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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Girl Ogawa

K. writes:
Hello. My name starts with a K and so does my husbands, our last name is Ogawa. Our baby girl is due on November 1st.
We are having one heck of a time picking a name. Obviously we have settled on the most popular names ever (isn't that how it always works). My favorite is Emma; His is Isabelle; We have Olivia and Lilian on the list as well. Middle names aren't as much of a disaster we have a couple that go with each first name.
The difficulty factors in here....I am American/Irish (100%), My husband is half Japanese (hence the last name) and half Spanish. So we wanted a first name that both families will be able to pronounce.
We have pretty much settled on the above 4 and need help choosing, but if you have another suggestion I am all ears.

Thank you so much for your help

I like Emily even better than Emma: I think Emily Ogawa has a nice sound and rhythm. I like all four of your choices; my favorite on its own is Olivia, and my favorite with your surname is Lilian.

Let's have a poll over to the right [poll closed; see results below] with your four choices plus my choice of Emily, and people can leave more suggestions in the comment section.

Poll results (195 votes total):
Emma: 22 votes, roughly 11%
Isabelle: 17 votes, roughly 9%
Olivia: 22 votes, roughly 11%
Lilian/Lillian: 65 votes, roughly 33%
Emily: 69 votes, roughly 35%

Name update 11-08-2009! K. writes:
Olivia Emerson Ogawa was born on Nov 4. Thank you so much for all comments and suggestions on the names!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby Girl or Boy, Sibling to Alexandra and Luke

I think this is our very first repeat customer!

Britta writes:
So, I want to name my baby girl (sister to Alexandra and Luke) to be a name that can be shortened to "Lina." I love Carolina, but I am loathe to subject her to a lifetime of having to correct people's mispronunciation of her name. I don't want to tell you how I'd pronounce it, but would rather know how most people would pronounce it. And, if they think it would be a big deal if it were pronounced differently than it might first appear.

I'm also very open to other names that can be shortened to a Lina nickname. I've tried to think of some and have done some searching, but there's not a lot out there. My great grandmother's name was Axelina (no!) and called Lina and Lina has a nice Swedish ring to it--homage to my heritage.

My husband is opposed to Carolina, so I need some ammunition! Help.

By the way, if this little one turns out to be a boy, I think the contenders are Eric and John. (You my remember my husband was gunning for John when I was pregnant with Luke. 9/7/08 post.) I love Peter, but apparently most men can't stomach Peter as a baby name. I also love Beau, but I don't think I want Beau and Luke to be my two boys! A little too Dukes of Hazard for me.

First, pronunciation. If I saw "Lina," I would pronounce it LEE-nah. But if I saw that the full name was "Carolina," I would instead pronounce it LIE-nah. I'd be interested to know what everyone else thinks on this.

I am going to assume since you mentioned pronunciation issues with Carolina that what you're looking for is LEE-nah. In that case, the name I think is best is Angelina. I have two associations with the name, both positive: the actress Angelina Jolie, who is becoming known more for her good works and humanitarian efforts and adoptions than for the old blood-in-a-necklace stuff; and Angelina Ballerina, the nice little storybook mouse. I like how it goes with Alexandra: both are long ultra-feminine names with lots of nickname potential.

There's also Catalina.

Here is an unusual choice: Abilene. This has a couple of different pronunciations, but the English one is AB-ah-leen. Like Abigail, but with a LEEN on the end. Downside: it's not spelled right to get the Lina nickname, and spelling it Abiline makes it look like it rhymes with Adeline.

Hey, this is odd: if I add an A to Adeline and make it Adelina, that looks like add-ah-LEE-na to me---or at least, it looks like it could go either way. So let's add Adelina to the list.

There's Amalina and Annalina and Avelina, which I just made up from Amalia and Angelina and Avalyn, and which look to me like am-ah-lee-nah and ann-ah-lee-nah and av-ah-lee-nah. (Let's remember not to try Annalina without the double N, lest we create a first-four-letters problem.)

Some names that end with "-ley" can be changed to "-lina." Ashley becomes Ashlina, Emily becomes Emilina. Because the names are familiar already with a LEE sound, the LEE-nah comes more naturally. The occasional correction will still need to be made---but then, that happens with almost every name. I regularly have to tell people that "Kristen" is not pronounced with a long E sound (like Kristine).

There's also Alina and Elina. And whew, I am still on A and have spent a long time in the index of the baby name book, so I will leave it at that and open it up for more suggestions. Names that give the nickname Lina? And perhaps we can also say if we prefer the name Eric or the name John (I love both). And the question from earlier, too, about how we'd pronounce the name Lina if we saw it.

Name update! Britta writes:
We had a little boy on March 8, 2010 and named him Eric James. I appreciated the feedback on the Eric v. John decision. His nickname is E. Sometimes EJ.


