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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quick Poll: Baby Boy Reese

Remember Baby Boy Reese? His mom writes that with only days left to go, they have narrowed it down to three names:

Thompson Jaros Reese
William Jaros Reese Jr.
William Thompson Reese

Sisters are Jillian Faye and Meredith Elizabeth. Let's have a poll over to the right. [Poll closed; see results below.]

Poll results (215 votes total):
Thompson Jaros Reese: 71 votes, roughly 33%
William Jaros Reese Jr.: 37 votes, roughly 17%
William Thompson Reese: 107 votes, roughly 50%


tracynicole22 said...

I voted for Thompson. I like that it's just a little bit different, but very familiar. And it also sounds great with Jillian & Meredith.

Jenn said...

also voted for Thompson- I think William and Jillian are too similar- they are a little bit difficult to say together.

heather said...

Thompson is perfectly familiar and just unique enough... I've never heard it used as a first name and I love the idea! Of course, I'm usually a fan of first-name-usable surnames. :)

It's one of those that I'd imagine adorable on a baby/little kid and yet strong and distinguished for an adult.

I think it sounds wonderful with Jillian and Meredith as well.

heather said...

Might Thompson William be an option?? I like that better with Thompson than Jaros (so they're not both "different" names) and it's still using dad's name.
Thompson William Reece just rolls off my tongue...

Anonymous said...

William and Jillian rhyme, as do their nicknames, Will/Bill and Jill. Unless you're going with the Liam nickname, I would count William out.

Thompson is a very handsome name.

laura0222 said...

oh, heather, i LIKE thompson william, have not considered that yet......will have to run it by the hubby :) thank you everyone, i love the feedback
mama reese

Lara Jane said...

I agree that William and Jillian have too similar a ring. I voted for Thompson.

As a Radiohead fan (who isn't?!) I adore the name Thom. Rock on.

Anonymous said...

Thompson Jaros!! LOVE IT!