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Monday, July 13, 2009

Middle Name Challenge: Baby Boy Lachlan ___ MacLean

Jenn writes:
My husband and I are expecting our first in the middle of July. We know we're having a boy so that has solved half of our problem.

We're pretty set on the first name Lachlan as we got married in Scotland and our only common heritage is Scottish. What we're stuck on is the middle name. Options we've tossed around have all been family names:

Lachlan Alexander - Both DH and my grandfathers were Alec, and DH's middle name is Alexander
Lachlan David - after DH's godfather who is a dear friend to both of us
Lachlan Augustus - My Grandmother's middle name was August, and my Grandpa was Gustav, so it kinda covers both.

I'm currently leaning toward Lachlan Augustus, but I'm wondering if it's too stuffy? Too pretentious? Would he have to be quite a character to pull off a name like that?

Anything else that sounds fantastic with Lachlan that you can think of?

I love the idea of using the middle name slot for a family/significant name. Both Lachlan Alexander and Lachlan David sound really good to me. I particularly like David because of the sweet godfather connection: I can just SEE the godfather tearing up when he hears about it. But I love the sound of Lachlan Alexander.

If you're considering having more than one child, I wonder if you might want to save the name Augustus for a possible second son? Lachlan and Augustus is such a good sibling pair, and Gus is a adorable nickname. In fact, why don't I just go ahead and name your son and future son for you? Lachlan David MacLean and Augustus Alec MacLean, or Lachlan Alexander MacLean and Augustus David MacLean., would anyone else like to add a suggestion before I fill in the birth certificate? And let's have a poll over to the right for the current three middle name candidates. [Poll closed; see results below.]

Poll results (171 votes total):
Lachlan Alexander: 99 votes, roughly 58%
Lachlan David: 57 votes, roughly 33%
Lachlan Augustus: 15 votes, roughly 9%


Christina Fonseca said...

I voted for Lachlan Alexander but what about Lachlan Alistair or Lachlan Alasdair? I love Swistle's idea of saving Augustus for a second child.

Karen said...

I like the idea of "saving" Augustus, too.

Of Alexander and David, I prefer the extra syllables in Alexander just for flow. But both are nice and the choice of honour is one that only the parents can make.

Zoo Askew said...

I also like the idea of saving Augustus - and if your next baby is a girl you could call her August or Augusta!
I like David for the middle name as well.

Susan said...

As I was reading Jenn's letter, I was thinking "Definitely Lachlan Augustus." However, As soon as I read Swistle's idea of saving Augustus for Boy #2, I changed my mind. In fact, I am totally swayed by Swistle. I thought "Lachlan Alexander" flowed a little better than "Lachlan David," but the thought of the sweet godfather tearing up when he hears the name totally ended it for me -- and David IS a great name, anyway. I vote for Lachlan David, and Augustus for little brother!

Darlene said...

I do think that Augustus is too much for the name and prefer either David or Alexander. My initial thought though was that Augustus only honors your side of the family, while David and Alexander are names that has meaning to both parents (I'm not saying that your hubby doesn't value your grandparents...).

I do like the idea of saving Augustus for another child.

Karina said...

i love Lachlan Augustus but Swistle does have a point about saving it. I'm definitely using August/Augustus for any future children i have (the month of August is very significant for me) . . . . but Lachlan Alexander is sweet and different, good luck!

Baby Namer said...

I actually know a sibset or Lachlan, Augustus and Cormac. I agree with Swistle if your planning to have another I wouldn't use Augustus now. If your not having any more children I would definitely use Lachlan Augustus. Next would have to be Lachlan Alexander - it's sounds very handsome and strong.

Good Luck with everything !