I hope you will pardon the light posting around here. Our baby gate broke, and we don't want to replace it when our youngest child is already 2.5 years old and nearly human, so I am spending my days following him around, huge dark circles under my eyes, saying, "No, no, Henry, get off the counter. No, honey, don't splash in the cat water. OMG PUT THAT DOWN!!!" My morning writing time, which I used to accomplish by putting on the television, is GONE.

I suppose if you were desperate, you could read my first ever BlogHer review, which is about a Sonicare toothbrush for kids. (Did you get a little flash of worry that I will now be mentioning reviews every time I do them? No, no. This is a special occasion, and plus, it involves a $100 Visa gift card giveaway.) Or you could...let's could look at my grocery list. Or give input on newborn sleep issues.

Yeah, I know, none of that is about baby names. How about this: we can discuss a name that has recently come very strongly into my favor. It's Sally. I know! But run it around in your mind a little bit. Imagine asking someone what their baby's name is, and they say "Sally." A little girl running around being cute. Sally! I think it's super-sweet, and also should be revived as a nickname for the otherwise nicknameless Sarah/Sara.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Baby Girl, Sister to Thomas Murray

Stephanie writes:
We're expecting our second child in December. Our last name is two syllables and starts with M. Our son is Thomas Murray. We both loved Thomas and Murray is a family name. A girl's name is turning out to be very hard for us. We definitely both gravitate towards traditional, solid, and 'old' names with a history, with no desire to create a 'new' and unique name while avoiding known trendy names. I love Emily, but husband strongly dislikes. He likes Maria, Marie, Mary, or Margaret. I vehemently object due to the last name (M). Our currently list includes Anne, Anna, Audrey, Claire, and Katherine. I can't help but feel that we're choosing from a list that we're both ok with, but not ones that either of us love. Likely middle names are Marie (I'll let it in as a middle), Kathryn/Katherine, and Anne.

So, any ideas we're obviously missing?

Well, so Emily is out, and so are names starting with M. Amelia comes to mind because it's similar to Emily but maybe different enough that he'll like it, and it's traditional/solid/old. Or might you like Emeline? It starts out similar to Emily but has a completely different sound.

Oh! Oh oh oh! How about Ruth? At the pool this summer there was a toddler named Ruth, and I could NOT BELIEVE how cute that name was on a wee girl. Her mom also sometimes called her Ruthie. How about Ruth Katherine M.?

You've got Claire on your list, which makes me think of Clara. Clara Marie M.

For old and traditional with history, it would be hard to beat the name Eve. Eve Katherine M.

More possibilities:


Name update 12-02-2009! Stephanie writes:
I loved reading your suggestions and those of the commenters. Ultimately, we stuck with our list and Audrey Kathryn was born in the wee hours of Friday morning, Nov 27. We decided you were all right and that speculating on the popularity of a name we liked was silly :) Kathryn is my middle name, so our son has his Dad's middle name and our daughter has mine. Incidentally, she just missed sharing a birthday with me as well, by 3 hours.

Name Update!

Update on Baby Girl Kalpakis!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Girl or Boy Terrill

Harry and Dawn write:
We are expecting our fourth child at the end of November. We have a girl, Eve (no middle name), a boy, Porter Cardon (both family names) and a boy, Harry William (again both family names). We don't know the sex of the fourth child, and need to come up with something before the baby arrives (with the last one it took us three weeks AFTER he was born to decide on the name!) Our last name is Terrill (pronounced like Merrill with at "T"). If it is a girl we wont have a middle name but if it's a boy we would like to have a middle name. We have not come up with much but here is what we have so far. If it is a girl we both like the name Wren, my wife likes the name Isla. We both are wondering if Wren is feminine enough for a girl. Do you like the name Wren? Have you heard of any other Wrens? We don't want a name that is too popular but we don't want something weird. For a boy my wife likes the name True (I'm not 100% convinced on that one, not sure if it sounds like a real name or not.) My wife also likes the name Holden (she has not read Catcher in the Rye, I on the other hand have, and don't care for it as much.) So we really don't have much, any suggestions for names that would go with Eve, Porter and Harry would be greatly appreciated.

The name Wren falls into a very specific category for me: Names I Think are Wonderful in Writing, But Not as Much When Said Aloud. The word is beautiful, and I like the bird association---but "Ren" is not as pretty a sound to my ear, and has more of an association with Ren and Stimpy. With your surname, too, I dislike it: Ren Terrill. I'm imagining her introducing herself and the other person being unable to make sense of the name.

I have many of the same objections to the name True: beautiful in writing, great concept, but not as good said aloud--and likely to be misheard as Drew. Furthermore, I think the name True seems too feminine with strongly masculine names like Porter and Harry. It seems like it would be better for the middle-name slot, as with the actress Kirstie Alley's son William True.

However, many, many people would vehemently disagree with me on both these names. And I have a very different opinion of more established word/concept names such as Rose and Hope: there's no reason either are any nicer on the ear than Wren or True, but because they're well-established as names, they come to my ear as Names instead of as Sounds. Wren and True, still rare as names, come to my ear as sounds.

