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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Girl Brown, Sister to Ottilie, Adalia, Cecily, Nolia, and Violet

Emily writes:
Sorry for the somewhat last minute email here, but we are in trouble! My husband and I are having our sixth daughter together next week, she is due November 5th. This is the first time we have found out the gender before birth, and I think it has made naming the poor mite even harder. Our main problem is choosing a first name which goes well with her sisters names.

Ottilie Fflur (aged 7 – sometimes goes by Tilly, her middle name is Welsh)

Adalia Seren (aged 6 – sometimes goes by Addie, her middle name is Welsh)

Cecily Roma ( aged 4 – born when we lived in Italy for a year, hence her middle name!)

Nolia Betsy (aged 21 months – Nole-ee-ah, English middle name)

Violet Lucina (aged 21 months – Vi-oh –LETT, English middle name)

Our names are, Logan James Brown and Emily Quinn Brown.

Some names we like, but are out:-

Aleydis – Not sure if I want to reuse initials though (Adalia)
Helena – (niece’s name)
Evangeline (my name is Emily – so I don’t really want to reuse the E)

As each of the girls has an L in the second half of her name I would quite like to do this again, to continue flow. But it is not crucial as long as the name sounds like one of the bunch! But we are quickly running out of names! As we have eliminated - A,B,O,N,C&V names for definite and maybe L and E names too! (B because hubby doesn't like alliteration - so Beatrice/Beatrix is gone)

Middle names:- ( Need to reflect the country of birth, this baby will be born in USA)

???? Really depends on the first name, preferably unusual

One name we are considering is Romilly Quinn Brown.

Sorry – for the long question, it really has become rather complicated naming her! Maybe we should go with Cecily’s suggestion of Bumblebee! Thanks

I think Romilly Quinn takes care of all your requirements. I hesitate only because it adds another "lee" sound, when already four of the five girls (and you) have that sound. Do you pronounce Ottilie as Ah-TILL-ee-ah or AH-till-lee? If the latter, Romilly seems rhymey; if the former, it's a worry only if you might call her Milly and would rather not have a Tilly and a Milly.

Other possibilities:

Juliette (too rhymey with Violet?)

If E isn't out after all, I suggest Elodie. If L isn't out after all, I suggest Lorelei.


Anonymous said...

Would Romelia be of any interest to you? My husband and I have been discussing it and calling her Romey. Romelia Quinn, I like!

Another suggestion even though it starts with an L and doesn't have an L in the second half is Livian, what I believe we'll use if our little one turns out to be a girl. Nick name Liv or Livi, my favorite part!

Anonymous said...

Rosalie? Rosie is an adorable nn IMO. Rosalie Quinn is great.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Minerva? nn Minnie?

Francesca? nn Frannie?





Leah said...

I like another commenter's suggestion of Rosalie. And the previous commenter's suggestion of Francesca. What about Rosamund (ROSE ah mund)? Some others that come to mind: Diana, Lavinia and Lucretia (though both start with L), Hazel, Marina.

d e v a n said...

Rosalie Quinn is nice! Penelope Quinn?

Talia is nice too!

Patricia said...

I'm wondering how Quinn represents the USA?

How about Malia Liberty?

Other first name ideas:

StephLove said...

Juliana? Rosalind?

Patricia said...

A few more:

But most of all, I think

Malia Liberty

would be perfect for an English girl born in the USA in 2010 - the Hawaiian name of the President's older daughter + what this country was found for -- freedom/Liberty.

sarah said...


Anonymous said...

What about Verena Liberty? Oh wait...v again. I really like Romilly Quinn. Maybe it's my accent but Ottilie and Romilly don't rhyme when I say them. Malia doesn't fit in with the other names for me.

Jessie said...

Romilly America

Sacha ?????

Liberty Romilly

I don't know.. This is tough!

Jessie said...

Not really sure if this is your style, but how about a Native American name for your little girl. Some popular choices could be...

Cheyenne (pronounced Shy Anne)
Wynona nn (Winnie)

The Mrs. said...

Deliah (DEE-lee-ah) Quinn Brown starts with a different letter and has an 'l' in the second syllable.

Deliah Reagan Brown is truly patriotic.

You have wonderfully interesting and individual names!

All the best to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I just thought of Liberty Logan nn Libby. That's cute!

Anonymous said...

What about Hollis?

mir said...

I like the previous suggestions of Rosalie and Deliah. Or even Delilah. And I think Liberty as a middle name is lovely. Best of luck!!

Carolyn said...

I like Gillian, or Philippa

nns could be Jilly or Pippa

Amelia would be cute too.

