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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby Girl Kincaid

Rose writes:
I am pleased to find your blog and hope that you can help me identify a name for our baby girl that is due this month (yikes!). The hubster and I have two boys named Chase and Cole. We used the Baby Name Wizard book to help us name our second child, Cole. We knew Cole followed the same style and went well with Chase and it was a great name for us.

The issue we are experiencing this time around is that the names we (or maybe I should me) like this time around do not follow the same style as Chase and Cole and the book's suggestions are not to my liking. Here are some names that the Hubster and I like:

Hubster loves names like: Emma, Olivia, Paige, Macy and Ella
I love names like: Annika, Jillian, Charlotte, Hailey, Harper and Joella

Hubster's style: Names that are really popular right now, his names follow the same style as Chase/Cole (i.e., Paige, Macy)
My style: More traditional names, Longer syllabled names, Not in the top 10 list of most popular, meaning is of importance to me

Our middle name choice for baby girl is probably going to be Kathryn or Katherine. Our last name is Kincaid so we have to be careful our first name does not contain a lot of "k" sounds in it. If you say Kate Kincaid, it sounds bad due to all the "k" sounds.

In the end, we are hoping for some suggestions that follow these rules:
1) The name is easily pronounced
2) The name is not so uncommon that people ask her if it is a family name or where the name came from (my fear with the name Harper)
3) The name is not so incredibly popular that she is signing her projects/papers with her last name initial to distinguish herself from the other two Emmas in the classroom (i.e, "Emma K".)
4) A feminine name, not one that is androgenous since she will have two brothers (don't want her mistaken for another boy)
5) No names that are flower or nature'like (i.e., Lillian, Violet) since my name is like that
6) No more C names since we have two C names already
7) We are open to having names that are longer and can serve to have a nickname

Any helpful suggestions for baby girl names?

I think it's totally fine to have different naming styles for boy names and girl names. I think the divide between the genders reduces the potential "someone is different" problem.

Here are a few suggestions:

Juniper - I know, I know, it's nature-like AND it's probably similar to Harper in its "Where did you get that name?" potential. But it has the current-style flavor your husband likes, while also having the multi-syllable, less-common style you like. Juniper Katherine Kincaid.

Piper - Again, currently in style but not very common. I think it's ADORABLE with the middle name and surname: Piper Katherine Kincaid. "Piper Katherine" is fun to say.

Annabel - One of my own favorites. Annabel Katherine Kincaid.

I also suggest seeing if you can take a name from one list and make it into a version that the other parent likes better. His choice of Emma is too common for your tastes, but perhaps Emmeline? Emmeline Kathryn Kincaid. Or Annabella is like a combination of your choice of Annika and his choice of Ella. Annabella Kathryn Kincaid.


Zoo Askew said...

Or Emelia? (Though I'm partial to the Amelia spelling - the nickname potential is abundant: Amy, Milly/Millie, Mia, Mila/Mela.)

jt said...

I love Harper, in fact it is my favorite girl's name, but it is also a boy's name, so if you're worried about androgynous names you should probably steer clear of it. I wouldn't worry about it as far as popularity goes, though. It jumped something like 200 spots on the social security list from '07 to '08 and I think (fear) it will get even more popular. Possibly the new Taylor or McKenzie.

I second Piper. Great name, and would be very cute with Katherine.

jt said...

P.S. you may also try (if you haven't already) to find more suggestions of names that "go with" Cole and Chase.

Anonymous said...

Molly is also a nickname for Amelia/Emelia. Love the name Piper.

Southern jezeBelle said...

ooooh you could call her June for Juniper if you like the nickname thing.

Chase, Cole, and June.


Jan said...

Out of your husband's favorites I like Paige Katherine Kincaid. Out of your favorites I like Jillian Kathryn Kincaid. Out of your list, I think Hailey goes well with your boys' names.

Other options: Susannah, Juliet, Fiona, Rebekah.

Anonymous said...

I also love the name Piper, as well as Annabel / Annabella.

Other personal faves:

Cecelia (I know you said no C's, but since this has an S sound... plus you could call her CeCe)

Miranda (possible nn Mira)

Teresa nn Tessa

Arabella nn Bella

Elena possible nn Laine or Lainey

Allegra or Alison nn Ali

Leslie said...

Of Swistle's suggestions, my favorite is Piper. Piper Katherine Kincaid sounds very nice! Other names I thought of for you, that I (hope) fit your criteria and flow with the middle and last names:

Margaret (Meg, Maggie, Maisy, so many nicknames!)
Penelope (Penny)

Frazzled Mom said...

I was going to say that Harper is a name that is not as unusual as it seems. And I really love Harper Katherine. BUT the poster who mentions that the name is androgynous makes a good point since that is something you want to avoid. So I would nix Harper.

Of Swistle's suggestions, I like Annabel the best. Of your suggestions I like Charlotte the best. And of your husband's I like Olivia. Yes it is popular but seems to stand up to the popularity IMO. I never get tired of it. I hear it a lot in real life, but not much on the internet anymore, which to me means it is going to soon head into decline and get a much needed rest, but I don’t think it will ever sound dated no matter how popular or unpopular Olivia is at any given moment.

I also consulted the "Lacy and Lissome" section of the Baby Name Wizard, since that seemed to be one common thread between you're and your husband's taste. This is what I like:

Anastasia - nickname potential, Ana, Stacy... probably more

Alana - or Alannah - I prefer Alana and it is more in line with his tastes since it has a similar pattern to Emma

Elianna - an Ella alternative perhaps?

Francesca - if you don't like Frankie there's always Fran, Francie...etc.

Graciela - Gracie


Josefina - Josie, Fina, etc.

Juliana - Julie, Julia

Marcella - Ella



Tatiana - Tia



Sorry for the book. Good luck!

Katie said...

Chase and Cole are adorable names. I like your husbands choice of Paige and I like your Charlotte. Of Swistle's suggestions, my favorite is Annabel.

How about Eliza?
Or Mara?

StephLove said...

Emily perhaps? Similar to Emma, but a bit longer and less popular, at least with this age cohort.

tracynicole22 said...

My friends daughter is Ellie Katherine and I think that is an adorable name! Her given name is Ellie, but you could always use a longer name and shorten it to Ellie, like Eleni, Elanor, Elizabeth, Elise, Eliza. Hailey is my daughters name, so of course I'll throw in a vote for that too, but it had become pretty popular in the last few years. I also love Swistle's suggestion of Piper. Piper Katherine is a cute name that sounds good with Chase & Cole. My niece's name is Piper too, so lots of names in this post that I like! Good Luck, can't wait to hear what you choose!