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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Boy Williams, Brother to Luke Andrew

Jacqui writes:
So with just 2 weeks until baby boy #2's awaited arrival I am desperately reaching out for last minute help! Normally I am not a last minute kind of person, so our predicament is that much more anxiety provoking. We have managed to narrow our list down, but more or less by ignoring the need for a list with the hope that the ones on it will eventually feel right. The problem is they just don't!!
So here is our top picks: Drew Marshall (after my husband Andrew Marshall (goes by Andy)), and
Marshall Scott (Marshall and Scott are both very prevelant family names, Scott is my Dad and Andy's uncle was named Marshall Scott but went by Scott, Marshall is both Andy's, his Dad's, and maternal Granddad's middle name).
Lastly, we have mutually but less seriously considered names like Baron, Ryan, Blake, and Logan. Some that I like but Andy does not are Ryder, Everett, and Carson. Our last name doesn't seem to pose an issue with any as Williams. However, the problem seems to be the combination with our 1st son's name: Luke Andrew. Although, on its own I like the short and brisk sound of Drew when said together as Luke and Drew, it is too close to Luke Andrew. Which is unavoidable, and something my ears have a hard time not hearing. I have asked others and they hear it too, Andy however doesn't seem to and is holding on to Drew as his name of choice, although really I think he is flexible. Marshall however, I really like especially with its strong significance, my only concern is that it doesn't fit well with Luke in terms of style and sound, and that Andy isn't all that fond of it as a first name. And what about with a nickname like Mack? Scott as a first name is out because I think of my Dad.
Opinions on the sounds of these names and any other suggestions would be most greatly appreciated.

I do think "Luke and Drew" sounds somewhat like "Luke Andrew," except that when I say the first one I put the emphasis on DREW, and when I say the second one I put the emphasis on AN, so to me they sound different enough to be okay---UNLESS you frequently call Luke "Luke Andrew." If not, I'd say it's fine.

I still prefer Marshall Scott, since Drew and Andrew are so similar and are both namesakes for the same person. BUT: if your husband isn't crazy about Marshall as a first name (and I think Mack is too much of a reach as a nickname), AND if you don't call your first son "Luke Andrew," probably Drew Marshall is the better choice, and perhaps both boys would enjoy being named for their dad. And I agree with you that Luke and Drew is a slightly better sibling set than Luke and Marshall---although I think both are good.

Let's have a poll over to the right: Drew Marshall, Marshall Scott, or "other" (if "other," put the name you'd pick in the comments section). [Poll closed; see results below.]


Christine said...

I prefer Marshall Scott, provided your husband comes around, of course. I don't mind it with Luke, either.

Good luck!

Patricia said...

I think Luke Andrew and Drew are too close to use Drew. If you did, I'm guessing you wouldn't want to emphasize Luke's full name as much because it runs into his brother's name. I think it would be ideal if each boy had his own two names AND at least one of those names, a family name. It seems that the dilemma here is working in both your husband's name and your dad's name. I think you may need a third son for that!

It appears that Luke was a name you liked (no family connection) and you paired it with your husband's first name. I would suggest you do the same with this son's name.
Grant Marshall Williams
Luke and Grant
Jack Marshall Williams
Luke and Jack

Or *why not* Scott Marshall? It seems perfect, but you wrote, "Scott as a first name is out because I think of my Dad." Trust me, if you name your son the same name as your dad, you will soon think of them both by that name. I gave my first son the same first name as my dad, and I thought of that as something very positive. No one in our extended had a problem with Dad/Grandpa and Teddy (later Ted) both being called Ted (given name Edward). We also have a grandson with the same first name (and last) as my husband, but I've never thought that was anything other than wonderful. When our family is all together, my husband (David) is Dad or Papa and his little namesake is David.

That's what I'd do -- make your husband and dad both very happy by naming this baby Scott Marshall. Luke and Scott sound great together too.

Best wishes!

sara m said...

I'm not a big fan of an Andrew and a Drew. Drew is usually a nickname for Andrew, and even though its his big brother's middle name, it just doesn't feel to me like he would have his own name. I think Luke and Marshall sound fine together. I like Marshall Scott Williams. I also like Blake Marshall Williams (not sure how you feel about BMW initials) or Ryan Scott Williams.

beyond said...

I think Andrew and Drew are too close. I think Marshall Scott is better. Luke and Marshall. I like it.
How about Milo? Milo Scott Williams; Luke and Milo.
Or Nathan Scott Williams; Luke and Nate.
Good luck!

Hope T. said...

From your list I like Ryan the best with Luke. Either Ryan Marshall or Ryan Scott would seem to work.

Anonymous said...


It's all in the name said...

I will have to join ranks with your husband on this, I am not AT ALL keen on Marshall, and I don't think it flows with Luke at all well. Marshall almost seems rather sissy next to the wonderfully simple and masculine Luke - I think it would be a shame to give your second son such a name purely because it has family history.
I do love Drew, and the way it flows with Luke is AMAZING! I don't think it matters that Drew will share and middle name with his brother and full first name with his dad, it means they are all connected and really how often would you call your 2nd son or husband Andrew?? or you 1st son Luke Andrew? Generally, people I know who go by drew only go by drew. You seem to both really really like this name - so why not use it?
Andrew Marshall Williams sounds good as does Drew Marshall Williams. I would personally use Drew on it's own, so you don't have a junior.
Hey, and if you still don't like Luke and Drew beacuse it reminds you of Luke Andrew - why not just saying Drew and Luke? I know a family that once signed their christmas cards in reverse order, so instead of husband, wife and kids in age order they did the reverse so Drew, Luke, (your name) and Andrew!

Anyways sorry for the essay best of luke, my vote goes to Drew Marshall!