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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Girl or Boy Sheelee

Sara writes:
We are due with a delivery surprise on March 22. We have a daughter named Audrey Caroline and a son named Oliver Andrew, and we miscarried a baby that we named Christian. Our last name is pronounced "SHE lee."

For each of our pregnancies, we have tossed around Greta or Gretchen, Rachel, and Rebekah. We don't like the nicknames for Rebekah, so it usually gets crossed off the list early. For this pregnancy, we had agreed on Greta since about 20 weeks, but now I'm having second thoughts. It has been hard to find a middle name for Greta, too. I like the flow of my daughter's name, with the longer name in the middle, and I really don't care for traditional middle names like Lynn, Leigh, Michelle, etc. My husband likes Greta Louise, but it seems a little unfair to give one daughter the middle name "Caroline" and stick the other one with "Louise."

We are much closer in style on boys' names. We both like more classic, traditional names. We are both OK with Henry and Benjamin, but it just isn't *the* name. He likes George, Jefferson, Lewis, and Franklin. I am looking for something with a little more spunk, like Levi, Eli or Elias, I like double names like John Paul or John David, too We love Alexander, but only for a middle name.

We are trying to avoid using another name that starts with a vowel, and names that start with B to avoid the initials BS. We'd like either the first or the middle name to be a Saints' name or Biblical.

Here's our no list, most because one of us doesn't like it, but some because they have been taken by family members.

Girls: Abigail, Anna, Beatrice, Beverly, Bridget, Camille, Camilla, Cecilia, Claire (although it could possible work in the middle), Colette, Cora, Delilah, Eleanor, Eliza, Eva, Felicity, Gabrielle, Gemma, Genevieve, Hannah, Joy, Julia, Leah, Lydia, Madeline, Matilda, Naomi, Sophie, Sophia, Stella, Veronica, Vivian

Brice, Cormac, Dominic, Gabriel, Hugh, Isaac, John, Jude, Leo, Lewis, Linus, Nathan, Nathaniel, Roderick, Walker, Xavier, Zachary

I think some of the problem is that my husband has an immediate reaction to a name, it is a yes or it is a no. That's why our no lists are so long. He says he doesn't want to make a list, he's only looking for one name. I need to try a name out, and think about it for awhile. I'm looking forward to your suggestions and reader ideas, too. Thanks!

Why is it that men are so often difficult about things like this? They don't want to make lists or consider or discuss or to come up with their own suggestions, they only want godlike veto power. Sigh. Well, we must work with the chromosomes to which we are yoked.

Oh, I like Greta Louise! I think Louise has sass. It's one of my mom's favorite names for the middle-name slot because it's so fun to SAY. Plus as you know there's a Saint Louise so that takes care of the Biblical/Saint requirement. I think it's GREAT. Greta Louise Sheelee. I also like:

Greta Helena Sheelee
Greta Josephine Sheelee
Greta Lucia Sheelee
Greta Naomi Sheelee
Greta Susannah Sheelee

But if you decide not to use Greta, I suggest Margaret. It's such a flexible name, with so many nicknames including Greta and Gretchen but also including Meg and Maggie and even Daisy. It's wonderful with the sibling names and with your surname. Plus, there's a Saint Margaret. I think Margaret Louise is adorable and also fun to say, and if you nickname her Daisy you have Daisy Louise which is even MORE fun to say.

Another name I like for you is Clara. Clara Sheelee. For middle names I like:

Clara Jane Sheelee
Clara Josephine Sheelee
Clara Katherine Sheelee
Clara Madeleine Sheelee
Clara Margaret Sheelee
Clara Rebekah Sheelee
Clara Rosemary Sheelee
Clara Violet Sheelee

For boys, I have an idea. Your husband likes George, but you want a little more spirit. My mom knows a George who goes by Geordie. Even the nickname Georgie gives the name a lighter touch.

Another possibility is Charles, which has the spunky nickname Charlie. Charles/Charlie Sheelee. Too close to Charlie Sheen, maybe.

With Oliver, one of my favorite names is Elliot. I think it has a similar yet distinctive sound. I know you're trying to avoid another vowel, but I really like it! Elliot Sheelee.

Another good one with Oliver is Simon. It avoids the vowel, though it gives you alliteration: Simon Sheelee. Or Silas: Silas Sheelee.

Oh, or Reuben! Reuben Sheelee.

I really like Felix: Felix Sheelee.

Ivan---once again, a vowel. Perhaps vowels are particularly nice with your surname. Ivan Sheelee.

And, er, Edmund. Vowel. But so nice! Edmund Sheelee.

Oh, here's one with no vowel initial: Quentin Sheelee.

And another: Nicholas Sheelee.

A recent favorite of mine is Frederick: Frederick Sheelee.

Name update 03-20-2010! Sara writes:
Henry Alexander was born on March 18 at 12:13 pm. He was 8 lbs, 12 oz., and 20 inches long. Big Sister Audrey and Big Brother Oliver are adjusting well. Thanks to everyone for your name suggestions!


christa said...

Love Silas with Oliver & Audrey! I think it is a pretty classic name, with the spunk you want.

I personally think Clara goes better with Audrey and Oliver, but I like the Margaret option for Greta.

Good luck!

beyond said...

"but it seems a little unfair to give one daughter the middle name "Caroline" and stick the other one with "Louise"." I gasped when I read this, as Louise is one of my favorite names ever. It's fresh and smart and timeless. I think Greta Louise is an excellent name. Here's a short list for inspiration:
Greta Miriam. Antonia Rachel. Johanna Sheelee. Audrey, Oliver and Penelope.
I think Alexander is a wonderful middle name. How about these:
Ezra starts with a vowel, but has that spunk you're looking for. Ezra Alexander. Tobias Sheelee. Audrey, Oliver and Milo. (oh, I like that siblings set!)
Good luck.

d e v a n said...

