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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby Boy, Brother to Jack, Sam, Charlie, and Luke

Leigh writes:
So I am expecting my 5th boy. His brothers' names are:

Jack Bennett
Sam McQueen
Charlie Merrill
Luke Whitney

Our last name is two syllables and ends in an -en sound.

Each of the middle names are family names, but I kind of feel like I have exhausted the family names at this point. (Tonight I just went through them again and didn't find much.) I would be okay not using a family name for the middle name, if I felt like it sounded great with the first name. I am also not really into naming the child a long name, only to shorten it. If I'm going to call them the nickname, I'd rather just name him the nickname.

My main problem is that I love 1 syllable names. And I think that usually a 1 syllable first name doesn't go so well with a 1 syllable middle name. Or maybe it's just the names that I like that don't go together so well. I'm also not sure why I'm having such a hard time picking a name. But most things I think of just sound okay and not like THE name. I also would like to use a 2 syllable name for baby #5, just so Charlie isn't the only 2 syllable name. But then again, if it was the perfect name, I'd be okay with 1 syllable.

For first names I like:

Henry and/or Hank
Max (some days I like it, some days I don't)

I also love the names Jude and Grey, but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to use them as first names. I could use one of them as a middle name if I found the perfect first name to go. We also could use the middle name Briggs (which is a family name) as a middle name, though I'm not sold on it and I don't like it at all for a first name. I also really like the name Louie,

For a while I thought I could name this baby Max Elliott. But I don't like it, for some reason. I'm not sure why. I think I don't really love Elliott, or it doesn't feel like it fits with my names. Other combinations I've thought of are: James Grey (even thought it is 2 1 syllable names, I think it sounds good), Henry Briggs, Henry Jude, Henry Grey.

So my questions for you are:

1. Do you have any suggestions of 2 or more syllable first names that fit my names?
2. Do you have any suggestions of middle names that sound great with the possible first names I listed?
3. What are your suggestions for some combinations?

Thanks for your consideration. And if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

Two syllable names that seem to me to go well with your sons' names:

Casey (repeats an initial)
Leo (repeats an initial)

I also like Ian, and in fact it would be my favorite of these, but it seems like most names ending in N would be only so-so with your surname.

But I prefer your idea of Henry. I also like all your one-syllable choices better than my short list of two-syllable choices. If Charlie is the middlest middle child he might like having something special about his name.

For a middle name I like names that sound like more family names. Henry Walker. James Shepard. Joe Sawyer. Milo Connery. Casey Lennox. James Maguire. Joe Campbell. James Ellis. Milo Redford. James Murphy. Joe Evans.

I think Henry is my favorite of your options---because despite just saying three seconds ago that it might be nice for Charlie's name to be special, I also see the appeal of making things more even. I like Henry Briggs and also Henry Grey from your list, and Henry Shepard and Henry Ellis from mine. I also love your James Grey idea.

I think I'd favor Henry because it has two syllables and doesn't repeat an initial, and Henry Briggs because I like the family name thing you've got going.


Patricia said...

I like James and Henry, but since you have yet to repeat a first initial and already have Jack, I think Henry might be a better fit. It seems that Henry Briggs would give you everything you're looking for: another 2 syllable first name and a family name in the middle.

However, if you lived in the UK and pronounced Harry a bit differently from hairy, I would suggest the less formal Harry over Henry: Harry Briggs -- probably an even better match with Jack, Sam and Charlie.

Hank might work for you too. Again, it's less formal than Henry, but wouldn't sound well with Briggs.

Best wishes!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I LOVE Henry in this sibling set! (I think I like middle names Gray or James or Jude with it).

What about Thomas? I think it fits with your other sons' names well. If you were to choose Thomas, I like it with Briggs or James or Gray.

The third name I think is darling with your sibling set is George. For middle names, I like Walker or Harris.

Ooh, I just thought of another middle name suggestion. What about Leigh/Lee in honor of your name?

brooke said...

i like all of your first name choices. henry is my favorite. i think henry briggs is a great name.

one syllable names that seem to fit your style:

two syllable names:

middle name ideas:

Brenda said...

I love the idea of Henry Briggs. It just seems to go with the other 4 names so well.

Patricia said...

I just noticed that you seem to have two names that stand out a bit from the others: Luke, which has no established nn and thus is the formal/only version of that name, and 2-syllable Charlie. So maybe it really doesn't matter if this baby has a 2-syllable name, unless he's called something like Andrew (fits with Luke and also has 2 syllables).

Kit said...

I LOVE your boys' names. They are all strong, masculine, smart, timeless names. I also agree with your no nickname sentiment.

If it were me, I would definitely lean toward Briggs as the middle name, just to keep the family-name trend going. I like Henry Briggs, Jacob Briggs, George Briggs and Andrew Briggs.

Patricia said...

Still another thought: it occurred to me that calling this son Henry would give him a somewhat more formal/no-nickname name like Luke and also a 2-syllable name like Charlie. And maybe a historical surname this time?

Henry Lincoln would be a fine name.

Jack Bennett
Sam McQueen
Charlie Merrill
Luke Whitney
Henry Briggs or Henry Lincoln...

or some other surname that you admire from history, literature, etc.

Anonymous said...

I also like the suggestion of George...though I might stay away from George Walker unless you are a real Bush fan...
But I also love Henry. Henry Briggs works well for family symmetry, though I like Henry Jude alot also.

d e v a n said...