If this were your first girl, we would talk a little about middle names, and I would have emailed you to ask for more information about why you didn't want to use one. Since you already have a no-middle-name girl, however, my sense of consistency kicks in.

Suggestions for a girl name:


My favorite is Jane. I think Eve and Jane are great sister names. I also like Eve and Rose.

Your first two sons both have family names. I don't know what names are available, but that's where I'd look if this is a third son. Perhaps you can find one more family name and then use True or Holden as the middle name. If the barrel of family names has been thoroughly scraped, then here are a few possibilities to consider (I'm avoiding anything ending in S, to keep from the unfortunate sound-blend STerrill):


I like Wilson best. Porter, Harry, and Wilson. I also like Drew.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Name Update!

Update on Baby Girl, Sister to Simone Maya! They chose not only a reader's suggestion, but a reader's own name!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Name Update!

Update on Baby Girl Toms!

Baby Girl ___ Rose Thompson

Caroline writes:
We are pregnant with our first baby girl, and due on or about November 21st, 2009. The one thing that we know for sure is that her middle name will be "Rose." This is due to the fact that my maiden name was a very complicated Polish surname that had something close to "Rose" in the pronounciation. It would be too cruel to give this baby the actual surname as a middle name, so we've decided to use "Rose" instead, as a shout out to my side of the family. Therefore, the baby's first name must go with "Rose" as a middle name. We have a very common last name, "Thompson."

Our favorites so far are:

Maggie Rose Thompson
Winifred "Winnie" Rose Thompson
Gwendolyn Rose Thompson (I love this, but don't like the nickname "Gwen," can I get "Winnie" as a nickname out of it?)

I guess we like uncommon names, and apparently old fashioned names. If it's a BIG name (like Winifred) we like the possibilty of a cute nickname coming out of it. I LOVE "Winnie." Any other suggestions?

Maybe "Lynnie" as a nickname for Gwendolyn? Adorable. (Though an older Lynnie/Winnie might still choose to go by Gwen.) Some more uncommon, old-fashioned names with cute nicknames:

Eleanor Rose Thompson (Ellie, Lenni)
Elsa Rose Thompson
Lydia Rose Thompson (Liddy)
Meredith Rose Thompson (Merrie)
Millicent Rose Thompson (Milly)
Virginia Rose Thompson (Ginny)
Willa Rose Thompson

From my list, my favorite is Willa, a name that is complete in itself while still having the cute-nickname appeal of Winnie.

From your list, my favorite is Winifred.

Let's have a poll over to the right. [Poll closed; see results below.]

Poll results (197 votes total):
Maggie: 30 votes, roughly 15%
Winifred: 23 votes, roughly 12%
Gwendolyn: 35 votes, roughly 18%
Eleanor: 16 votes, roughly 8%
Elsa: 10 votes, roughly 5%
Lydia: 16 votes, roughly 8%
Meredith: 11 votes, roughly 6%
Millicent: 8 votes, roughly 4%
Virginia: 13 votes, roughly 7%
Willa: 35 votes, roughly 18%

Friday, October 16, 2009

Baby Girl or Boy Myatt

Melanie writes:
so far we have

zoe madeline jane myatt (jane is a family name)
tessa lousie myatt (louise is a family name)
samuel "tate" myatt (samuel is a family name)

i am the one who chooses names like zoe, tessa and tate, and i am looking for something else along these lines for a girl or boy (i'm not sure yet if we will find out what we are having).

my husband loves, loves, loves using family names. some that are left: lucky, carter, james, dirk, lily and anne.

what i'm looking for is something that will sound good with the three names we have already AND a family name. i have an affinity for the southern two-name thing (my friend has "anna riley" and "india grace" and i love those but obviously, they are taken!).

i am happy to take any and all suggestions!

For a girl:

Ellery Anne
Iris Anne
Lily Anne
Lily Noelle
Kimball Anne
Macy Anne
Sadie Anne
Shelby Anne
Willa Anne

For a boy:

Carter Finn
Carter James
Carter Zane
James Hart
James Keane
James Wade
Wade Carter

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Boy, Brother to Brody Timothy B.

Danielle writes:
I love your blog and am hoping for help in naming our second son due to arrive November 10th.
My name is Danielle and my husband's name is Caleb. Our last name begins with a B and ends with O.
We have an 18 month old son, Brody. His middle name is Timothy after my father.
I was hesitant to name him Brody because of our last name beginning with a B,
but my husband loved it and now I can't imagine him being anything but Brody.
We love names that are unique without sounding too crazy. The main problem we are having is that we have a handful of names we like but nothing we love...yet.

Here is the very short list of names we both like:
  • Foster (I would say this is our number one name right do you feel about it?)
  • Grayson (We both love it but I am hesitant to use it as I know it is now being used for girls as well)
  • Levi (I love it, hubby doesn't at all)

To get a better feel for names we like here are some names that we liked but for various reasons are not going to be in the running..... Asher, Abram, Trey, Gage and Roman.