I like Louise fine as a middle name, but I don't care for the name Greta so much. I LOOOOVE Quentin for a boy and also Silas.
For a girl, Margaret is good and what about Lucy?

Christine said...

Oh I like that Margaret gives you the option of Greta, Gretchen, or Gretal as a nn. Since you like Greta, maybe you'll like Marta. It isn't much used, but I always thought it was lovely when I heard it used. Martine, Martina? I love your naming style, so I was saddened that some of my favorites are on your "no go" list. How about Sonia? similar to Sofia, not as popular, at least where I live.

I still like Rebekah too. I know a number of Rebekah/Rebecca's who go exclusively as Rebecca.

For boys, I really like the name Benjamin. I also like Elias, Tobias, Silas and Simon for you guys. And even though I suggested it below for someone else, how about Langston. It has the same sort of last name feel as Jefferson, a little more "spunk", and it I think, awesome.

Good luck and congrats!

MelissaInk said...

Clara is a great suggestions.

I also like Greta Lucia and Greta Josephine over Greta Louise.

Personally, I don't care for the name Louise. I think paired with Greta, it's too harsh. Greta is a strong name and I think some more feminine is in order to pull it off.

Greta Johanna is very nice too.

I like Simon for a boy option. How about Harrison? It seems like a mish-mash of Henry and Jefferson. (I know two Harrisons, and no one calls them Harry.) I also know of a Truman ... if presidential names are your husband's thing.

StephLove said...

I like the suggestion of Margaret (nn Greta) and I'm in the pro-Louise camp, too. But it sounds like you're not. How about Margaret Susannah? It gives you the longer middle name you're after.

I know sisters Audrey and Daphne, so you might consider that name, too. I thought they went well together.

For boys I like Alexander as a middle, too. Here are some firsts for it:

Felix Alexander (there's a spunky name for you)
Matthew Alexander (a saint)
Phinneas Alexander (spunky again)

Catherine said...

I also like Greta Louise! For boys I like lots of Swistle's suggestions - and I especially like the vowel names she mentioned and would add Ian to those (I know you said no vowels but I love the somewhat below the radar sib-sets). Otherwise, I agree that you should give George a look. I think it is actually becoming a pretty cool name after being out of fashion for a while.

Frazzled Mom said...

I was disappointed to see some of my favorite names on your "no" list. Sigh.

Before I even got to Swistle's suggestions, I was thinking Greta Josephine. I also like Greta Susannah.

I know what you mean about Greta being hard to pair with a middle name. Greta was nixed for my daughter mostly because my husband didn't like it but also because it didn't go with the middle name I wanted to use, which was my middle name and my Mom's middle name, and that was non-negotiable.

Erin said...

I don't know about Swistle's suggestion of Clara since you are a Sara, but it depends on the pronunciation I guess. I pronounce Clara as though it rhymes with Sara, but I've seen that others (especially in the Northeast) pronounce it with more of a car sound.

And Frazzled Mom, almost all of my favorite names (except maybe Clara) were on her No list too! Maybe you just have to say it a few times to the hubs for him to get a better feel for it. My own once proclaimed his hatred for Claire to now fall in love with it after I said it over and over. heh heh.

Good luck, and I do love Greta, and Louise is a fine middle although I do like Caroline more. Maybe Greta Madeline? Reminds me of Caroline in style. I like Swistle's suggestion of Josephine too.

Meg said...

I LOVE Greta Louise, and I don't think it's "sticking" anyone with the name Louise. It's all a matter of taste.

Sara said...

Thanks for all the ideas, everyone! :)

Husband says no on Clara, he prefers Claire and that's really saying something. He really dislikes Claire... Maybe he is just stuck on Greta.

We have discussed Greta Miriam, and I think it is closer, but still not exactly what I'm looking for. MelissaInk has said what I was trying to about Louise, and I couldn't get it out. Greta Louise is just too harsh. I want something more feminine in the middle spot. I thinking I might just have to settle and let something grow on me after the birth certificate has been signed.

He has previously nixed Charlotte and Miranda. Our no list is huge!! Something he does like that I forgot to mention is Meredith, but I'm not sure what I think about it, and how is fits with Audrey and Oliver.

Margaret Susannah is gorgeous, but he has vetoed Margaret, and Suzanne is a cousin. I'm just a bowlful of difficult here, aren't I? :(

He won't go for Milo, too "farm-y". I really like Miles, and I think Miles Alexander is great, but its a no-go.

I think I could live with George if we could find a good middle name. My husband likes the initials GLS, for a boy or a girl, actually. I really like George Alexander, but I sort of think the GAS initials are a deal-breaker.

Thanks again for all the suggestions. It is great to get some feedback and some more ideas, other than the wrinkled nose face and "No."

Anonymous said...

Make him suggest more names. Tell him the wrinkled nose face and "no"s are getting irritating and that for your sanity, he needs to be a little bit more proactive. Say it with love, and I think you might come to a resolution faster than if you keep throwing stuff out to be nixed without knowing what his underlying rules or preferences are.

Janelle said...

I'm coming late to the party, but oh well.

I agree about Greta Louise, but somehow Greta Louisa sounds so much better to my ear. And I love the repeating A.

Some ideas with a similar sound to Louise:

Greta Anneliese
Greta Liselotte
Greta Liesel
Greta Elise
Greta Eloise

Or, for more "L" middles:
Greta Lillian
Greta Lorelei (or Greta Loralie, for a twist)
Greta Lucia
Greta Lucinda
Greta Linnea
Greta Langley

For George:
(I was about to suggest George Lucas and then realized why that was not a good idea!)

George Lachlan
George Landon
George Langston
George Lowell
George Lincoln