Seth and Gage both sound like they would go well with your other boys' names. I love short boys names as well and I have a Dane, Owen and Cade. :)
Their middle names are Patrick, Zachary and Alexander.

Rayne of Terror said...

I think Henry is the obvious perfect name for this baby. When I saw your list I immediately thought Henry. I don't think Henry needs a nickname because it ends with an -ee sound like many nicknames.

Other names that come to mind for this baby are:
and for some strange reason,

The Schwant Family said...

This is CRAZY but I have a Jack, Charlie and am pregnant with baby Sam! All three of my boys have family middle names too. We clearly have similar name taste so I'll tell you that Henry is on our short list if we have a 4th boy. If I were you I'd do Henry Briggs, I think in the long run you'll be glad he has a family name too and I think it sounds great. I like Henry Grey as well but given the tradition of family names in the middle and with Briggs being a good option I think I'd drop Grey in favor of Briggs.

Christine said...

Another vote for Henry Briggs.

That said another two syllable name that came to mind with no obvious nickname, Dylan. Although it may not go well with your surname, I love it with your other sons' names.

Good luck!

Alison aka Baby B said...

The family name connection is really important, I think. I second, third, fourth, whatever Henry Briggs! You've got two syllables to go with Charlie, plus a family name (breaking a pattern with a 5th child would be tough for me to do). I think it's great. You have a few different Henry (middle name) combinations up there, so you must like it. Briggs is more than OK, it's interesting and unique... Go for it!

StephLove said...

I like Henry and James for firsts and Briggs, Grey and Jude for middles. Almost any combination of those should work. I think Henry Briggs is my favorite, but Henry Grey is very nice, too.

A few more short names:


leigh said...

Thanks so much for all the comments! And for the original post. I'm feeling much more relieved and SO close to the final name :)

sarah said...

another vote for Henry Briggs or Harry Briggs!

Jessie said...

I was going to suggest Jude and there it was on your maybe. Be bold. Pick Jude. It's an awesome name. Jude Oliver...Jude Alexander...Jude Anthony...

Patti said...


The Mrs. said...

Another vote for Briggs as the middle name! Henry is a great first name, but I love George even more.

Jack Bennett
Sam McQueen
Charlie Merrill
Luke Whitney
George Briggs

All the best to you and your burly band of boys!

Missy ~ said...

Love Henry Briggs!

Also, what about Theo?

Miranda said...

love, Love, LOVE the name Henry Briggs!

Mrs. S said...

Henry Briggs is a wonderful name!

I also think Owen would be a good fit too.

Henry or Owen.

beyond said...

Henry is perfect for you. Jack, Sam, Charlie, Luke and Henry. Perfect. Hank would be good too. (And Max would be good too.) I like Henry Grey and Henry Briggs. Maybe a family mn is good, since all the others have a family mn?
Good luck!

Karen L said...

I like James Grey. It doesn't seem like two one-syllable names somehow. Henry Grey is terrific too. Max and Joe are good too. Nice list.

If Briggs doesn't feeling meaningful to you, why force it? Would you consider Leigh (I do know a male Leigh) or Lee as a family name for the middle name? I don't think it goes with Henry, Joe, or Max though but it might be useful if you find a new 2-syllable first name that doesn't go with Grey or Briggs.

I think Will would be an awesome match for the brothers, but I also think that match is over-rated.

Other 2-syllable names, hmm.
Theo. Theo Briggs. I like. Oh, I see someone else suggested it too.
Simon. ditto. Simon Jude.
Toby. Toby Grey. I like too.

Twee Poppets said...

I know you're not looking for more one-syllable names, but when I saw your list, I just IMMEDIATELY thought of Ben. Ben! Jack, Sam, Charlie, Luke, and Ben!

I love all your names and see them as "Nice Guy" names. I also noticed they're all names that could be nicknames for other names (Jack is a traditional nickname for John, Sam for Samuel, Charlie for Charles, Luke for Lucas), but also work perfectly well on their own. I totally think Ben fits the criteria.

I really love the sound of Henry Briggs, but stylistically speaking, Harry does seem like a better match (nice guy name, traditional nickname for Henry, works great on its own, plus it's two syllables to balance out Charlie). Harry Briggs sounds great! Jack, Sam, Charlie, Luke, and Harry. Love!

Aside from Ben and Harry, I also like (some of which are on your list and some of which have already been suggested):


Good luck, and congratulations! You have four great names already, and I'm sure the fifth will be just as wonderful! :)

Megz said...

Would you consider Adam? It's short but two syllables and goes in style with the other boys names.

Adam Briggs

Jack, Sam, Charlie, Luke and Adam

Patricia said...

Ben *is* an excellent suggestion. I put three of your son's names into Laura Wattenberg's ("Baby Name Wizard") Expert Name Matchmaker, and Ben was the first name that came up. (

Amber Rae said...

I agree that Henry Briggs would be a great choice! If you are not in love, some other first name choices not ending in "n"...
Jack, Sam, Charlie, Luke and...
--- first names ---

--- middle names that sound like family names ---


Good Luck!

Anonymous said...


mom to sam said...

Henry Briggs does work really well with your family's names. Also, Nate came immediately to mind for me: Jack, Sam, Charlie, Luke and Nate. Nate Briggs. Best of luck to you!