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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baby Boy M_n

Jane writes:
Our baby boy is due Nov. 23 and we’re having real difficulty settling on a name. We’re using my husband’s last name, which is M_n (rhymes with tin or bin). We are currently considering August Emerson M_n and Langston Fitzgerald M_n or Langston Emmett M_n. I’ve always loved the name Emmett and like "em" sounds, but my cousin named her son Emmett and Emerson is now more commonly used for girls. I feel comfortable using these names as middle names, but not as first names. Our son will have an additional Korean middle name that begins with “G.” I really like the name Elijah, but it’s extremely popular, and I also like Theodore. My husband likes Sawyer, Wyatt, Orion, Thurston, and Porter. I don’t dislike these names, but I’m not sure about the “n” endings in combination with M_n (is Langston a problem for this reason?). Wyatt is now very popular, and I can't tell whether Sawyer will continue to gain popularity (or if it only experienced a brief spike due to "Lost"). None of the above are family names and there are no family names or sounds that we feel we must use. We would like to find a name that’s not very popular, but that is still familiar. I like names with the possibility of a nickname (e.g., Augie or Gus for August), but it’s not an absolute. We can’t use names such as Sam, Finn, or Quinn or names beginning with “C” because of the last name. Thanks so much for your help! I’m eager to hear your recommendations.
Take care.

I think you've already found your name: I think the name August fits all your preferences very well. I also like August Elijah Q__ M_n: the middle name slot is a great place for a name parents love but wish wasn't so common.


Anonymous said...

August is very nice, I like it a lot. August Emerson or August Elijah both sound like great writers ;-)

Just in case you want other suggestions:

Byron Emerson G M_n
Elijah Tennyson G M_n
August Lewis G M_n
Samuel Fletcher G M_n

beyond said...

I like the names you're considering. August Emerson is great and Langston Emmett comes a close second. And I love Theodore.
I also suggest Clement Emerson, Sinclair Emmett, and Willis Emmett.
Good luck!

Mrs S said...

I like Wyatt or Porter. I don't think Elijah or Wyatt are extremely popular. Wyatt was #60 on the social security name site in 2009 Elijah #21 August #433, Porter #471
anfdtheodore #276

Pierce, Spencer, Joshua, Nathaniel, Alexander, Felix or Jonah are all handsome.

Good Luck and you have a great list if names!

christine said...

I love Langston. LOVE it. I like it with Emmett and think that it sounds fine with M_n.

Good luck!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I LOVE the name August!!

Katie said...

I think August is a great choice, and I love the nicknames Augie or Gus... so adorable.

Good luck!