As for a middle name...We would like to use David (my father in laws name), Caleb, or Anderson.
What do you think the best combination is? And what other first name suggestions do you or any other readers have that you think we would like? I am ready to hear a new name to fall in love with!

I like Foster, and particularly I like Foster Anderson. But the initials are FAB. And Foster Caleb and Foster David both sound choppy to me, as if Foster is a title along the lines of Mister or Brother.

I also like Grayson. I've heard, too, that it's being used for girls. I don't know if this is a Worrying Trend, like when the name Mackenzie went full-on Girl Name, or a Clear Minority thing where the name will occasionally used for girls but will still be considered a Boy Name. I don't have a favorite middle name of the three options. Grayson Anderson is double -son and also spells GAB, and, again, Grayson Caleb and Grayson David both sound choppy to me, though fine.

I think the trouble with the middle name options is that Caleb and David are both strongly first-nameish (two syllables, emphasis on the first syllable) and sound odd in the middle name slot. The problem is accentuated by the very different style of first names: Andrew David would sound okay to me, but Foster David sounds odd. Anderson fits much better with the style of first names, but it spells a word with many first-name consonant choices (CAB, DAB, FAB, GAB, JAB, etc.). I kept thinking of first name possibilities such as Turner, and then getting stuck: it spells TAB with the name that sounds good with it, and it clunks with both David and Caleb.

Here are some more possibilities to consider:

Archer Anderson
Cason David
Carson David
Coleman David
Harris Anderson
Keegan Anderson
Lawson David
Lincoln Caleb
Miller Anderson
Wilson David

I think my favorite is Archer Anderson. I just really like the sound of it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Middle Name Challenge: Baby Girl Grace ___

Holly writes:
My husband and I are expecting our second daughter on October 21, and we are having a really hard time with the name. After months and months of discussions (or arguments...whatever), we agree on Grace for a first name. Our last name is one syllable and ends with "lyn". Our other daughter's name is Abigail Marie, and we call her Abby.

Middle names we have rejected, even though we like them a lot:

Evelyn (too rhymey with our last name)
Amelia (don't like the initials)

Since Grace and our last name are pretty short, I think the middle name should be at least two syllables.

What do you think? Any and all help appreciated!

I love the rhythm of Grace Amelia with a one-syllable surname. If you love it except for the initials problem, you could use Emelia. Some more combinations with a similar four-syllable rhythm:

Grace Cordelia
Grace Elizabeth
Grace Olivia
Grace Penelope
Grace Veronica
Grace Victoria

And here are a few 3-syllable options:

Grace Mikayla
Grace Samantha
Grace Savannah
Grace Sophia

More options, everyone!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Boy Wootton

Kym writes:
We are due with our second son on October 28 - although these last two days of contractions are making me think it'll be sooner rather than later.

Until recently, we had 4 names on the "short list": Noah, Owen, Riley and Gavin. The last couple of weeks, Gavin and Riley have fallen off the list. (Jonah was also a contender for a while). I really like the other two, although I am concerned about Owen with our last name, Wootton (pronounced like foot with a "w" and then "ton") - it just looks like a word jumble to me, Owen Wootton. I do love Noah, although I just don't get the feeling the my husband is super crazy about it - and I wonder if it's too popular.

The middle name will be William, for my dad. Our first son is Finn Allen (Allen is for his dad).

We definitely want the first name to be only 1 or 2 syllables, and we want it to go nicely with Finn. We like the idea of having a name that's not weird, but also not common. We feel like we did that with "Finn", but won't necessarily do that with "Noah" or "Owen".

Names that I love that he hates: Reece/Reese and Luca
Name that he loves that I hate: Ender (yes, this is pretty much his ONE and ONLY suggestion)

So - two questions...
#1 - if we don't find anything else we like, should we go with Noah William Wootton or Owen William Wootton?
#2 - any other first name suggestions????

What I notice when I say those finalist names is all the W: both first names have a strong W sound (noWUH, oWEN), and then adding the W sound in both William and Wootton---it's a lot of W. The middle name won't often be said, of course, but both Noah Wootton and Owen Wootton are hard for me to say.

Here are some Owen alternatives without W sounds:

Roan (unless I'm pronouncing it wrong and it's Ro-wen rather than rhymes-with-Joan)

But three of those end in an -en sound, and I think that's a little choppy with the -en sound in Wootton.

Here are some Noah alternatives without W sounds OR -en sounds:


Your husband likes Ender, and so I would refer you to Baby Boy Holland, in which we worked with another sci-fi-name-loving husband. The name they chose was Gable, which I think would be a really good choice for your baby, too: unusual yet easy/familiar, good with Finn, good with William Wootton. I also suggested the name Anders to them, because it's so similar to Ender, and that too would be good for your baby: Finn and Anders, Anders William Wootton.

BUT! If none of these appeal, and nothing else comes up that appeals, and if you like Owen or Noah best, I DO think you should use it. The "W issue" is one of those issues that, all things being equal, I would recommend avoiding---but all things NOT being equal, is not a big deal.

