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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Boy or Girl Mellert, Sibling to Harrison

Christine writes:
I am due on November 16th with our second child. The first is 20 months and is named Harrison David Ruggiero Mellert. We do not know if this one is a boy or girl but are having a very hard time settling on a girl's name. Our names are Neal Bradford Mellert and Christine Marie Ruggiero Mellert (Mellert pronounced MELL ert). We would like to give the new baby the same 2 middle name thing we have for Harrison, meaning ______ Ruggiero, with the last name Mellert. This way we can leave the Ruggiero out, simplify it to just R. or some combination.
For a boy we plan on naming him Knox Bradford Ruggiero Mellert, using a first name we both love and Bradford from my husband's middle name. We really like family names, David, as in Harrison's middle name, was my husband's grandfather's name who past away at a young age.
We really are liking the first name Clara for a girl, classic, not crazy and not overly trendy now but may be making a comeback. Other names that we like but are out include Charlotte (I don't like it with Mellert), Irene (my grandmother's name but not crazy about it), Claire (a cousin just used it) and Lucy. We were thinking about using the middle name Basil(e) as it was my great grandfather's name, but are now thinking that it may be too out there(?). I also thinking about using my mother's maiden name as a middle name (Cummings) but the same cousin that took Claire took that as well, the nerve, ha! Anyway, help would be GREATLY appreciated.

I like Eliza: Eliza Mellert. Harrison and Eliza. Maybe Eliza Irene Ruggiero Mellert. Or Eliza Claire, if you don't mind duplicating in the middle name slot.

I also like Georgia: it has the strength and dignity to go well with Harrison. Georgia Mellert; Harrison and Georgia. Again I like Irene for the middle name: Georgia Irene Ruggiero Mellert. Georgiana makes it a little more feminine and also increases the nickname options.

Or Genevieve: Genevieve Mellert, Harrison and Genevieve.

If Clara is too close to your cousin's daughter Claire, Cora is similar. Cora Mellert, Harrison and Cora.

Evelyn would be pretty: definitely making a comeback, but that's the way it is with the names that sound good. Evelyn Mellert, Harrison and Evelyn.

Or Corinna: Corinna Mellert, Harisson and Corinna.

Eva might be getting too common for you, but I think it's such a wonderful name. Eva Mellert, Harrison and Eva.

The name Rose is very common as a middle name but underused as a first name: Rose Mellert, Harrison and Rose.

Same with Jane: it's a great middle name, but I love it as a first name. Jane Mellert, Harrison and Jane.

Simone would work, I think: Simone Mellert, Harrison and Simome.

Name update! Christine writes:
thanks so much!
as it turns out....I had the baby 2 days after I posted my question and we had a BOY!
So our little bundle is Knox Bradford R. Mellert, and he is a cutie!
I enclosed a picture because I always love seeing the pics on the updates on your blog!
Thanks again for your help, we will be keeping those names in mind when we have another (which I already can't wait to do, there is a little face still missing in our brood!)


Becky said...

I love Cora and it sounds nice with your last name and with Harrison. (I seriously consider having a 3rd child JUST so I can maybe use the name Cora -ha!)

also - just wanted to comment on the "Cummings" thing. I don't know if your cousin also used it as a middle name, but maybe that doesn't totally take it off the table for you. My children are half Chinese and they share a part of their middle name with each other and their two cousins. I think it's really sweet to have this common naming thread that ties them all together. so maybe you could think of Cummings as a family name that more than one child in the family might share.

Of course that said I'm not sure I how feel about the alliteration in "Cora Cummings"

Christine said...

My birthday is the 16th! :)

That said, I like Clara, but do find it close to Claire, if that's a consideration. Evelyn is one of my favorite names and I also love Genevieve.

Other names that might work for you are: Olive (too out there?) Olive Claire over Olive Irene. Adele. Vivian (Vivienne). Stella. Vera.

Good luck!

StephLove said...

If you are not completely set on the boy's name I would suggest using Basil as a first or middle for a boy. Knox Bradford Ruggiero Mellert is kind of heavy on surnames. Knox Basil or Basil Bradford could break that up a little.

I think Clara Irene Ruggiero Mellert is very pretty, but I liked the suggestion of Cora, too. Do you like Caroline? I think it could work for you.

Anonymous said...

Knox Bradford is very very cool. I really like it!

For a girl, I think Clara Marie or Clara Irene would be great too. It would be nice to honor one of the female relatives as well.

What abouT Celia, it's a bit less common but would sound gorgeous with your last name.

Ireni or Irina Mellert would also be so lovely, as a version of Irene.

Or Nila or Nela Mellert for your husband?

Marianne Irene could also work - using your middle name as inspiration.

StephLove said...

BTW, I know a 10 year old Harrison (goes by Harry) who has younger sisters Alice & Lucy for what that's worth.

Frazzled Mom said...

I want to vote for Georgia and Rose - great suggestions Swistle!

The only other suggestion I can think of is Elodie. Elodie Mellert. Elodie Claire Mellert. Come to think of it, Claire kind of rhymes with Mellert - if I'm saying it right? I sort of like the combination anyway, even if it does go against my naming sensibilities.

Jenn said...

Other comments made me think of Elise
Elise Clara
I also like the Alice & Cora suggestions

beyond said...

I love Clara for you! (But is it too close to Claire?) And I like Irene very much as well, too bad you're feeling lukewarm about it...
Or Evelyn? Chloe (dropping in popularity)? Joyce? Camille?
I like Basil for a middle name. It's quirky but I really like it.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't use Eliza with a sibling Harrison, reminds me too much of My Fair Lady - Eliza Doolittle and Rex Harrison.

Would you like Clarice or Clarissa instead of Clara or Claire?

For a girl you could use Basilia instead of Basil.

Clarice Basilia Ruggiero Mellert

(Sounds very European)

Clarissa Irene Ruggiero Mellert
Clarissa Phoebe Ruggiero Mellert
Clarissa Jean Ruggiero Mellert
Clarissa May Ruggiero Mellert

Anonymous said...

Clara Basile (French spelling) would be awesome. It reminds me of the Nutcracker. Ewan Macgregor named his daughter Clara Mathilde, which I think is also very beautiful sounding.

Some other ideas:

Claudia Irene
Juliet Marie
Cecily Marie
Layla Irene
Luna Christine
Florence Marie (I love the sound of Harrison & Florence)
Nora Basile
Nina Irene