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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jamieson Twins

Sara writes:
I'm due August 8th with twins ! The doctors only know the exact gender of Baby A or Big Mac as we call him. Baby B or ' Small Fry ' is very modest and they can't tell us a definite gender, we will have to wait till Small Fry is born before we actually get it see ! We are having the hardest time coming up with names. Everytime I think we have the names down, one of us changes our minds.

We already have three boys. Jacob Caspian aka. Jake Casper, Cameron Cade and Levi Cooper. Right now we have the ' C ' middle name theme with our boys but I'm not sure if we want to keep that going, I think this is a good chance to break the theme with twins so no one feels left out. Jake and Cam have very popular names and before that didn't matter to use but now I am always hearing there names so we tried to get more unique with Levi but that seems to also be gaining popularity too. All of the boys' middle names have meaning to my husbands side of the family as we used my last name.

We have a few rules for the twins' names. We don't want anything to popular or matchy with one another. None of the names can end with - SON as the last name will be Jamieson. The last rule we have we don't want any names starting is J,C or L .

This is our top names for each gender :
Boys :
Beckett Cormac - So we can still call him Big Mac, Cormac is a family name
Everett Charles - both family names, I love Everett
Max Everett
Max Calloway - Calloway being a family name
Crew Oliver - I love Crew but then we would have 2 C names. Do you think the other kids would feel left out because of this ? Is Crew to out there ?
Oliver Caven - both family names.
Thatcher Holden - my husband's middle name is Holden
Breckin and Cable ' Cabe ' - We love these but can't think of middle names for them. I love Cabe as a nickname but I don't like Gabriel ' Gabe '.

Girls :
Mia Catherine Carys - It means My Pure Love, Catherine and Mia would honor people in our family.
Nova Madelyn - Nova is a family name and we just love it
Everly Noelle / Auden Noelle - Neolla is a family name so Noelle is a variant for us to use it.
Gemma Carys - Gemma is a family name , I love the name Carys
Cecily Vivienne - After my husbands grandma Celia Victoria
Emery Scout / Elise Haven - We just love it
Sophie Calloway - I like how this name flows but is Calloway to masculine for a girl ? Will Sophie age well ?
Rowan Ottilie - This is my husbands favorite name for a girl. What do you think of it ? Is it to hard to pronounce ? Is Rowan to masculine ?

Our list is still pretty long.
Our top names are Max Everett and Mia Catherine Carys right now for B/G twins. Are they to similar or matchy for twins, I want them to be individuals. We didn't plan it but Max and Mia just happened to be our top names for each gender. Do you think they still work as twins ? What about how they sound with Jake, Cam and Levi's names ? If we had B/B twins I think we would chose Beckett Cormac and Oliver Caven/Calloway now but it changes everytime you would ask me.

Do you think any of these names will become overly popular ? Will they age well ? What do you think of them ?

Please, please help us narrow down our list. We are so close but are so far away from naming these twins ! I think we might actuall end up naming them Big Mac and Small Fry !

I remember it was overwhelming naming my own twins. So many possibilities! What we finally did was pretend they were born separately, and chose the names as if for our third and fourth singletons, rather than for twins. I'd hoped too for a subtle twinniness, such as starting with the same letter or having the same number of syllables or SOMETHING. So I'm very drawn to your Max and Mia option: the names are different enough to be used for singleton siblings, and they're your top two names even without the twin factor, but they have a pleasing twinniness. Jacob, Cameron, Levi, Max, and Mia. Nice.

I also like Everett and Elise. And I like Oliver and Victoria, but Victoria isn't on your first name list and you're asking for help REDUCING the list, not adding to it!

For two boys, I like Everett and Oliver. Jacob, Cameron, Levi, Everett, and Oliver. I like how everyone has a different initial.

Everyone who wants to, pair up your own sets of favorites! I'm going to leave the other questions (like about whether a name is too common or whether a name will age well) for anyone who wants to answer them in the comments section, so we can get a good overview of people's different opinions.


StephLove said...

For boys: I like Beckett Cormac & Everett Charles separately. I'm not sure if they are too rhymy in the case of B/B twins. Maybe, maybe not. I like Oliver & Thatcher, too and I like them together. Also, a rhyme, but more subtle, to my ear anyway.

Mia Catherine Carys is my top girl choice, but I like
Gemma Carys and Cecily Vivienne, too. I don't think Rowan is too masculine, but I've sometimes seen it sp. Rowen. Is one the traditional boy spelling and the other the girl? I'd look into it.

You have a lot of lovely names on your list. Good luck.

Hope T. said...