Name update 11-04-2009! Kym writes:
Our little boy finally came yesterday - 6 days late (so much for reading into those early contractions!). As we were walking the halls during contractions, we finally settled on William Ender, deciding to call him Will. My husband just loved the name Ender so much and we didn't want to do the 2 middle names thing, so we thought this was a good compromise. Although we do have the first and last name starting with the W, we really love it - and I love how Finn and Will sound together. Thanks to everyone for your input, it finally got my husband thinking more seriously about names and after he read the post and the suggestions. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Boy or Girl "Bottle"

(My mother-in-law is in town this week, but the babies don't wait and the questions are coming in faster than I can answer them, so I'll post some for anyone interested to work on.)

Elizabeth writes:
I am due on Oct. 18th and are have struggled with possible names this entire pregnancy - especially girl names! We have two little girls and don't know if this baby is a boy or girl. Here's what our family looks like right now:

Mom - Elizabeth
Dad - Russ
3.5 year old - Jane (goes by Jane/Janie)
2 year old - Ellen (goes by Ellen/Ellie)
Our last name rhymes with "Bottle"

If we have a boy, my husband would like to follow his family's tradition of naming after grandpa's. Going with this, we would name the baby boy William John. My husband is pretty set on this name but I have a couple of issues with it:

* His nickname would be Will and "Will Bottle" sounds funny to me. Something like an unfinished sentence??
* I don't want to switch the names and have a John William b/c there are already 2 other John's in the family.

Unfortunately, we have no other options for boy names so we are open to new ideas...

As for baby girl names, we have struggled trying to match the other girls without being too similar. Our top names have been Claire, Lillian (Lilly), Mary and Lucy but have reservations about all of them. We both like Claire and Lilly but are concerned they are becoming too popular. I like Mary more than my husband but am concerned that Jane, Ellen and Mary almost sounds boring?!? Lucy was a late addition and my 3 year old loves it but I'm once again concerned that it is growing in popularity and will be one of the next "It" names.

As you can tell, we like simple, traditional names that aren't overly common. Please help with any suggestions!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby Boy, Brother to Jonny Matix

(My mother-in-law is in town this week, but the babies don't wait and the questions are coming in faster than I can answer them, so I'll post some for anyone interested to work on.)

Lyndy writes:
I'm having another bundle of Boy.
we are tossing around these names but nothin' seems to fit.

Son #1 is Jonny Matix. {After my husband Jonathan, and a name of his own}
and we mostly call him Max.

Son #2 possibilities.

-Henry Dexter {named for husbands grandfather and my grandfather}
i love Hank. and Dex. Henry is definitely common. but its classic.

-Jasper Dee {a name of his own, and Husbands father}
I like that he'd share his Dads initials. and have a name all his own with a family name.
We originally got Jasper from a Western my husband and I both love. Now every time we mention Jasper, Twilight is brought up. Its kind of annoying but really we still love the name.

Those are the top two but we've also toyed with Dexter Dee, or Hendrix Edwin {his own name, and my dads name}
I know I still have sometime to find it...but its still tough. I'd love for some feedback.

I wanted to ask about baby name wizard. Is it just a book full of baby names? I have a few of those and havent found them helpful. Whats so great about name wizard.
anyways thanks for your help!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Boy or Girl Foster

(My mother-in-law is in town this week, but the babies don't wait and the questions are coming in faster than I can answer them, so I'll post some for anyone interested to work on.)

Mechi writes:
My name is Mechi Foster and my husband, Joey and I are expecting our second child on October 17th. We have a three and a half year old daughter, Sofia Juliana, and we had a really easy time picking her name. We came up with and agreed upon a first and middle we liked very quickly. Not really the case for baby no. 2 (and we decided we want the gender to be a surprise, so its trickier).
The main problem we have is a culture clash. Joey (Joseph Henry) is of English, Irish, and Scottish origin (but they've been here in the US for generations). My family is from Spain and Argentina, and my parents moved to the US after they got married. I speak almost fluent Spanish, and although my family was just an average American family, I feel like if I name our second child a completely English name, I'll be losing some of my culture (and I already am because we're obviously raising them in English, not Spanish.) Joey understands that, and he loved Sofia Juliana, two bilingual names. He's completely open to it.
So what's the problem? Well, neither of us can find any Spanish names we like! And we don't want a name like Ignacio or Magdalena, that is impossible to pronounce in English, so nix all of those names. We want to find a name like Sofi's (or mine - my full name is Mercedes Alicia) that is bilingual - embraces my culture, but also is English (for Joey, and so people won't be constantly mispronouncing his or her name).
And one last thing. When we picked Sofia in 2006, we didn't really do that much research on the popularity of the name, and therefore didn't realize that it's one of the top fifty names right now (and Sophia, which may be spelled differently, but is essentially the same name, is in the top ten!) and I regret that. I don't want my kids to be one of many in a crowd. (Sofia just started preschool last week and there are two Sophia's and one other Sofia in her class!) So we really would like a bilingual name that is less common.
And for middle names, we're not the kind of people that are huge on honoring family members, so the same criteria as the first name.
Thank you so much!

