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Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby Girl or Boy Stanley

Andria writes:
I am expecting my third baby April 9th, and the gender is a surprise. My first two children are a girl and boy, named Ailane and Blake. So, I'm wanting to follow in the alphabetic pattern, and start this baby's name with a C. (Don't worry. I'm not Michelle Duggar. I don't plan to use my vagina as a clown car and pop out an alphabet's worth of kids.) Myself, and both kids have middle names that start with an M, so I want to follow that tradition as well. My last name is Stanley, so the initials will be CMS.

This is what I have so far:

For a girl, I like Claire, Corinne, and Charlotte. Corinne is my great-grandmother's name, so I would like to use her name. What middle names would work well with any of those? Any other pretty C names you can think of?

When it comes to the boy, I just can't come up with much that I like. I like Clark, Connor, Campbell, Corbin, and Calder. Any time I tell someone those names, they wrinkle their noses. Again, I am clueless when it comes to a middle name.

Connor has always been one of my top choices for a boy, but then my Uncle had to go and date a woman whose little boy is a Conner. They've been dating for a couple of years. I know family members get upset about you stealing their kid's names... How about if your older Uncle is dating someone who has a kid with a name you like? Does that automatically rule the name out?

So, once again, initials are to be CMS. Anything is game. (Except names taken by other family members: Caleb, Chelsea, Caitlynn, Christopher, Matthew and Chloe.)
Thank you!

Another C girl name I really like is Celeste, but I think that's too much S-sound with Stanley. Camille and Corinne are similar but have better sounds. I love Clara and Cora and Clarissa. Carys would be good too. But I vote for Corinne because it was your grandmother's name and that seems perfect. Middle name possibilities:

Corinne Madigan Stanley
Corinne Magnolia Stanley
Corinne Margaret Stanley
Corinne Marianna Stanley
Corinne Marissa Stanley
Corinne Mathilda Stanley
Corinne Melina Stanley
Corinne Meredith Stanley
Corinne Michaela Stanley
Corinne Minerva Stanley
Corinne Miranda Stanley

For a boy, I think it's fine to use Connor: an uncle's girlfriend's son wouldn't rule that out for me. From your list, my favorite is Corbin---that was on my list for boys, too! Other possibilities: Callum, Calvin, Camden, Carson, Carter, and Coleman. Middle name possibilities: Marcus, Marshall, Mason, Michael, Miles, Milo.

Callum Michael Stanley
Calvin Marcus Stanley
Calvin Michael Stanley
Camden Marshall Stanley
Camden Michael Stanley
Camden Milo Stanley
Carson Michael Stanley
Carter Michael Stanley
Coleman Michael Stanley
Connor Mason Stanley
Connor Michael Stanley
Connor Miles Stanley
Corbin Marcus Stanley
Corbin Michael Stanley

As you can see, I think Michael is a pretty great middle name. We considered it for Henry's middle name: I felt like people almost don't even HEAR it as a first name anymore (like Jennifer, which is a fabulous name but now the ear just processes it without really hearing the fabulousness) and yet it is SUCH A GREAT NAME. The middle name slot beckons.

Name update 04-06-2010! Andria writes:
Clark Mason Stanley was born March 30th at home, at 6:31 am, after 3 hours of labor. He was 21'', and weighed 9 pounds. I was 2 weeks early, but weighing in at that whopping number, I was totally okay with delivering early!

I didn't choose his name until several days after his birth. He was almost a Connor, but in the end, I felt that Connor was too common. (There are LOTS of Connor's here in Austin!) I finally decided to honor my love of Gone With The Wind, and named my dark haired little boy after the dashing Clark Gable. Mason just seemed to fit him well, too.


Fran said...

Our middle son's name is Clayton and we call him Clay. Also, our oldest's middle name is Michael after my dad and brother. I love the name!

Andria said...

Thanks for doing this, Swistle! :)

Giselle said...

For some reason Colton just jumped in my head when I thought of your other kids' names. Ailane, Blake, and Colton. Ailane, Blake, and Cole.

Cath said...

I am partial to Catherine! I'm Catherine Meredith and have always received compliments on my name.

jkelsofarrell said...

I love the name Crispin for a boy and Chloe for a girl. I'd avoid Colt or Colton because it seems so super Texas.

Pocklock said...

I'm with Giselle. I love Cole. Cole Michael.

And for the girl, my husband's first wife was Corrinne so that's def not a favorite for me (not like that matters to you), but I love Claire and Clara. And my middle name is Michele which works with a lot of your choices as well!

beyond said...

I think Corinne would be an excellent choice.
Corinne Morgan Stanley. Corinne Molly. Corinne Melissa Stanley.

