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Friday, October 22, 2010


Are you a parent who has sent in a naming question? Has the baby been born and named, but you haven't updated us yet? Do you know how much our hearts leap up to see those updates? LOTS, that's how much! Update us! We're dying to know if/how our hard work paid off!


Kaci said...

Hi. My post was earlier in the year about for baby boy Guthrie. We ended up naming him Emile Tobin Guthrie. The original question was about what middle name to select, but then the discussion turned to whether Emile sounded like Emily. I had some really encouraging words from someone who left a comment about how her husband's name was Emile and she loved it. I think maybe it didn't have an e at the end. Also, I am a teacher and I have a student who is a girl, her name is Dylan. I talked to her about it. She said that usually on the first day of school, her teachers think she is a boy. They realize that she is a girl and they move on with life. They know she is a girl from that day forward. I think that is how it will be with Emile too. Hopefully he will be a confident enough person to handle the inevitable teasing about being called a girl. Thanks all!

Patricia said...

Swistle, I'm glad you posted this reminder. It seems to have helped bring in several updates. I think it might be good to rerun "Update Us!" once a month.

From looking over several past updates and those just now, it seems that often you and your readers help most of all with reassuring parents about a name they're already considering, combining names in a way that the parents hadn't seen, tweaking a name a little.

The name for the Deein twin girl is a case in point. Swistle posters were able to help out with this little girl's name by combining names her parents loved in the perfect way for them: Mom's beloved name NORA - which Dad wasn't too fond of so that it wasn't even on the list of girls' names under considertion - with Dad's favorite ANNA combined in the medieval name ANNORA (who would have known?) and using IRELAND as the middle name rather than the first.

The same is true with twins Felicity and Oliver. You saw the two perfect names for this family among the parents' lists -- and played a major role in naming those children. (So will you move on to another favorite girl's name now, or continue to bring up Felicity every few posts? ;-) )

I think the satisfaction from hearing through these recent updates that this blog IS helping parents find the right names for their children will keep you and your readers ready to continue on with the next name puzzles!