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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Boy Reese

(I'm out of town but didn't want to fall too behind on the May baby names. Here's one for you to work on while I'm gone.)

M. writes:
we are expecting a our third baby, a baby boy, and cant decide on a name. i loved the name jillian, and had her named long before she was born (her grandma jill and middle name faye), meredith was our number 1 pic (and middle name elizabeth after her aunt lizze whom she shares a brithday), and now i am at a loss for a boys name.
i love traditional names and 2 or more sylables, but not too common. my husband is a second william, which i like but dont know if that is too common or what i would call him (grandpa is bill and daddy is will/willie) other family names i like are thompson, may not go with the girls or my hubbys middle name is jaros (jair us) but may be too different.
i like matthew, benjamin, names like that, and an open to new ideas especially if we did william as the middle name. thanks for ANY help!!!! i would love to call him by name BEFORE he is born :)


Anonymous said...

Billy or Liam would be cute nicknames for William. I also love Benjamin. I think William sounds best as a first name.

Other names you might want to consider:

Hannah said...

I put Jillian and Meredith into Nymbler and this is what I came up with:

Heath William Jaros
Jack William Jaros
Damian William Jaros
Derek William Jaros
Bradley William Jaros
Henry William Jaros
Andrew William Jaros
Rory William Jaros
Tobin William Jaros
Evan William Jaros
Connor William Jaros
Gabriel William Jaros
Eliot William Jaros
Peter William Jaros

Any you like?

tracynicole22 said...

Let's start with William. Liam can also be a nn William if you want to use that. I think Thompson sounds like a cool name I have never heard of as a first name. Jaros, I don't think "goes" with your daughter's names, but Thompson Jaros sounds good as a first & middle name. I think Matthew is a little boring, Benjamin is the better of the two. Here are a couple more suggestions that I think go well with William as a middle name and sound good with Jillian & Meredith.
I like the sound of those. Good Luck!

Southern jezeBelle said...

Liam for William!

Hannah said...

Oops, I misread the question! I thought Jaros was the last name. Ignore Jaros written after all my previous suggestions! ;)

Carolyn said...

I like Nathan or me it sounds like it's the same style as Meredith and Jillian.

Gregory and Andrew are my other two favorites.

Erika said...



Alex Capo said...

my suggestion is Adian, its Irish origin meaning is little fire

Jan said...

How about Anderson, Damien, Cameron, Donovan, or Elliot? I think they all go well with Reese and with the girls' names.

Meg said...

My favorite boy name right now is William with the nick name Liam, so that's my vote. I also liked the suggestion of Samuel.

Good luck!

StephLove said...

I like Matthew and Benjamin, Benjamin a smidge more. I'm not a big fan of naming kids after their parents (other relatives yes) but Liam is a nice compromise that many have already suggested.

I think Nathaniel or Nicholas would work for you, too.

Rebecca said...

You could do William with the nickname Liam (as mentioned above).

If you prefer to use William as a middle name, what about:

Isaac William
Elijah William

Frazzled Mom said...

The first idea that came to mind was Gregory /Greg, a classic name that isn't used as much as in the past, but I don't feel is dated.

For other ideas, I went to the Timeless section of the Baby Name Wizard (2005), and pulled names I thought complemented Jillian and Meredith:

Alan - my brother's name, why not?
Curtis - I like this
Edward / Ed or Eddie
Kenneth / Ken or Kenny

There are a lot of others in the Timeless section, but too many to list here.

Lara Jane said...

I haven't scanned the other responses but here are a few quick suggestions:


You'll notice that all of these are 3 syllables. I like the way they harmonized with both of your girls' 3-syllable names.

Even better, I would eliminate the J names and ones that end in N, just so all 3 of your kids' names aren't too similar.

Good luck!

Melissa said...

I love Jaros... I think that is a great option. It's really original & if anyone ever asks where he got it from, he just says it's his dad's middle name, no one can argue with that. I also like Thompson for it's originality (but it's still familiar & he can go by Tom if he wants). I think William is quite a bit more common & you may have the issue of getting mixed up with dad & grandpa. Of the other suggestions I've seen, I like:
& would like to add:
Jonah (or Judah nn Jude)

Anonymous said...

William and Jillian, while not overly rhyming to the ear, look very rhyme-y in print, so I might avoid William as a first name. I would go with Thompson. It is different, yet familiar and goes well with your girls' names.

Katie V. said...

I really like Jaros! That gets my first vote! I know another Jaros (not sure of the spelling) who is about 25, it is a really cool name.

I have friends who are sisters Meredith and Jillian. Their brothers are:
Jordan, Benton & Andrew

I think Nathaniel was a great suggestion for the same style as Meredith and Jillian (which are both lovely by the way)

Pipsylou said...

My vote is Jaros or Elliott... Elliot Jaros Reece?

I LOVE Will, the only problem is he would most likely be the third Will in his class?! But there is a reason it is popular. It is a great name. And it is also the name of his father! ;)

We thought of August for Asher, but I just couldn't get into "Augie" because it sounded like a grain auger on a farm.

And then, of course, there's always Henry... ;)

Pipsylou said...

p.s. I do remember you mentioning Thompson. LOVE it.