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Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby Girl or Boy Klassen

Michelle writes:
We are due with are third baby in May and are having some trouble with the name. We don't know what sex we are having so that adds to the trouble. Our last name is Klassen which eliminates some names but isn't our problem. My problem is that name I really want to use for a girl is Kamryn Charlotte (Charlotte is my grandma's name). The problem is that my SIL who miscarried her twins in November was going to use Kamryn as one of the babies names. She actually never named them and Kamryn was her second girl name because her first one is after her grandma. Anyway I now feel that I can't use that name even though I really love it.

The girls names we have come up with are Dakota,Kennedy,Charlize(can't use Charlotte for the second name). I like these names but don't really love them. I also love the names Kayte and Keira but my friends just had these as their little girls names. I have a thing for a "K" in the name because my other two children are named Mikayla and Jake. I don't think that there has to be a "K' its just something I was working with. I guess what I am asking is, is there a name out there that has the same feel as Kamryn but isn't Kamryn and which works with Charlotte as the middle name.

My other dilemma is the boys name. We have had Carter(I don't like Carter with a K) on our name list since our first child was born but it never has made it to being used. The other name we have is Parker which I like but don't love. We would like to use Harvey as the middle name since both of our dads first names is Harvey. I am sure you have other names that work with Harvey and possible contain a "k" in them. If there are names that would work that don't have a "K" in them let me know.

I guess my dilemma is that I don't LOVE the names I have I just like and I really would like to LOVE the name we choose.

Let's start with the Kamryn issue: a name similar in feel to Kamryn, ideally with a K in it, that works with siblings Mikayla and Jake and also with Charlotte as a middle name. It's a little tricky, because some of the names I might suggest sound similar to your surname. Kaitlyn Klassen. Keelin Klassen. Kassidy Klassen. Kacey Klassen. Other good options might be too similar to the name Mikayla. Mikayla and McKenna. Mikayla and Mackenzie. Mikayla and Kiley. Mikayla and Keeley. Mikayla and Kaylin.

My suggestion is Skylar. Skylar Klassen. Skylar Charlotte Klassen. Mikayla, Jake, and Skylar.

My second suggestion is Brooklyn. Brooklyn Klassen. Brooklyn Charlotte Klassen. Mikayla, Jake, and Brooklyn.

My third suggestion is Kinley. Kinley Klassen. Kinley Charlotte Klassen. Mikayla, Jake, and Kinley.

On to boy names. Same issue: some of the names might be too similar to your surname, but I'll list them anyway.

Keegan Klassen. Keegan Harvey Klassen. Mikayla, Jake, and Keegan.
Kyler Klassen. Kyler Harvey Klassen. Mikayla, Jake, and Kyler.
Alek Klassen. Alek Harvey Klassen. Mikayla, Jake, and Alek.
Zackary Klassen. Zackary Harvey Klassen. Mikayla, Jake, and Zackary.
Nickolas Klassen. Nickolas Harvey Klassen. Mikayla, Jake and Nickolas.
Walker Klassen. Walker Harvey Klassen. Mikayla, Jake, and Walker.
Luke Klassen. Luke Harvey Klassen. Mikayla, Jake, and Luke.
Erik Klassen. Erik Harvey Klassen. Mikayla, Jake, and Erik.
Derek Klassen. Derek Harvey Klassen. Mikayla, Jake, and Derek.
Beckett Klassen. Beckett Harvey Klassen. Mikayla, Jake, and Beckett.


Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Love the idea of Skylar or Brooklyn. Both would be great with Mikayla and Jake, since the K's are in the names (not at the start), just like the siblings. And Sky is a really cute nickname, imho.

For boys, I like Luke (Luke and Jake are very complimentary to one another). I also like Beckett with the nickname Beck or Becks.

I really don't think you should use Kamryn, because I think that it's hard for someone to miscarry and if you knew for sure it was going to be the name of her daughter, I think it would really bring up some pain. So I think searching for another name is a good choice.

Alison aka Baby B said...

I really like Skylar. Very pretty plus it's not-too-weird-not-too-common like Mikayla.

For the boys, Alek and Beckett are my faves.

Good luck finding a name you love!

The Schwant Family said...

LOVE Beckett!!!

what about Katrin?

Melissa said...

Just one comment: Michelle, thank you so much for being kind to your SIL and not using the name she planned on using. Your sister in law is lucky to have someone so thoughtful in her family!

(This just hits so close to home after having 3 miscarriages of my own).

heather said...

A K name I really like for a girl is Kerrington... nickname Kerri/Kerry.
Kerrington Charlotte works.
Kenna is a cute name that you don't hear often.

For boys I like Carter, but Carter Harvey doesn't work very well, does it. Sounds too rhymie to me.
Kind of the same with Parker, so I'd stay away from ar names.
What about:
Camden (too close to Kamryn or just different enough??)
and one without a K that I keep liking lately:

Good luck!

Rarely Sara said...

My favorite ideas from Swistle are Kinley and Zackary or Derek. I think Jake and Zack sound better together, but I think Derek Klassen sounds better. I love the suggestions of Kerrigan and Kenna. I think Kenna Charlotte is cute! The suggestion of Mac makes me want to add Cormac.

Good luck!

Valerie said...

I love Brooklyn for a girl and Walker or Luke for a boy - speaking from someone who will have to pick out a name for the last name Harvey one day!!
Also - so sweet that you are thinking of your SIL when thinking of names...I'm sure it will be appreciated.

