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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby Girl or Boy Hockey

Jannel writes:
We are due with our first child on November 17, 2010. We are not sure of the sex of the baby. Our last name is Hockey. My husbands middle name is Travis ( which I really like), and mine is Lillian Rose (after both my grandmas). Other possible middle names for girls might be Lynn (his mothers and sisters middle name) or Jean(my mothers middle name). Possibilites for Boys Daniel (my Dad's name) or Laverne (his Dad's name) I find that I like more unique names or old fashioned names such as Olivia and Jake and my husband like the VERY POPULAR modern names like Jasmine and Carson.

I have a baby girl name I have loved forever. I can't picture it any other way, BUT my husband hates it! I think the first name is perfect and the middle name is my middle name and also my grandma's. My mom also loves this name. I have told others and have gotten mixed feelings so let me know what you think.

Ireland/Irelynn Rose

The names I like:


I could do his choice but spelt Karsen

Names he likes:



Besides Irelynn, none of the above names just out at me. Maybe its because he never really Loves anything I suggest. Can you give me any suggestions?

Thanks! xx

I think we need to start by tidying up some terminology. The names Olivia and Jake are much more popular than Carson and Jasmine: Jacob has been the most popular boy name in the U.S. since 1999, and Olivia has been in the Top Ten for ten years and was #3 in 2009 (source: Social Security Administration). Looking at your lists, it looks to me as if you and your husband have very similar tastes: for the most part, you both like modern names.

The trouble with Irelynn is it's ALMOST Ireland but NOT Ireland, which I suspect will lead to confusion. But the biggest trouble of all is that your husband hates it. I too have felt this despair (in my case over the name Millicent), but there is no way around it: if he hates it, it doesn't matter if you love it and your mom loves it and all the commenters on this blog love it: it's OUT.

Would he prefer the name Eidolyn/Idolynn? We know an Eidolyn who also goes by Eidie, and it's very cute and we've found it fun to say.

You both have the name Kate on your lists. Would he agree to Kate Irelynn? The rhythm isn't perfect, but it gives you the name you love in a position where he might hate it less. There are plenty of names I'd never consider in the first-name slot but would be willing to use in the middle-name slot---especially if there was something in it for me, like getting more say on the first name. Perhaps he would agree to it as a way to have the name-discussing done with. And you could then legitimately call her Irelynn sometimes, maybe as an affectionate nickname only you use.

One exercise I recommend for first-time namers is to imagine names for future siblings. This, right now, is the moment to decide if your family will be more likely to include girls with names like Lachlan or girls with names like Olivia: the route you choose now doesn't HAVE to dictate your later choices, but it's likely to at least be of influence.

If you decide to go for boyish names for girls, a name that comes to mind from your Layton and his Haylee is Hayden.

If you want more girlish names for girls, Leyton can become Layla, or Lila, or Leta, or Laney.

If he likes Jasmine, might he like Jessamyn? It has more of the rhythm of Irelynn.

Avelyn is another name with a similar sound to Irelynn.

I think Iris would be a beautiful choice. If you pair it with Lynn for his mother and sister, you have Iris Lynn---which you needn't point out to him is very similar to Irelynn.

For boys I see you both have Rylan. Is that a name you can agree on? Rylan Travis, maybe?

Or I wonder if you would like Corbin?

Leyton and Jaxon make me think of Lennox.

Would you like Xavier? It's an old name but recent usage makes it feel modern.

I think Kiefer is a great name for a boy. Kiefer Travis Hockey.

Jake and Jace make me think of Jude. Jude Travis Hockey.

Or would you want to use Travis as a first name? Travis Daniel Hockey---or if you want just one namesake name, maybe Travis Carson Hockey or Travis Rylan Hockey.

(I recommend not spelling Carson "Karson" for a boy: changing a C to a K is a common way to make androgynous name more feminine, as in Kamryn, Kori, Kodi, etc.)

I think my favorites are Travis Carson Hockey and Iris Lynn Hockey, with runners-up of Kiefer Travis Hockey and Kate Irelynn Hockey.


janet said...

Since your last name is Hockey I suggest a non-noun first name. Ireland Hockey sounds like...a hockey team from Ireland. Sorry :(

I like Kate Irelynn though!

Carolyn said...

I love Kate Irelynn!

Another idea for Olivia is Lydia. It's getting popular, but not as popular as Olivia, and it's sort of sweetly old-fashioned.

Violet has the same rhythm and cadence of Ireland. Violet Hockey is kind of adjective + noun, but I like it.