I think your choice for b/b twoins is great: Beckett Cormac and Oliver Caven/Calloway.

I do think that Max and Mia are cute but they are definitely matchy. Also, Max would be the only one without a C middle name if you went with the Everett middle name and Mia would have TWO Cs. So maybe Max Calloway would be better. I think if Small Fry is a girl, you could use Mia and still use Beckett Cormac (nn. Mac) for the boy. Then you would have Mac and Mia informally but Beckett amd Mia formally!

The Schwant Family said...

oh i love Max and Mia and Everett and Oliver!

Anonymous said...

Max and Mia are both VERY popular where I live. In my cousin's preschool class (15 kids,) there are two Mias and a Mira! I know a ton of Maxes of all ages.

Everett Charles and Oliver Calloway are great together! They also fit the rest of the family quite nicely. If you have B/B twins, these two would get my vote.

For B/G twins, I would vote for Everett Charles and Gemma Carys or Cecily Vivienne. Both are very pretty!

Christina Fonseca said...

I vote for Mia Nova Catherine.

Anonymous said...

I really like Max and Mia a lot for twins. Since it would be b/g twins, I don't think having the same first initial would be a big deal. But I have twin sisters with the names Kimbra Lea and Kara Lynn,so I kind of like the idea of matching names. I do think I'd go with a C middle name for a Max since then all 5 would have the C middle name. That or go without a C middle name for both twins.

Anonymous said...

For b/g twins, I would go w/ Beckett and Rowan (Beckett Holden and Rowan Calloway) and for b/b twins, I would suggest Beckett and Oliver (Beckett Holden and Oliver Calloway)-best wishes!

Erin said...

Everett Charles and Oliver Caven are my favorite for b/b twins, not just because all the first initials are different (as swistle pointed out) but all the endings of the boys names would be unique too. The V sounds also tie them together. Assuming this would be it for you and you don't have to come up with another unique ending!

The boy/girl twin dilemma is a bit harder - I like Mia and Max quite a bit, but think they are pretty popular (a lot of people like them!) and I'm really drawn to Nova Madelyn - My Grandmothers middle name was Nova and I always thought it was so unique, lovely, and ready for a comeback, but never heard anyone else consider it until you. And Nova Madalyn sounds lovely together (but Nova Catherine or Nova Carys ("new love" would also bebeautiful). Nova and Everett or Nova and Oliver would get my vote, because the V sound ties the names together without being overly matchy.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with the above poster for B/G twins... Nova (omg one of my new favourite girl names!)and Everett or Oliver.... but preferably (for me) Everett as it is one of my top runners for boy names. I like the V tieing it together... mind you I guess Levi has a V in it as well...

for B/B I think i like Beckett and Holden.. that way there are diff endings, diff initials... etc but both are similar style and uniqueness (imo)

i just love love LOVE this post! so many amazing names:D
well done and congrats on your growing family!
Good luck and let us all know:D

Anonymous said...

I'm the anonymous above who suggested Beckett and Rowan for b/g twins, and actually, it would work for b/b twins also... And as a person who legally changed her 1st name as an adult, I would suggest limiting Nova to use as a middle name... best wishes!

Katie said...

First of all, your list of names is great, you really have some interesting choices.
I wouldn't choose Max and Mia, but not because I don't like them (I actually LOVE both names) but because you have so many other great names that both of you like, why not go with something more unique.
Gemma and Emery are my favorite girls names from your list. I like Sophie too (and Calloway) and think it would age well, it's pretty popular around here (WI). I like Rowan, I might have thought it was too unique or masculine but I'm used to hearing it from Brooke Shields (daughter).

I love your choice of b/b twins -- Beckett and Oliver are awesome.
Crew is a little unusual for my taste, as is Cable.

Good luck to you!

Karina said...

you can always mix and match what you have and try Holden Cormac & Oliver Calloway (or other such combinations, those were 2 i liked) but Mia Catherine Carys is darling for a little girl!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I LOVE the name Beckett, I think that it is just simply adorable! I'm not so crazy on any of the girl names, to be honest. I've found this awesome baby names website, that has a ton of super unique names, and their meanings!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE a lot of the names you mention, but do not care for the Max and Mia option. Unfortunately Max has been ruined (know someone that I don't want to think about every time I hear it) for me. I also think Max and Mia match and know you wanted to stay away from that. Congratulations! And Good Luck!

Kara @ KSS said...

Just wanted to say that I am pregnant right now, and if it is a boy we are naming him Krewson, Krew for short. It's my husband's mom's maiden name. So I definitely think Crew is a good name and not too "out there." :)