Carolyn said...

Love Kinley/Kenley and Skylar for a girl! I was just thinking of Kenley when I saw that Swistle had suggested it.

A cute nickname or full name that I recently heard is Skylie. Kind of like Kylie, but closer to Skylar.

For boys, my favorite is Lukas with a "k". Lukas Harvey sounds great!

Carolyn said...

Also...Camilla or Camille come to mind when thinking of similar names for Kamryn. When the spelling is changed to a K, I don't know if I like the way it looks...Kamilla, Kamille?

Kinsey or even Kimberly?

Karina said...

i feel like brooklyn is getting a little played out . . . am i being too bold? the whole brooklyn, london/londyn thing is too much for me.
But what about Kinsey or Kenzie? Kinsey is very unique, I only personally know 1 Kinsey and have run across 1-2 others in my life and Kenzie is a take off MacKenzie . . . . maybe? anyway, i thought Skylar was a good suggestion and Alec/Alek is great (not so common as Alex).
Well, that's my 2 cents, good luck!

Karina said...

oooh yeah, Katrin! I like that one too. maybe I'm biased because my name is Karina and my whole life i've been called Katrina, but i do like Katrin.

Karen said...

My favourite suggestions so far are Brooklyn, Kerrington, Kenna, and Beckett. I really like all of these with the mn's and the sibling names.

I'll think about this some more in the morning but a couple of suggestions came to mind:

Anouk, Anouk Charlotte Klassen
Annika, Annika Charlotte Klassen

Malcolm, Malcolm Harvey Klassen

alitalia said...

I like Skylar and Walker out of the choices Swistle suggests

Jennifer said...

I like Kinley and Keegan. I read the question and thought there would not be many choices -- Swistle, you are amazing!

Christina Fonseca said...

Kerensa, Annika, Rebekah, Danica, Raquel and Carys have the K sound and go well with Charlotte Klassen as well as Mikayla and Jake.

Others that have the K sound: Courtney, Kaci, Calista, Calliope, and Coralie.

A few without a K: Linnea, Dara, Brianna and Romilly.

Joceline said...

I love a lot of the names you and Swistle have mentioned, but I find so many of them hard to say with your last name. Beckett Klassen. All of those sharp consonants and K's are really tough on the tongue!

My favorite suggestions are Skylar Charlotte Klassen for a girl. Skylar Klassen is easy on the tongue! Also, what about Charlotte for a first name? It is a beautiful name that sounds great with the other kids' names. What about Lucas for a boy? It has the K sound, but is easier to say than just Luke Klassen? Good luck!

contrary-wise said...

What about Brook/e? Brooklyn Klassen has the repeating -en sound that makes it a bit too rhyming. But Brooke Charlotte Klassen sounds lovely. Plus Mikayla, Jake and Brooke all sound good together.

Marla said...

My favorites are Skylar Charlotte and Luke Harvey.

They both match very well with your other kids names.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Brooklyn and Zackary are my votes!

Jan said...

I second/third the names Annika and Skylar for a girl and Malcolm, Lukas, Zachary, and Derek for a boy

I like Brooke but don't think it flows well Charlotte Klassen.

To throw into the ring - Candace for a girl (though I don't think it flows with Charlotte that well) and Scott for a boy.

StephLove said...

Of the names you mentioned, I like Kennedy and Parker best. Of Swistle's suggestions I like Skylar, Brooklyn, Luke and Walker.

Or you could go with a name that has the hard C sound, which sounds like K even if it isn't spelled that way. You cold use Carter that way or Zachary (I don't like it sp. with a K).

Good luck!

tracynicole22 said...

My picks are Skylar & Alek. Two great names that compliment Mikayla & Jake perfectly.

Not using Kamryn is a good idea....also as much as I like the name Brooklyn, I do think it has become a bit "trendy."

Anonymous said...

I love Luke with Jake, because its a pretty common one-syllable name (with the longer version of Lukas if you like) and goes great with Harvey. Beckett is more out there when paired with Jake. I liked the Walker suggestion too.

For girls, I'm not sold on any of the suggestions yet - The nice thing about Mikayla is that it is pretty soft other than the K sound, most of the other ones sound a bit harsh to me, or too trendy.

Someone did suggest Katrina, which is nice, and the same syllabic pattern as Mikayla so I think it goes well, and Brooklyn and Annika aren't bad. Here are a couple others:

Kaia - my neighbor is named this and shes a doll
Kathleen (carries the irish feel)
Kara (nice and soft - maybe not great with Charlotte though)
Dannika (like Annika, only Winnie Cooperesque)

Good luck, maybe opening up to C names that sound like K would give you a few more options, but I'm sure you'll find a name you love.

Emily R said...

Kinley! I love it! Kennedy is also lovely. Both go great with Charlotte.

Carter and Erik are my favorites for the boys.

Ms. Molly said...

Skylar or Brooklyn get my vote for a girl and I love Luke but would opt for the longer Lucas.
Good Luck!

Mary Meyers said...

I have a friend at church who just named her baby girl Kanyen....

Anonymous said...

How about Saskia for a girl- a bit unusual maybe? I love Annika- almost called my daughter Camille this.

Anonymous said...

I love Lukas Harvey Klassen for a boy, and Karmen/Carmen Charlotte Klassen for a girl. I'm surprised no one suggested Karmen/Carmen! It's the closest to Kamryn and sounds beautiful with Charlotte and Klassen :)Good Luck!