For boys, I like Travis as a first name. I'm also encouraged that you have Rylan on both your lists. What about Rylan Travis?

Instead of Jake, what about Drake?

beyond said...

I really like some of your possibilities.
Kate Ireland (or Kate Irelynn) is my favorite. Great name. And it's on both your lists so that makes it a winner.
For a boy I like Rylan for you (Rylan Travis?). But I also really like Travis in the first name spot. Travis Hockey. Travis Rylan perhaps. Or Travis Carsen.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have friend (well, a Facebook friend) with a little girl named Aralyn. Perhaps that's close enough to Ireland? Or what about something like Sara Lynn and she goes by the whole name? Or maybe Ariel? Carolyn?

brooke said...

i love the name kate. i think kate irelynn flows very nicely.

how about the first name ivy? ivy lynn could be similar to irelynn and would let you use "lynn" in honor of his family.

other names that would have the same flow - ava lynn, ada lynn, adalyn, isla lynn

i think hayden is a great name for either sex.

if it is a boy: how about xander?

StephLove said...

I like Olivia and Jasmine best from the girl lists. You could put them together so you each get something you like (Olivia Jasmine or Jasmine Olivia). Or here are some pairs from your existing middles list:

Jasmine Jean
Jasmine Lyn

Olivia Rose

From the boy list I like Leyton best. Leyton Daniel and Leyton Travis are both nice.

Or you could mix up names entirely from the middles lists. Travis Daniel has been suggested. For a girl, Lillian Rose is pretty.

Alison aka Baby B said...

I know someone with a baby girl who fell head over heels for the name Irie. I suggested Iris or Irene for first names to her. I like both of those options for you. Iris Lynn or Irene Kate. Coincidentally, that woman gave her daughter a different first name with Irie as the middle name. If your husband really hates Ireland/Irelynn even as a middle name, maybe Irie could work. Built-in nickname, for family or general use!

I have only ever seen/heard Lachlan as a boy name, so I wouldn't personally use it. You do have two L names up there, so maybe try looking further into that category? Swistle has some great suggestions, plus I think someone above mentioned Lydia. So great! I have only met one Lydia ever, yet it's so familiar.

Other L names: Lindsay/Lindsey, Linnea, Lacey, Lenora, Loretta, Luella.

Anonymous said...

What about Erin? It's the Gaelic word for "Ireland" and Ireland could be a special family nn for her.

kanah said...

I, too, like Kate Irelynn. Kate is on both of your lists!! Why not use Rylan for the boy since it's on both of your lists, as well? Rylan Daniel or Rylan Travis. I don't think Irelynn for a first name is a good idea because of the whole noun thing mentioned above, and also, more importantly, your husband hates it! I'm sure you can reason somehow. I agree with Swistle if you use Carson. Don't spell it with a's much more feminine, IMO. I suggest Isla (Ilah) for a girl. And Carter for a boy. I'm sure you'll figure out a great name. Good luck!!!

Adey said...

I really like the suggestion of Kate Irelynn as well.

And I agree with the first commenter about the noun thing with the last name Hockey.

As for the name Carson - I named my son that because it was masculine, easy to spell and it wasn't overly popular - so I definitely was surprised to see that you thought it was popular. Perhaps there are a lot of them in your area but my son is the only Carson around here!
And I 100% agree that if you switch it to a K you are making it more feminine. I am surprised at the few times lately I have read that someone was considering Karsyn, Karsen, etc for a girl - when I thought it was definitely a boy name!

Oh well, what can ya do!?

I loved the name Rylan, but just keep in mind that when saying it many people may think "Rylynn" and thus think it might be for a girl. Either way I still love that name!

The Mrs. said...

Travis Rylan Hockey is a strong and masculine name. Corbin Travis Hockey has a good sound to it, too.

Since you have a few Lillians, what about the names Lillian Jean or Lillian Kate?

Travis and Lillian seem like a balanced sibling set.

Otherwise, Swistle's suggestion of Iris seems like a strong and elegant solution. Iris Kate Hockey.

Corbin and Iris Hockey.

Best of wishes to you all!

christine said...

Erin Lynn maybe? Erin means Ireland as mentioned above, and it has the same cadence when combined with Lynn?

For a boy I vote Rylan or Ryan since it's on both your lists, or Carson/Carsen without the K.

Good luck!

Megz said...

From your lists I like Olivia Jasmine (or Jasmine Olivia) or Carsen Daniel.

Some other names that remind me of Ireland/lynn:

Eirwyn (Welsh meaning White as Snow)

Good luck