wanted to be done with it. It was the one name both of us really liked for a girl, and we went with it, and now that DD is here I can't imagine her with any other name.

We're thinking about names for #2, and we've agreed on a boy name and a girl name. Occasionally I bring the subject up again because I think I'll find a name I like better. Then when DH and I start talking, I realize that I really DO need to stop searching for a better name, because the names he suggests are names I don't like, and vice versa. So then I come to re-appreciate the original names we settled on. It's hard to find a great name combination that you both agree on!

So MHO is stick with Owen Charles. :) Good luck!

Bethtastic said...

I agree wtih alison. I like the cohesiveness of the ending n sound. I like Owen. Owen Bewick is a lot of w at once. Perhaps Evan? Evan Charles Bewick. Or Nathan? Nathan Charles Bewick.

You'll find the perfect fit - congrats on the upcoming new arrival!!

Ivy said...

Someone already suggested it, but I love Oliver.

I think Oliver has the same feel and tone as your daughter's name.

Oliver Charles Bewick.

Oliver and Madeleine.

oBc makes for a lovely monogram if you are into that.

Owen is also one of my favorites, and I think it also goes with your daughter's name.

I say follow your heart and go with the name you both love.

Good luck!

Lonna said...

I think Owen is wonderful. I'm also a fan of Evan.

You mentioned that you like masculine names, so I just thought I'd throw this out there. I know a Hayden and a Kyle both who are girls. It seems like they are becoming less "masculine", But still great names.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Owen is great. It's not common enough to be overused, but also not entirely uncommon either.