StephLove said...

Along the lines of Deliah & Delilah-- Delia, or Dahlia.

amazedlife said...

For some reason Marilla keeps coming to mind. Old-fashioned, but maybe similar enough to Matilda to make a comeback.

P. Gardiner said...

Thinking of L sounds:


Kacie said...

There are some really pretty states' names that might be good middles:


beyond said...

I love Eleanor from your list! Fits in really nicely with the other names, too. LOVE.
For a mn I have a soft spot for Quinn. I wonder if any locations have a special meaning for you? Like Aspen, or Brooklyn, which would make fine mn, especially if there is a personal link... or a historical figure? Like Annie Oakley? (Muriel Aspen Brown, Phyllis Dakota Brown, Eleanor Oakley Brown... )
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Mahalia (Mahalia Jackson?)

I love Quinn btw.

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry, just saw that your eldest goes by Tillie. Just thought of one more to add- Willow.

Anonymous said...

I have no suggestions for you but just have to say that you have incredible taste and whatever you come up with will be perfect!Gorgeous, beautiful names!

Adey said...

In regards to the name suggestion Minerva - I don't recommend it because it's the name of a Birth Control Pill

I liked the suggestion of Tenley for you - it seems to be unique to me!

And I like either Quinn(e) or Liberty for a middle name.

Megz said...

I too was going to suggest Liberty for a middle name. Or something from the area/state where you live.

Some ideas:


I like Selena or Selene because it's similar to Helena which you like. I like Demelza because it's unusual like your other names. Both end quite differently from your other names that they won't come across as rhyme-y. I also like the suggestion of Rosalie.

Good luck

Mrs S said...

Willa Quinn
Freya Quinn
Piper Quinn
Wren ?

Anonymous said...

Everyone has thought of such great suggestions. A couple others:


I like the previous poster's suggestion of using a significant historical figure. Eleanor makes a lovely middle and satisfies the 'American' requirement because it could reference Eleanor Roosevelt.
You could also use Abigail, Elizabeth, Margaret, or Rosa.

♥ Tracy ♥ said...

i love romilly quinn: instead of the obvious milly, she could be romy, which is adorable!

i loved another poster's idea of rosalie quinn too... rosy, rosa--so cute!

my suggestion is aurelia quinn. i love the "golden" meaning of the name, the old feel of it, and the way it goes with your other girls' beautifully unique names.

...and just think--she could be aurie, lia, or--my favorite--rory!

Frazzled Mom said...

I really love Cecily Roma! Had my son been a girl I was really pushing for Cecily Robin, but the hubs hated that. Thankfully we had a boy because that was the only condition under which I would have given up that name willingly!

Someone mentioned Annie Oakley. An interesting fact: Annie Oakley's real name was Phoebe. She was Phoebe Ann (or Anne?) Oakley. And the relevance of that was??? Nothing, but I thought it was an interesting fact.

A lot of people are suggesting Felicity, which is one of my favorites, but I would advise against having a Cecily and a Felicity. Some people may think the similar rhythm works well, but I feel the names are just too similar.

There are already some good suggestions. I had thought of perhaps using a US state as the middle name, and see others suggested that.

I like the suggestions of Wilhelmina (you could call her Minnie), Gwendolyn / Gwen, Rosalie or Rosemund / both Rosie and Philippa / Pippa.

Has anyone suggested Isolde yet? If you need a nickname, you can use Isa (a less common nickname for the extremely popular Isabella).

Has anyone suggested Minerva yet? You could also use Minnie.

With the upcoming popularity of nicknames such as Millie and Maggie, the only reason I can imagine Minnie isn't gaining in popularity is because of the Mouse. However, Minnie Driver doesn't remind me of the mouse and it works on her.

Anonymous said...

I like the suggestion of Phoebe.

Some ideas (sorry for repeats):


vanessaaball said...

You and your husband do have impeccable taste in names! I'm sure you'll come up with something brilliant. My suggestions would be

Romilly- great earlier post

Leonora- although it dosn't
contain the "li or il"

Lavinia- this is my secret love

Sylvia- one of my favorites

Isla-a little short but fits the criteria

Penelope-earlier post

There are a lot of excellent suggestions, whatever you choose will be a perfect fit. And, as a side note, your home must be such a fun place to be with all those little girls. Enjoy it!

Molly said...

We have an old family name that is lovely: Theola.

Bryony said...

Romola! It sounds almost like Romilly and loses the matchy ending. You could call her Romy if you wanted to but Romola (ROM-oh-la) by itself is just lovely anyway.