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Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Girl Garcia

Amy writes:
I can't believe I put off a name for 8 months! The hubs and I have been struggling big time this time for some weird reason, I keep saying oh I've still got lot's of time, well I now do NOT have lot's of time. Baby Girl Garcia is due April 4th. Her big brother's name is Cole Valentin Garcia. Valentin pronounced "Val-en-teen" We love using family names (Cole is my moms maiden name, and Valentin is my hubbies grandfathers name) but the women in our families, oi oi oi! We got Berta, and Herta, Appelonia, and Adella, Roxanne and Annette. The only one I am slightly okay with is Adella but I don't like that form of it. The names we both like are: Ava Grace, and Kyrie Grace. I also really like Adelaide, and Adeline but the hubs isn't too sold. I like the idea of Kyrie because it has a lot of meaning for me, as it was one of my first proffesional solo's (I am a singer) but I wonder if it's too far out there you know? And if we do go with it are there any better suggestions for a middle name to go with it? The reason I don't want to use Ava even thoug I also like it is because it's so popular. I tend to like old fashioned names but I also want something a wee bit unique.

Names we do not like:
Ella ( i do love it but it's just too popular)

I also like Caris I just love the whole alliteration with siblings names
Thanks a bunch

I don't think Kyrie is too out there at all.

Appelonia is, I can see, a little too out there---and yet I find myself wishing you'd use it! So many of us have yawny family tree names, but you've got APPELONIA! Kyrie Appelonia Garcia.

Well, if not, I think Kyrie Adella Garcia is wonderful. If Adella appeals to you even slightly, I think it will grow on you with time---and if the namesake is a positive one, I think you'll be glad you used it.

Caris is also a great choice. Caris Adella Garcia would be my favorite combination.


janet said...

Caris Adella Garcia is quite lovely, that's definitely my favorite.

For some reason Kyrie doesn't quite roll off my tongue, although I like the way it looks written down.

Karen L said...

Are you people who are willing to modify a family name? If you kinda like old-fashioned but unique names and you want to honour Adella and Annette, how about Annelle NN Nell. I've only ever known one Annelle. Or you could make it Annella. It's unusual but not weird, almost familiar even. Or maybe you could use it as a MN.

Annella Grace Garcia. Nell Garcia. Cole and Annella.
Annelle Caris Garcia. Cole and Annelle
Kyrie Annelle Garcia. Cole and Kyrie.

I thought I wouldn't like Grace with Garcia but when I say it out loud, I really like it. Kyrie and Appelonia would also make great MNs if you don't want to use them in first slot.

Andria said...

How about dropping the *a* at the end of Adella, and making it Adelle?

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I was also going to suggest Adelle.

I like Kyrie -- I'm not overly musical, so I had no idea it was a word for something. It reminds me enough of Kylie, which is a totally acceptable name by anyone's standards, that it seemed like a name to me! Now, Cole and Kyrie might be a little "matchy" with their first sounds -- so even though there isn't the alliteration of two C's, the sounds are the same. Something to consider since that was what was stopping you from using Caris.

Now, Caris (or Carys, which is the spelling I personally prefer, but that's all personal choice) is a name that is growing on me a lot.

So, Adelle, Kyrie or Caris/Carys -- all really great choices!

beyond said...

If you think Kyrie is too out there, you might consider it as a middle name. That said, I really like some of your family names. Roxanne (nn Roxy!) is sweet. I like Annette and Adella (Adelle, Adele) as well. (And I love Adelaide; can you get your husband to like more?)
It looks like have a few great possibilities. Adella Kyrie Garcia (Cole and Adella), and Caris Adella Garcia (Cole and Caris) are my favorite.
Good luck.

Arwen said...

I think Kyrie is a beautiful word, but as a Catholic who hears it at Mass every Sunday, I look at it and think "KEER-ee-ay" which is the Greek pronunciation. I'm assuming most of you are thinking it's pronounced "KIGH-ree?" Either way, it's a lovely name but the pronunciation problem would be a deal-breaker for me.