Name update 10-27-2009! Mechi writes:
Hi, Swistle! Thanks for all the help
Sofia's little sister was born on October 15th. Our newest addition is Maya Elena Josephine Foster! Maya Elena is her full first name, and Josephine is the middle. Maya Elena sounds sort of like Magdalena when spoken ("Mayalena") which we liked because we always did like that name. And Sofi has taken to calling her Mali, and now I find myself calling her that too, and I think thats just the greatest twist. I think Mali is just adorable. Thanks to all the readers who gave us suggestions - they were great! And we have tons of ideas for any future child, thanks!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Note: Revised Poll

Revised Poll for Baby Girl or Boy Kane.

Baby Girl B.

(My mother-in-law is in town this week, but the babies don't wait and the questions are coming in faster than I can answer them, so I'll post some for anyone interested to work on.)

T. writes:
My husband and I totally do not agree on names. Its making this baby naming situation not much fun. I always dreamed it would be really neat to name my daughter, now its just avoidance from my husband (ie, we have tons of time, from day one of the positive test) to annoyance, on my part! :)

My due date is October 13, 2009

We have no other children, but our puppies name is Piper. Very preppy.

-Emerson - I love love LOVE it. My husband hates it
-Quinn - We are both lukewarm on this one.
-Reese - We both love because of the meaning, but having problems coming up with a middle name. We also hope that it doesnt fall flat. Everyone loves the name because of Reese Witherspoon, but I think its more powerful because people say her first and last name. No one will use our daughters first and last name when referring to her. At least I hope not, it sounds very courtroom type trouble-ish!
-Hazell - I dont like it (sounds too old), but its my husband's grandmothers name.

I like Reese (which means passionate for life, fiery) and would love a bibical name, like a name that means Christ or the Lord. Then she would be passionate for God, but I havent found anything out there that would work! Our last name starts with a B and is 4 sylables. So I would love to not torture my daughter with a super long name! :)

Baby Girl or Boy Kane

(My mother-in-law is in town this week, but the babies don't wait and the questions are coming in faster than I can answer them, so I'll post some for anyone interested to work on.)

Karen writes:
Your help would be appreciated in coming up with names for our baby if it is a boy. I am due in October.

Some info on us: We have a one syllable irish surname: Kane. We have a daughter, Shannon. If we have a girl this time, she will likely be Margaret Thomas nn Maggie. Thomas is surname from my family that we would have used for a boy's name, but a child in the immediate family was named Thomas so that is no longer an option for us. Where possible, we'd like to use Thomas as the middle name. Other middle name possibilities we like are Ryan and Patrick (family names as well).

We tend to lean towards celtic/irish names, but also like traditional and classic names as well. We tend to shy away from anything too obscure (although one could argue that Seamus & Cormac are pretty obscure) but we are also leery of top ten names and don't mind unusual yet familiar names. We like decidedly masculine and strong names for a boy.

Names we like that are on The List:
  • Maxwell Thomas - nn Max. My concern is Max is getting (or already is?) pretty popular, but we still like it.
  • Seamus Ryan or Seamus Patrick. Love Seamus. My concern is would two siblings with names beginning with the "Sh" sound be a little too singsongy? Should I even be concerned about this? Also, their names would begin with the same letter - something I guess I never imagined myself as a parent doing, but this is it for us for kids, so the sibset would consist of the two of them.
  • Cormac Thomas - nn Mac. Love nn Mac. My concern is too much emhpasis on the hard "k" sound and blending from the hard "k" ending of Cormac into the hard "k" of our last name.
  • Magnus - nn Mac - alternative to the heavily "k" sound laden Cormac.
  • Malcolm - nn Mac - alternative to the heavily "k" sound laden Cormac.
  • Ryan Thomas. Ryan is husband's middle name. It's okay to us, but we aren't wowed by it, but it's solid and irish and well known.
  • Charles Thomas or Charles Ryan - nn Charlie. We don't love Charles, and rather dislike "Chuck" but we do find Charlie to be a nice nn. Charles is also a family name.
  • John Thomas - nn Jack or JT. John - oh boy. My dad is a Jack Jr., my older brother is a Jack III. Love the name, but is it overkill with all the family members with this name? Also - is Jack just too trendy at this point?
  • Lincoln nn Linc - husband likes but I am not sure what I think yet. Could grow on me.

Let's have a poll over to the right! [Edit: see Karen's comment in comment section; new set of names for poll.] [Poll closed; see results below.]

Poll results (198 votes total):
Cormac (Mac) Kane: 46 votes, roughly 23%
Seamus Kane: 44 votes, roughly 22%
Liam/William Kane: 108 votes, roughly 55%

Name update 10-30-2009! Karen writes:
Seamus Patrick arrived on October 26, 2009! Thank you to you and your readers and commenters for their insightful posts. Seamus is a doll and his sister loves her new baby brother! We love his name and feel that this was the best choice for us. Thanks again! - Karen

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Name Update!