Clemens Max Stanley. Cassidy Matthew Stanley. Not sure if you're only looking for surname-first names. If not, my suggestion would be Charles. Charles Miles Stanley. Ailane, Blake and Charles; I love it!
Good luck!

StephLove said...

I usually advise people to go with their hearts when it comes to names and for you that seems like Corrine and Connor.

Corinnne Mariah Stanley
Connor Micah Stanley

Christine said...

I had a friend who had a baby boy Clinton in the family, named after one of their other relatives. I always thought it was nice, but might be too political now.

I like both Connor and Corinne and I don't think that Connor should be ruled out. Is Christian too close to Christopher for you?

I also like Celia/Cecilia for a girl. But think the Corinne family connection is too sweet to pass up. Good luck!

sherri said...

I like Cayla/Cameron/Corey/Carolyn/Ciarra/Casey
For boys, I like Conner/Caleb/Corey/Casey's
(I tend to like unisex names...daughter is Bari)

Some "m" names I love are: Madison/Morgan/Mia/Michael (which is my sons name...)/Mark/Matthew

Anonymous said...

I love Corinne Mae

Jeri said...

For our son we went with Corwyn as a formal version of the name we can call him Corey, but I'm really liking Connor as a first name for you if it's a boy. And I love Corinne for a girl!

That leaves middle suggestions:

Connor Malcolm Stanley
Corinne Michell (no e version because Corinne has one) Stanley.

I think both stand up to the can you say the name in in a sweet tone and in a 'you'd better listen to me tone. ;-)

So excited for you Andria, and thanks Swistle, this was fun.


Farrell said...

Don't think connor is off limits at all, and corinne is a beautiful name.
I really like callum too.
My fav. combos are:
Corinne Margaret Stanley
Corinne Michaela Stanley
Callum Michael Stanley
Connor Mason Stanley
Connor Michael Stanley
Corbin Marcus Stanley
Corbin Michael Stanley

Katie said...

Cadence Mae (nn Cady)
Calista Mae
I also love your choice of Charlotte, so sweet.

Cooper, Calvin or Cole. Middle names -- Miles, Matthew or Michael.

Good luck to you!

Rayne of Terror said...

I only know one Corbin, who is probably 8 or 9, and it's a super name.

Corbin Maxwell
Corbin Merrell
Corbin Meyer
Corbin Monroe
Corbin Murphy

Anonymous said...

Clare (special Saint)
Catherine (nn Cat)
Charlotte (a family name!)
Campbell (another family name!)
Chae (another family name - nn of Charles)

I have to say, and I mean this in the nicest and most respectful way possible, that your comment about Michelle Duggar caught me off guard. I agree that this family's choices are perhaps not for everyone, but they are just that - choices for their own family. :)

All the best with your growing family!

Erin said...

well, in light of the above post, can I say I appreciate (and found funny) your comment on the Duggars... its fitting. For a name, however, I like Corinne, but I have a soft spot for both Charlotte and Claire. That said, I think because Corinne is a family name, and because I feel like it goes better with your other two children's names, that you should go with Corinne.

For a boy, you love Connor, I see no reason why your Uncle's possible stepson (so your child's second cousin, right? your first cousin? I get confused on how the cousins go) would bar you from using it. Honestly, if you have a lot of cousins I even think their names are game, just not nieces and nephews or siblings. Unless its on purpose. But thats just my 2c.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

cora mae stanley
calla mae stanley

cora maren stanley
calla maren stanley

cash michael stanley
cole marcus stanley

Anonymous said...

FYI, "Minerva" is a form of IUD birth control. I wouldn't use that for a child's name.

Swistle said...

Anonymous, I think you may be thinking of Mirena. I may be wrong, but I just spent fifteen minutes Googling and could only find informal references (message boards and so forth) to "Minerva" IUDs---no manufacturing or medical info. So I think it's just people messing up the name---but let me know if you find any official references to a Minerva IUD so I can include it in future recommendations.

Adey said...

I don't have many "C" names on my list but the ones I do have are Charlotte, Carson and Carter. I also have a niece named Cora.

For a middle name I absolutely LOVE Macyn for a girl.

Macyn, Melina, Monica, Moriah, Makaia (pronounce Ma-Ky-Ah)

The only boy name that started with M that we had was Mark...

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Mirena is an IUD. Minerva (Minerva-35) is a pill.

Ranee said...

Calder is awesome but the middle names don't sound great with it. Still love it though. I was going to suggest Carter, it's on our list of possibles and I just think it sounds so awesome. I'm not much for boy names though.

As for a girl I'd lean toward Carys, it's timeless and classy and it's just not one of the norms. What about Carys Madeline? I also like Chyler.