I too love Caris/Carys and Adella/Adelle. They're beautiful and seem to fit the desired criteria.

Annika said...

I love (LOVE) Ava Grace. Those are the two names I really loved early on in my pregnancy, though we eliminated Ava because my husband didn't love it (I only found out later how popular it is and I am still shocked because I've only met one Ava in my entire life). We went with Grace, so I am quite biased toward it, but I think the combination is just perfect. I don't really care about a name's popularity as much as many people, though, so I understand that might be a deal-breaker.

stephLove said...

How about Adele? My middle name (and my daughter's) is Dell, which you could also consider.

I like Caris, too. Caris Adele Garcia works, I think.

pb said...

I was wondering about the pronunciation of Kyrie, too. If you are thinking "KEE-ree-ay" like the Kyrie Eleison, I agree that you will probably spend a lot of time correcting people who pronounce it "KIGH-ree." If you really love it, that's not an insurmountable obstacle.

I'll put in another vote for Carys Adella.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Haha, yes, I was definitely pronouncing it "KIGH-ree", like Kylie.

I also wasn't sure if it was maybe "KEER-ee".

So... yes, pronounciation may be an obstacle depending on what you're going with for Kyrie.

Swistle said...

Me, too! I was saying it KY-ree, and picturing it fitting right in with Kylies and Rileys and Kierras.

Emily S. said...

I know a little bit about music and was thinking it was probably Kee-ree-ay and i do think that is beautiful. But you will have to correct a lot of people on the pronunciation. You might want to include an accent over the e. I like both Kyrie and Caris. Caris has always been one of my favorites. I've seen it spelled Charis, but people mispronounce it or Kharis or Karis... Any way is very nice. They both sound great with Grace as a middle name.

M.Amanda said...

I like Kyrie Adella. Wouldn't it be so great years down the road when your children ask about their names that you can tell your son about his family connections and explain to your daughter how she was named for a special and exciting moment?

For the record, I'm not familiar with the song and was also pronouncing it KY-ree and liked it, but Kee-ree-ay sounds lovely. If I ever meet a Kyrie pronounced KY-ree, I will probably say Kee-ree-ay in my head just because it's so much prettier and more fun to say.

Erin said...

I thought it was Kee-ree, just from looking at it, and like that better than Ky-ree anyway! But, I would also say that I prefer Caris, though Im wondering if you pronounce that Cah-riss or Care-is. Lastly, I don't think Ella is too popular to use if you like it, certainly not more so then Ava.

Amy said...

Thanks everyone!
I love reading the comments.
Quick question knowing that it will be pronounced Kee-ree-aye
would you put a whichamakalut you know an accent off the E to help people out? Or just leave it and correct them? And do you thing having a AYE flow into an AH (kyrie-AYE into AHdelle) is too much?
Thanks so much!

pb said...

Even if you put some sort of diacritical mark over the final e, it won't show up in most typed documents (class rosters, taxes, birth certificate in some states). My cousin's name is Andréa (an-DRAY-uh), but all her official documents say Andrea.

The flow for Kyrie Adella isn't too bad. Can you shout it quickly in an angry voice? That's the only time my mother ever said my full name aloud.

Anonymous said...

If you're not Catholic or Greek Orthodox and don't live in an area where there are a lot of us, the meaning of "Kyrie" in Greek may not be a problem, but it means "O Lord," and Kyrie Eleison means "Lord, Have Mercy" -- it follows the penitential rite, the part of the Mass in which you ask the Lord to have mercy on you for your sins. In Greek, the accent is over the y, not the e. As a Catholic, I would find it a bit strange and would be very doubtful about pronouncing it because I wouldn't know if you were going for the Greek or not, but to each her own. There are plenty of boys named Jesus out there, after all.