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Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby Twin Boys Long-With-an-A, Brothers to Berkeley, Talon, Carter, Merritt, and Peyton

Kelly writes:
Saw a previous family had the same last name as us, Long with an A and since I'm due with twin boys in a couple weeks and we aren't positive on names I figured I would email you as well.
Lets see, these are the final kiddos for us as we have Berkeley Rae 13, Talon William 11, Carter Daniel 9, Merritt Elizabeth 4, and Peyton Rose 2. All of the kids names are simply names that we fell in love with and they all truly fit them to a tee. All of the middle names are family names and we would like to keep that the same with the twins using Rowley (Row like Wow, not Row the boat) and Thomas. As of right now we have decided on Rory Thomas and Declan Rowley. However, I'm not quite sure if I love Declan the way I love all the other names, it is growing on me though and I'm not sure if Rory seems to girly. Would love to hear what you and the readers have for ideas for the newest additions to the Lang family. I'm not sure we have a "naming style" but we are pretty much open to any ideas. Also, although the doctors have told us they are both boys, my sister-in-law had a suprise girl last month so if there are any ideas for a girls name please share as we have absolutley no idea at this point.

Names we can't use:

Thank you so much!

I do think that in a sibling group that includes a Berkeley and a Peyton and a Merritt, Rory would be too feminine. In the U.S., Rory is a name used slightly more commonly for boys (298 boys named Rory in 2009 versus 283 girls, according to the Social Security Administration), but I think two things make it seem girlish: (1) the popular TV show Gilmore Girls, in which one of the lead female characters was named Rory (short for Lorelai), and (2) the girl names/nicknames that rhyme with it, such as Lori and Tori. Other possibilities:


If Declan is almost-but-not-quite, maybe:


For me the biggest challenge of this question is the name Talon. It's such an extremely macho/tough name (the large claw of a predator---it's hard to get tougher than that), it makes brother names tricky: if you have, say, a Talon and a Rory, the name Rory looks even gentler and more feminine by comparison, while Talon looks even tougher and more nouny. This inclines me toward choosing boy names that are unmistakably boyish---and maybe even on the tough end of boyish. Ivan Rowley and Aidric Thomas. Davis Rowley and Roman Thomas. Reuben Thomas and Derian Rowley. Cormac Rowley and Delcan Thomas.

Name update! Kelly writes:
The boys arrived Dec 6th and all the comments from you and the readers truly did help. Although I absolutely loved your suggestion of Cormac, we really did not want to repeat first letters, so we reconsidered D names and setteled on Deacon Rowley. As we also felt Rory seemed slightly feminine, we went into the hospital with Ronan and Ryder on the list and Ryder Thomas came out just after his brother. With seven kids its been hectic but its safe to say everyone loves the newest additions and the family is well. Happy New Year to you and the readers! Thanks for all the help!


Lynnette said...

Maybe I'm reaching here, but I love the name Raleigh, which has a similar feel to Rory, even if it looks totally different.

Diane said...

The first time I ever heard Talon as a name was on an adorable little girl, so it strikes me as being fairly androgynous, actually.

The only name from this sibset that doesn't strike me as androgynous is Carter.

As someone who has seen every Gilmore Girls episode, I do see Rory as encroaching on the girl territory, but I don't think that's necessarily a deal breaker myself.

I do think that whichever twin is given the middle name of Rowley should have a more masculine name since the middle name won't be an obvious clue to the gender of the child.

I do think Rory Thomas and Declan Rowley work with the other children's names, though.

Adey said...

Rory definitely feels feminine to me because of Gilmore Girls and I know quite a few people that named their daughters Aurora with the nickname Rory. Even though I like the name I would suggest something more masculine.

I love the name Declan and think you should use it! Another name that I think of when I hear that is Desmond - perhaps you would like that?

One name that I've always loved (but it might be a stretch!) is Remington.

Other names:


I really hope you find something you love!

kanah said...

I second Swistle's suggestion of Ronan. I think it definitely fits well with the siblings' names. I also wonder if you'd like Oliver Thomas? What about Holden Rowley, or Callum Rowley? Here's a few more that maybe you haven't thought of yet: Hampton, Park(er), Harris, Nolan, Fowler, Hudson, Truman, Emmett, Roan, Judah, Judson, and Grayson.

Best of luck!! Let us know!!

StephLove said...

I think the names you've picked out are fine. I wouldn't change them.

But, that said, I do like the suggestions of Ronan or Cormac for the spot where Rory is now. For the Declan spot, how about Deacon?

Miss Grace said...

I'm commenting not with input, but because Duncan is my brother's name (and he's Duncan McDougal the....8th or something?), and Felix is one of my favorite names that everyone always shoots down.

Rayne of Terror said...

I love love love Roman with this sib set. I also like Grant.

Grant Rowley & Roman Thomas.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Rory on Gilmore Girls wasn't short for Lorelai- Lorelai was Rory's mom's name.

Carla said...

I knew a male Rory growing so to me it has always been masculine - the "Roar" sound to me is boy. But I've never watched Gilmore girls or heard of any girls named Rory so that also helps. I named my son Sawyer having no clue that it was also being used as a girl's name. If you like Rory I'd say go with it and don't worry about the feminine trend because more and more boys names are being used for girls.
Would you consider using Rowley as a first name - it has a similar sound to Rory?
I like Ronan or Roman, and Cormac from the list of options

Good luck!

Swistle said...

Anonymous- You are incorrect: Lorelai named her daughter after herself, and called her Rory. (Research first! Comment second!)

Anonymous said...

What about Spencer, Brody or Ryker Thomas and Finn, Deacon, or Dillon Rowley?

millennialkelly said...

I second the idea of Ronan (it's one of my favorites too). I agree with Carla though on Rory - I'd still happily consider it for a boy. In your case with already having daughters with androgynous names, just be aware that some may be confused on who your sons and daughters are.

Little-Bit said...

Have you considered Gabriel (Gabe) or Aiden? They are very masculine and go well with the middle names you have chosen. And BTW, I have a Rylie (girl) that was thisclose to a Rory. You can always use the name if you end up with a surprise girl. And I have a Roman (boy, obvs), so I am partial to that one too :)

StephLove said...

Declan also reminds me of Devin, though that's another androgynous one. Devin's the male spelling and Devon the female one, though, right?

brooke said...

I love the suggestions of Roman and Cormac.

millennialkelly said...

Another point I thought about with Rory: I think it will turn out like Adrian, another name which sounded feminine for a period of time due to a pop culture reference but stayed predominately masculine over the long term (in Adrian's case it was Rocky, in Rory's case it is Gilmore Girls). By the time a Rory born now enters school, the Gilmore Girls association will probably not be as strong as it is to the generation that grew up during that show's airing (once again using Adrian's example that made the name sound a bit feminine to those who grew up when the Rocky movies came up but for most of today's babies and children Adrian is comfortably masculine, at least from what the SSA stats show).

millennialkelly said...

Sorry about the typos (when I said "came up" it should be "came out).

millennialkelly said...

Argh! Another typo (omitted a quotation mark). I wish I could simply edit my comment without deleting the whole thing!

Jan said...

Instead of Rory how about Riley? It sounds a bit more masculine to me. I like the suggestion of Roman. Or how about Rex? I actually like Declan but also like the suggestion of Duncan or maybe Desmond?