Update to Baby Girl, Sister to Max!

Baby Girl Kalpakis

(My mother-in-law is in town this week, but the babies don't wait and the questions are coming in faster than I can answer them, so I'll post some for anyone interested to work on.)

Katherine writes:
My husband and I are currently expecting a baby girl, who will be induced on October 7, 2009. We already have a daughter, named Violet Claire. Violet is named after my husband's beloved grandmother, and I have always loved the name Claire. We settled on her name well into my second trimester. Naming a second daughter is so much harder than I ever expected, and we are nowhere nearer finding her name than we were the day I found out I was pregnant. Our family's names are Andrew (Husband), Katherine (Me), Violet (Daughter). Our last name is Kalpakis.

My preference, if possible, is to have each child have one family name and one name of their own. Though, at this point I am open to anything.

Names we have discussed that are still in consideration: Hazel, Esme, Pearl, Jane, Audrey, Arden, Anne, Amelia, and Molly.

Our reservations about Hazel are that both Violet and Hazel are colors and plants. Am I the only one that immediatly goes to that connection? Also, my daughters will be less than 2 years apart and I don't want them the silly, little 'flower' children. I love Esme and first discovered it and fell in love with it from the J.D. Salinger short story years ago, but we worry about the 'Twilight' coorelation with Esme, though the name is much more common in my husband's native country therefore not a problem there (though we live here). Jane is by far my favorite, but my husband goes back and forth. I worry that Molly is a great name, but may sound too young or demure later in life. Is that just me?

Names I love that my husband has vetoed: Imogen, Bronwyn, Olive.

Names my husband likes that I won't use: Grace, Sophia, Olivia.

Family names that could be used as middle names : Ruth, Adaleen, Marie, Jacquelyn.

Names that we love but don't want to use due to the duplicate 'ette' ending sounds are : Charlotte, Juliet, Cosette.

We are open to any other considerations. I am still waiting for that magic combination of names that will just fly off the page!

Name update 10-22-2009! Katherine writes:
Jane Mirabelle was born October 11th. I loved many of the suggestions your readers sent in (especially Amelia Louise) but Jane was the name I really had my heart set on since I found out I was pregnant, and I was thrilled when my husband committed and said he felt like it 'fit' her too. Mirabelle is a name of a favorite character in a favorite book, but I wasn't sure I was brave enough to use it until I read it as a suggestion for another one of your readers as a middle name. Thank so much for your help!

Baby Girl, Sister to Geovanni and Owen

(My mother-in-law is in town this week, but the babies don't wait and the questions are coming in faster than I can answer them, so I'll post some for anyone interested to work on.)

Isla writes:
I’m due 10/6, and we still haven’t found a name for our newest addition.

My husband and I have two kids already. Our oldest is his son from his previous marriage (but I’ve legally adopted him) and his full name is Geovanni Domenico – though he is always, always Geo. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone call him Geovanni in the seven years I’ve known him. Our younger son is Owen Phinneas.

We are now expecting our first girl. I really want her name to fit in with Geo and Owen’s, but I feel like their names are too different and we’re having a hard time finding an in between point. Geo’s name was picked by my husband’s late wife, who was 100% Italian – my husband and I are not Italian whatsoever, but I don’t want Geo to feel left out if we give our little girl a name that sounds great with Owen’s name, but not with his.

Names at the top of our list right now (but not necessarily a fix to the problem I mentioned) include Eloise, Beatrice, Clare, Eliza, Danika, Rosalie (with ‘lie’ pronounced ‘lie,’ like not telling the truth), Safia, and Violet.

We also like names like Flannery, Hadley, Bliss, and Willow that don’t go with either of our sons names at all!

One last thing – for the past week or so I’ve been really loving the nickname Leni. I love the sound of it, and I like how it sounds with Geo and Owen. This may be our top contendor, along with Eloise and Flannery. But the only full names we can come up with for it are Helene and Elena, and we don’t like either. So if you could help me with some other possible full names for Leni, that would be great.

And any other names that you think might go well with our sons.. I don’t feel like we’ve found the perfect name yet (although I think we’re close) so maybe it will be one of your suggestions!

And finally, for middle names, we’re not looking to honor anyone, really, so whatever sounds good, because we don’t have any ideas in terms of that. But probably not any of the names I mentioned earlier, because we may want to use them for a future daughter.

Oh, Leni is so cute. I wonder about using a name like Marilena (which I am, perhaps incorrectly, pronouncing mare-ih-LAY-nah) and then using Leni as a nickname? Or Adelaina (add-eh-LAY-nah), which gives you not only Leni but Addy? Maddalena, which gives you not only Leni but Maddie?

