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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby Girl Jacobson

Danielle writes:
My husband and I are expecting a baby girl in early April. We have yet to agree on anything we really like, only some names that we both think are "okay". Our last name is Jacobson, so we'd like to stay away from names starting with "J" and have any kid of "son" sound in it, such as Mayson, which I actually really like. Her middle name will be Kyle as it is a family name, unless we find a first name we really like that does not go with it at all.

Here are some names that are on my list, that my husband could take or leave:
Aurora (call her Rory for short)
Jocelyn and Giselle, although I don't like them with our last name.

My husband's favorites are Ainsley and Ashlyn, which I am not a fan of. We'd really like names that are not tops in popularity, but that people could pronounce and spell somewhat easily. Any suggestions to meet in the middle?

Because the plan is to use a middle name that is primarily used for boys, I suggest making the first name unmistakeably feminine. When I see an ambiguous first name, such as Tristen or Mayson, I look to the middle name for a hint; if I saw Tristen Kyle or Mayson Kyle, I would think, "Ah ha! Boy!" This is the kind of constant mistake that can get irritating.

It's too bad, though, because I think your style is more toward the less-frilly girl names: Rory, Remi, Aubrey, Tristen, Mayson, Ainsley. Normally I would be suggesting names like Avery and Ellery and Finley and Paisley and Harper. Would you want to consider saving the name Kyle for a future child, and using a more ambiguous first name with a feminine-hint middle name? Something like Ellery May Jacobson? Or Finley Jade Jacobson? Or Shelby Grace Jacobson? Or I really like Romy Brielle Jacobson.

I think Brinley would be a good choice. It's feminine enough to carry Kyle as a middle name, and I think it's good with your surname: Brinley Jacobson.

Another name that uses Rory as a nickname is Lorelei: Lorelei Jacobson.

I also like Fiona for you: Fiona Jacobson.

Averil seems to me to meet in the middle between Ainsley and Brielle: Averil Jacobson.

Oh, Elodie! Elodie Jacobson.

Name update 05-03-2010! Danielle writes:
Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions. We ended up going with Aurora Kyle, as my husband had a change of heart for the name. She was a week late via c-section and doing great! Thanks!


beyond said...

Elodie Jacobson! Very nice, Swistle! From your list I love Aurora. Aurora makes me think of:
Penelope might be your style. Penelope Kyle Jacobson. Lovely.
Good luck.

StephLove said...

Averil is a nice suggestion. I like that.

I'm not sure I really have a handle on the style difference between you and your husband so I thought I'd try making small alterations to a few your favorites of them so see if that gets you to a mutually happy place.

Instead of Aurora... Aurelia
Instead of Brielle.. Brianna
Instead of Aubrey or Audra... Audrey
Instead of Ashlyn...Ailyn

Amanda S. said...

I think Aubrey Kyle Jacobson is my favorite right now.
Also, is modifying Kyle to Kylie/Kylee out of the question? Such as Tristen Kylie Jacobson? Maybe that could open up more choices for you.

fairydogmother said...

Love, love, love Elodie!

cass said...

Ooh, I like Elodie. Very pretty. I also like the suggestion of modifying Kyle to Kylie if that works at all.

I might also add Amberly to the list of names. Amberly Kyle Jacobson. Maybe? Or too many Y's?


Karen L said...

Add me to the chorus for Elodie. When I saw the list, Romy came to mind for me too (kinda like Rory and Remi). Or how about:

Allegra (some people are turned off because of the medication, but not me)
Nell (ooooh, I LIKE! Nell Jacobson)

Also but maybe not with Kyle as a MN:

Tracy H. said...

From your list I like Aurora because you get the feminine name with the cute, spunky nickname (also like Swistles suggestion of Lorelei nn Rory.) From your husband's picks I love, love, love Ainsley!! I love the sound and flow of the whole name too, Ainsley Kyle Jacobson. Swistle's suggestion of Brinley is a good one. I like the "lee" sound with your last name. Some other suggestions:

Farrell said...

Swistle, I don't know how you do it, but you always come up with the perfect thing! I wish I had you when I was trying to name my daughter, though I am happy with "Sophie." (I had to take an Internet poll though because I had *NOTHING*). Anyway, my 2 cents here is:
Lorelei Jacobson.
And Rory for short.
Lorelei Kyle Jacobson.
First name clearly feminine; nick-name not to frilly=perfect!

Anonymous said...

Romilly Kyle Jacobson.

Anonymous said...

my friend had almost the exact same list as yours. they ended up with alora ashlyn ----son. i love it! love the names you guys like too. good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love Brinley Kyle Jacobson! It works with the boyish middle name Kyle. It's perfect. Other suggestions -
Sierra Kyle Jacobson
Adeline Kyle Jacobson "Addie"
Adellie Kyle Jacobson "Addie"
Quincy Kyle Jacobson
Natalie Kyle Jacobson "Nat"
Leah Kyle Jacobson
Alaina Kyle Jacobson

Adey said...

Elodie is on my list!! (but we just found out that we are having a boy so we won't be using it)

Here's our list of girl names that we had

Jacklyn, Jacqueline
Kaia - Makaia
Kensington (Kensie)

Also - we have a 2 yr old daughter named Nolana (pronounced No-Lawn-Ah) and we call her Lana (Lawn-Ah) for short. I absolutely love the name and it suits her perfectly. Plus - I don't know if we'll ever meet another one!

Good luck!! P.S. I do like both Rory and Lorelei~