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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Girl Farnbrook

Deb writes:
Hi~ We are in need of some opinions. We are expecting girl number 3 on August 12. We currently have Eva Joy and Addison Louise. Although we hardly ever call her Addison, always Adi. We decided on the three letters because it seemed more simple for our crazy long lastname sounding like Farn-brook. The first two names were so easy, as the girls were named by the 20 week ultrasound. I'm feeling uneasy about not having this one named yet! :) We had a boy name all ready to go... Tate.

I like the idea of using a vowel again, and Isabel has always been on our top. Calling her Izzy. But then I fear if we would ever have more, would we always have to use vowels? And would they all have to be matchy-matchy? We really like Isabel because of the meaning of the name. That doesn't really have a lot to do with our decision, obviously with Addison meaning "Adam's son."

I really like more the old fashioned names with a modern twist. Some top names right now are;

Cora (one of our friends recently used this name, its pretty much out)
Aurora(we live just over 30 minutes from the town with that name)
Brynna-call her bri or bryn

As far as my husband goes, he loves the long name that inevitably will result in a more masculine nickname, not that its a bad thing, I just do not prefer it.
Desiree-Des/Desi(my fav. of his)
As far as middle names, we will use a family name. Jane, Joan (Jo-ann) Ruth, Goldie. That's not so much of an issue, as we feel we can find a family name that will go somewhere. (We have big families)

Names that are out are the gender neutral names.
Along those lines.

Thanks for the advice!

If Isabel is your top choice, I think you should use it: it's great with Eva and Addison, and it's great with your surname. I like Isabel Jane best. I THINK you're safe with the vowel pattern, or at least I wouldn't have noticed it. I'm interested to know if other people would have noticed it or not, so let's have a poll over to the right (and let's hope it works this time---the last poll did seem to finally start working, but my confidence has been shaken). [Poll closed; see results below.]

Name update 08-17-2010! Deb writes:
Hi! We delivered a healthy baby girl on Friday August 13. We named her Vivienne Joan. We decided against Isabel because it was too popular and we were trying to avoid another Addison. My husband loved the name, and I loved the nn Vivi. So we now have baby Vivi. Thanks for all the suggestions!


StephLove said...

I agree, if Isabel is your favorite, you should go with it. I like Isabel Jane and Isabel Ruth.

I probably would notice the vowels but it's not a very restricting pattern, in that a lot of people probably wouldn't notice and it would be easy to break from if you wanted to. (Though and Owen or an Oliva would fit in there very nicely.)

christa said...

Love Isabel with Eva and Adi! You could even go with Izy to keep with the 3-letter nicknames!

kinsey said...

i think tate is cute for a girl! we have friends that spell in Taite for their little girl.

M.Amanda said...

I agree with all. If you really love Isabel, go for it. Also, my 2-year-old Kate has trouble pronouncing K, so it sounds like she tells people her name is Tate. I've only heard it as a boy's name, but it's a really cute name for a girl. That just might be another one that the girls steal.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I definitely think you should name her Isabel -- it's a beautiful name, and you both already love it!

Because it isn't a repeating initial (like a family with kids named Isla and Isadora adding an Isabel), I certainly don't think you're stuck in any sort of pattern. You only have two options, vowels or consonants and many wonderful names begin with vowels. I wouldn't say that's a pattern at all.

Eva, Addison, and Isabel. Beautiful sibling names!

Deniselle said...

Wait, was the theme that you always start with a vowel, or that the nickname starts with the same vowel the last one ended with?

Eva->Adi->Isa ?

Am I overthinking this? Either way, I voted no. :D

I agree with Swistle - if you both like Isabel, use Isabel. If you're looking for similar-sounding names, there's Isla, Isadora, Annabel, Mirabel, Christabel (although it gives the male nickname Chris).

Isis and Iseult also come to mind, but I don't think they fit too well with your other names.

Emily S. said...

Isabel Jane
Isabel Ruth

beyond said...

I didn't notice the vowels until you mentioned it.
I love the name Isabel for you. A beautiful name with a quirky nn. Eva, Adi and Izzy. Wonderful.

Patricia said...

Isabel Jane -- love it!

Anonymous said...

What about Tatum- you could use Tate or Tatie as a nickname

Alex said...

I've met a couple little girls named Taite. I say go for that if you love the name.

Isabel is a beautiful name, but holy cats is it popular. She'll be one of many.

The Mrs. said...

Izi or Izy or Izzie are all very sweet and spunky. Isabel Jane is a lovely combo.

Ivy Jane may be a cute option if you want to keep the vowel theme but are concerned that Isabel is too popular. Eva, Adi, & Ivy...

Best wishes to all of your family!

Anonymous said...

I'm going anonymous because I'm so embarrassed to even bring this up, but Taite immediately made me think of taint, and taint is a word to describe a certain area of the body, and I'm embarrassed I know it and that I would make that connection, but still wanted to mention it.

Also wanted to say that Isabel is a popular name but so are Eva and Addison so I think in fact that's a point in its favor.

TRACY said...

I like Isla or Ivy. Isabel is a lovely name. Its just so popular at the moment. Congrats! I also love Desiree with the nn Desi.

Carolyn said...

Arabella could be a compromise between Isabel and Aurora.

But I love Isabel the best. Isa or Issy or Izy would all be cute nn's. And of course Belle.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't notice the vowel thing so much as I'd notice Izzy and Addison both being major characters from Grey's Anatomy!

Anonymous said...

I too think you should go with Isabel if that truly is your absolute favorite name- otherwise, you'll be comparing the name you do choose to Isabel all the time, and it's not worth it. However, she will most likely be one of many. I would expect her to go through school as Isabel F. instead of just Isabel or Izy.

I love Izy or Isa to keep the three letters going! How about just Belle/Bel? If you like Tate for a boy more than a girl, what about Teagan NN: Tea? Or Maybe just Gia?

Whatever you choose will be beautiful, I'm sure!

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I admit I am not a fan of Isabel but tons of people are seeing as it's in the top 10! (At least around here...)

As for the vowel thing though - I absolutely didn't even notice until you mentioned it!

I love Jane as a middle name.

Kelly C. said...

I have taught for 10 years (midatlantic state) and have not encountered Isabel much at all. One of the few isabels did go by Isa, and I loved it. Fun to say!