Name update 10-17-2009! Isla writes:
Hi Swistle, thanks so much for all your readers suggestions. Our daughter was born on October 7th and her name is Rosalena Violet, called Leni, obviously (pronounced "Len-nee"). We're really happy with the name .. we feel it fits in well with Geo and Owen - it has that long "o" which some of the comments pointed out, and it was a nice alternative to Rosalie. Thanks to mayberry for suggesting it to us!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Name Update!

Update to Baby Boy-Girl Twins, Siblings to William!

Name Update!

Update on Baby Boy or Girl Parker!

Baby Girl, Sister to Kaiden

(My mother-in-law is in town this week, but the babies don't wait and the questions are coming in faster than I can answer them, so I'll post some for anyone interested to work on.)

Melissa writes:
My Husband and I are having our second, a baby girl, due October 4th. I just thought we would write and get some more opinions on the names we have chosen. This little girl will join her big brother Kaiden.

Finalists are:


We have decided to go with either Grace or Delight as a middle name. both of which are the middle names of my great grandmothers. I have the middle name of my great grandmother also. Our son has the middle name of his great grandfather who passed away before he was born.

The two we like most are Avery and Brinley. I was voting for Avery Grace for a few months and now the last few days I really like the sound of Brinley Delight. Its something you don't hear everyday but not to weird. I don't want it to be too weird.

I like Harper but my husband doesn't. I am pretty sure Piper is rated pretty low on our list..

I guess at this point we are just indecisive:).. Any opinions would be great thanks!

Poll over to the right! [Poll closed; see results below.]

Poll results (205 votes total):
Brinley: 41 votes, exactly 20%
Avery: 61 votes, roughly 30%
Harper: 40 votes, roughly 20%
Ava: 15 votes, roughly 7%
Isabelle: 14 votes, roughly 7%
Piper: 23 votes, roughly 11%
Ainsley: 11 votes, roughly 5%

Baby Girl, Sister to Simone Maya

(My mother-in-law is in town this week, but the babies don't wait and the questions are coming in faster than I can answer them, so I'll post some for anyone interested to work on.)

Amy writes:
Our 1st daughter is named Simone Maya. The middle name having a special meaning to us as we were married in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The choices of middle names with meaning we have come up with for our second daughter are Jean (runs in both sides of our families), Rose (our relationship started with a single rose) and Lily (Tiger Lily was our wedding flower). Now we can not come up good first name options, it's been a huge struggle. I'm hoping you can help. Our Last name is one syllable and starts with a 'B.' Here's some criteria of our likes and dislikes:

We would like:
Two syllables but no more than three
Something that sounds good with Simone
A Name (not made up, put together names)
When you see it written, you know how to say it (no funny spellings)
Meaning (Something that doesn't have a negative meaning)

We do not like:
Super Popular Names (if it's on the top 100 Social Security List, I will hestiate using it, even if I like it)
Highly Feminine Names (these often end in the 'ee' or 'ah' sound; Christy or Hannah) This is a hard one to avoid and if I find the right name, this one won't matter.
Nicknames (the name should be the name)
Classic Names (we want something different than Elizabeth)

Name update 10-19-2009! Amy writes:
I wanted to thank all your readers for their name suggestions. It was great to read other people's ideas. Our 2nd daughter was born on Oct. 18 and her name is Giselle Marie. Thanks to reader Giselle, we did use your name! In between contractions we decided on Marie for the middle name. We liked the flow and Marie is the same middle name of 3 very strong women that are and will forever be in our lives. Thank you again.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby Girl or Boy, Sibling to Suki

Kobi writes:
I am looking for some help with a boys name. My husband and I can't seem to agree on a boys name and our baby is due this month.

We have a 2 year old daughter, Suki Margaret, pronounced Soo- key and luckily if we have another daughter we have agreed on Bronte, pronounced Bron- tee, after the beach in Australia but can't seem to agree on a boys name.

If we have a boy his middle name will be either William after my husband & Grandfather or Franciscus after my Father. My husband likes Kainoa (pronounced Ky- noah) or Grayden, whereas I like Flynn, Ryder or Jake. Hawaiian names seem to be my husbands favorite and I am open to suggestions.

I'm a 2-legged stool, because I don't know even one single Hawaiian boy name. I looked up the top 100 names by state on the Social Security Administration's baby name site, but that's mostly Ethan and Jacob just like the rest of the country---until it gets out of the top 50, at which point I see Kainoa and also Kainalu, Nainoa, and Kaimana. So....I'm winging it.

I like the sound of Kainoa. Both Kai and Noah are familiar, so a name that sounds like a combination of the two won't be too difficult for people to adjust to. The nickname Kai reminds me of the names on your list.

Greyson. That's my second suggestion. It's similar to Grayden, but I feel like the Names That Rhyme With Aidan (Braden, Cayden, Greyden, Hayden, Jaden, Kaden, Rayden) are melting together into one big nice-sounding mass. I suppose a person could say the same about the Mason, Jason, Casen, Greyson group, but that group seems so much less smaller and so much less current.

Grady: again, similar to Grayden, but avoids The Group.

Griffin. Grayden + Flynn.

Please, help me out here, everyone. I am floundering.