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Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby Boy Rose

M. writes:
I came across your blog and I'm hoping that you can help us with our baby boy naming dilema. We are expecting a baby boy this December (the 18th) and for months my husband and I have been going back and forth and cannot agree on anything. Would LOVE some advice and opinions since we have spent months pouring over name books and can't agree. Our last name is Rose.

Before we knew it was going to be a boy, we had NO problem deciding on girls names- we agreed on everything! We both loved Chloe and Lauren, and we both liked Clara too, so that was no problem! However, once we found out it's a boy, we are stuck since we've never agreed on anything and the closer the due date gets the more stressed I am getting about finding a name! I find boys names really hard to pick- I have always liked the name Reid, but our last name is Rose, so that doesn't sound right together (plus my husband doesn't like it anyway). I tend to like preppy-ish names, but my husband vetoes them all saying they don't sound strong enough. We both liked Jake until a friend of ours had a baby and used that name (close friend, so we can't use it), and we both liked Gavin, but a family member had a baby and used that name! My husband likes Wyatt, but I can't get the image of cowboys out of my head, and it just seems too trendy, or trying too hard or something. The hard part is that our last name is feminine, so it really should be a pretty masculine name. We had Jackson on the list originally (but I think it's WAY too popular) and Deacon on our lists (I like Deacon more than my husband- I don't think he can get Wyatt out of his head). I also liked Graham, but husband said no. If we can't agree on anything, I have a feeling my husband is going to get his way and just name him Wyatt Jackson. However, I would love to have a say in at least one of the names, and make that name a little less common or trendy. I would love a name that has a bit of 'soul' in it instead of strength, but not have the name be too soft....we are stuck.

Any advice would be appreciated!
Thank you!

This is one of the many brilliances of The Baby Name Wizard: if you know some girl names you like, you can look up "brother names" and see if any of those are also to your tastes.

For Chloe, The Baby Name Wizard suggests Liam, Gavin, Miles, Carter, Caleb.

For Clara: Louis, Julius, Theo, Porter, Charles.

For Lauren: Brandon, Lucas, Nathan, Zachary, Joshua.

And look, there's Gavin among the choices!

Because Carter's R-ending runs into the R of Rose, I'd suggest Carson instead if you wanted something of that style. But Carson might be too androgynous with Rose.

Caleb may be more popular than you have in mind (or maybe not: it's about the same rank as Gavin, according to The Social Security Administration), but what I like about it is it's very boyish and it has something of the cowboy vibe that might be what draws your husband to the name Wyatt.

Miles definitely has soul, and it's definitely boyish, but is it strong enough? Perhaps not. Would Milo be an improvement? Milo Rose. Hm, it sounds like "my low rose."

Davis might have some soul from Miles Davis. Davis Rose.

I know a family with a similarly feminine-sounding surname, and they went with the first name Derek. Their other finalist was Garrett.

Zachary is definitely masculine, and the nickname Zach is similar to Jake from your list.

Gavin makes me think of:


Grady sounds particularly cowboy to me, but all those names seem strong and masculine.


Kathi A said...

What about the name Grant? I like it with the middle name Michael. It reminds me of Gavin/Grady/Griffin and sounds masculine to me.

Miranda said...

I LOVE swistle's suggestion of Griffin. Griffin Rose. Fantastic!

StephLove said...

How about Jonathan? It's clearly masculine but not macho, which sounds like what you want. Jonathan Rose sounds good. And you use Wyatt as a middle.

Alison aka Baby B said...

Since your husband loves Wyatt and you really, really don't, I've got some W names that may be able to get your husband's mind off of Wyatt.
-Walden, which is a literary reference, which may or may not be what you're going for
-Walter may not be the STRONG masculine name you want with Rose, plus it's got the ending R, but I do like the name
-Watson reminds me of Swistle's suggestion of Carson, plus Dr. Watson is a pretty cool character of literature
-Waylon/Waylan, there was country singer Waylon Jennings so that's something you may or may not like
-Worden, a different take on Warden

I like Kathi's suggestion of Grant. Grant Rose sounds lovely. I also like Gideon Rose.

brooke said...

What comes to mind:

Dalton - similar to Deacon
Jack - similar to Jake, Jackson

Therese said...

I want to vote for Zachary. When I saw that I totally thought what Swistle wrote in that it is similiar to Jackson/Jack -- Zachary/Zach. I like how it can be a long first name with your short last name but even the nickname, Zach (or do you spell it Zack?) is strong sounding so it isn't bad. I like the way Zach rose sounds and looks. Good Luck!

kanah said...

I like Grant and Griffin!! What about Judson??

Sarah said...

I have two names. They are traditional, which maybe isn't your cup of tea, but they are masculine enough for anybody.



With a last name like Rose, I'd veer away from anything that sounds like a verb or a noun. And I think you're right to aim for a masculine name.

I can't wait to hear what you choose!

Sarah said...

You didn't mention middle names...Maybe you could agree to let Wyatt be the middle name and your husband would be more willing to let you have more of a say in the first name.
Deacon Wyatt Rose sounds great.
I also like the previous poster's suggestion of Judson.
Other ideas
i think they all sound good with Wyatt as a middle name...except maybe Everett
good luck!

Natalie said...

"Deacon Rose" makes me picture an elderly gentlemen standing up in church. Sorry. So I suggest...

Declan! It's like Deacon, but it avoids the two-word-names-in-a-row problem.

Declan Wyatt Rose. Love it!

Jessie said...

What about


those are all slightly prep, real man names. I would suggest Red too, but Red Rose would be obviously bad.

Good luck. Boys names are SO much harder because those hubbies seem to care more about them.

Mrs. S said...

Austin Rose
Matthew. Matt Rose sounds good!
Nicholas Rose
Colton. Colton Rose ; ) sounds good too!

Elle said...

I was thinking Griffin too! It's masculine sounding, and reminds me of Gavin. Griffin Rose. I like it!

The Mrs. said...

Well, someone else already said it, but Zachary Rose has my vote, too. Zac Rose sounds like it could belong on a team roster or on a president of a publishing house.

Zachary Wyatt Rose has intelligence and macho chops... like a leader.

Best wishes to you all!

Anonymous said...

I think Zachary Wyatt Rose is awesome!

What about:


beyond said...

Zachary and Griffin are great. And I think what someone else said makes sense: maybe if you keep Wyatt for the mn, you will get more say for the first ; )
My suggestions for a strong name with soul:
I like Julian Wyatt Rose!
Good luck.

Patricia said...

Wyeth is similar to Wyatt, but without the cowboy association. Wyeth reminds me of artist Andrew Wyeth and the name Seth.

Wyeth Jackson Rose?

Patricia said...

Other ideas:
Duncan instead of Deacon. (Deacon is a title; to me the name seems similar to naming a baby Reverend.)

Sorry you can't use Gavin. Similar names:

christine said...

I was trying to think of the perfect name, but I LOVE the suggestions of Grant and Wyeth.

Ian works with Rose, Ian Wyatt Rose?

Good luck!