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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Girl, Sister to Alyssa Semiya

B. writes:
Please help! My husband and I are expecting baby #2 and daughter #2 in early March and cannot decide on a name. Our 1st daughter is Alyssa Semiya (Sa-mee-yah). It was very easy naming our 1st, we had always liked the name Alyssa and once we found out the baby was a girl, it was automatic. The middle name Semiya means “Incomparable” and had to be chosen after she was born and had to be an Indian name since that is our culture. It will be the same for this baby regarding the middle name. But we still need a first name. Our only criteria are: we don’t want a popular, overused name and it has to be something that goes with Alyssa but not rhymey.

Names that we like and are considering but don’t love:

Melina – this is our top choice at the moment
Elena / Alayna / Elayna – not sure which spelling we should go with
Aleina / Aleena / Eleena – same thing here, not sure of the spelling
Lauryn – I like but hubby doesn’t

Can you help with any other suggestions?

Thank you so much!

My favorites from your list are Melina and Melayna. Alyssa and Alayna seem too similar to me, as do Alyssa and Aleena.

Other possibilities:


Names that would be on my list if I didn't think they might be too common:



Christine said...

I like Melina and Malaina, they "go" but don't feel too close to Alyssa. Camille is actually my favorite from your list.

I also like the name Monica, which I think would fit the middle name style and goes well with Alyssa.

beyond said...

From your list I like Melina and Camille. Alyssa and Camille is a nice siblingset.
Ariana (or Aryanna)
Celina (or Selina)
Callista (or Calysta)
Talia (or Talya)
Irina (or Iryna)
I think I like Celina and Irina best. Alyssa and Irina. Cute.
Good luck!

Erin said...

My Indian friend who had a daughter named Aleena (and wanted a name that worked in the U.S. and India) just named her new baby Sabrina, I think Sabrina would be lovely with Alyssa. I love your choice of Melina as well. My friend also considered Sophia, Malia, Mariya, Suraya, Sameeya, Nadia, and Alyssa (some of these are obviously in line with your tastes so I thought I'd throw them all out there). Good luck!

Lisa said...

I love the name Lauren. My husband wouldn't go for it either. Boo.

My brother's girls are named Alena and Alyssa. Although they are spanish speakers most of the time and pronounce Alyssa - Ah LICE ah. I'd probably stay away from the way similar sounds for sibling names, but I've seen these two go with what you love.

I really like Melayna. Or how about Rayna. Or Jayna. Same sounds from Melayna, but different.

Good luck!

StephLove said...

I like Marina and Camille best from your list.

We have a babysitter, a former student of mine, whose family is from India and her name is Halima. I thought that was pretty. She goes by Hali (pronounced like Holly).

Barb @ getupandplay said...

What about Metalia?

Fran said...

My son had a classmate last year names Malenya...I always thought it was very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Just a few suggestions:

Alyssa & Marin
Alyssa & Charlotte
Alyssa & Caroline
Alyssa & Madeleine
Alyssa & Nina
Alyssa & Maya
Alyssa & Isabel
Alyssa & Zoe
Alyssa & Paige
Alyssa & Grace
Alyssa & Hannah
Alyssa & Devon

Carmen said...

I love Melina & Marina. Both were on my list when we were having a girl (my husband nixed them both, to my utter horror). Another name that we considered was Calla. I'm not very good at judging how well names go together, but that is an option.

Carolyn said...

My daughter's name is Leyna. My cousin's daughter's name is Alyssa. Their names sound great together, but would probably sound even better with an E or A sound at the beginning of Leyna's name.

Tracy H. said...

Marina was my first thought, then I saw it was on your list, so I like that one a lot. I also like your top pick of Melina. I like Swistle's suggestion of Ariana and Malia. I also really like the above suggestion of Sabrina, very pretty name that I think goes beautifully with Alyssa.

brooke said...

My friend of Indian heritage has the name Anjali (On-Juh-Lee) and I just love it. I know it's kind of rhymes w/ Alyssa b/c they both have 'A's but I do love all the suggestions!

waitingforcider said...

as an Alyssa myself, may I suggest Jenna -- my sisters's name! It's not incredibly common, but really simple to spell/say. Growing up, my name has always been the one with spelling/pronunciation problems. That said-- I like the symmetry of another name ending in 'a.' From your list, I like Sophia and Brianna.

waitingforcider said...

Oo sorry- Sophia and Brianna were from Swistle's list. From your list, I'd vote Camille.

Anonymous said...

other names similar to melina would be melita, melanie or melody

Anonymous said...

What about the name Alexia?

Alyssa and Alexia sound nice together I think.

Anonymous said...

How about Melda,Milda,Lioura ,Belinda,Sahara ?

Anonymous said...

My name is Melda and my daughters name is Melina. I was considering the name Alyssa for my second daughter but unfortunately my cousins daughters name is Alyssa :)its too close family to put the same name (so I am with no name so far) and her other daughters name is liora (not sure about the spelling ) good luck finding a name