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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby Twin Girls Robinson

Heather writes:
I'm expecting twin girls at the end of December and we are having trouble deciding on names! Our two older girls are named Dagny and Harper, both names that we agreed to early on, and our last name is Robinson which works well with a lot of things. For the twins right now we like Auden a lot, but we are really having a hard time with the other name. We don't have to be too tied to the literary connection between the names, and also want something a unique (Harper became more trendy since we named our daughter in '09). Some names we have considered so far: Poppy, Tate, Penelope (Penny), Paige, Tabitha, Finna, Sawyer. Poppy is probably our first choice, but I'm concerned about it being too trendy, not serious enough as she gets older, and it's very different than the others. We like Tate too but are worried about it being too masculine, and I don't really like Tatum. Help!

Thanks for your advice!


Stephanie said...

I have a friend who has two girls named Harper and Emery - I can see Emery fitting in with all your girls! And Auden and Emery are a cute set.

Melissa said...

I hope you won't be offended when I point out that Harper didn't suddenly become trendy in the last year.

I think you should use Auden and Sawyer. That keeps the androgynous theme and also the same level of trendiness.

brooke said...

Poppy and Penelope are my favorites from your list.

A few others that come to mind:
Piper and Auden
Quinn and Auden
Ivy and Auden
Luca and Auden
Soren and Auden
Atlas and Auden

The Mrs. said...

Dagny, Harper, Auden, and London.

Everyone would have different initals, two syllables, and the twins would both end with 'n'.

And Jack London was a notable author, too.

Congrats on doubling your daughters! All the best to your growing family!

beyond said...

I like Auden and Penelope (Penny) for you. It's a cute nn, and she will have a 'more serious' name to fall back on when she is adult.
(I actually really like Tabitha and Penelope as a set, it's like they're meant to go together!)
Good luck!

christine said...

Peyton? Emerson works with Auden, and has a good literary connotation.

I like Poppy but don't feel that it "matches" your other kids' names. Unless you do Poppy with Tabitha or another name, that way the twins can have their own distinct style and Poppy isn't the only one with a different name from the first two kids.

Good luck!

StephLove said...

I want to echo the commenter who suggested Penelope with Tabitha, especially if you're not completely set on Auden. They are more feminine than the older girls' names but once you have two of each, it would just seem like a mix of styles in the family, not one name standing out. If you go with Auden, something more androgynous like Quinn or Piper would certainly work. My suggestion is Taylor. It's popular but getting less so and it's my favorite surname commonly used for girls.

danielle @ take heart said...

auden and finley

Janelle said...

I really feel like your older girls' names (so cute!)are androgynous but flirting with girly, so I would probably go with something similar for the younger ones. If I heard Dagny, Harper, Tate, and Sawyer I would assume the last two were boys.

My suggestions for you:
Penelope nn Poppy-- best of both worlds and I really think the nn flows well from the longer fn

Philippa nn Pippa-- if you want something similar to Poppy but with a more grown-up feel

Brenna-- this is a longtime fave of mine. It's close to Brianna and Brendan but sounds more solid. I think Brenna and Pippa would be fab twin names.

Maisy-- to me this fits right in with Dagny: sweet, lesser used, girly-but-not-too-much

If these were my twins I'd go with Dagny, Harper, Pippa, and Maisy.

Good luck!

Patricia said...

When I read Auden, I thought of this YCCII post, not really about that name but with Auden in the illustration for the post:

Auden reminds me of Audrey and other similar names, thus I think it works well for a girl and goes well with your older daughters' names. For the other name, I think I'd not use any name with a nickname since her three sisters would all be called by their given names.

I looked at the Baby Name Wizard Expert Matchmaker for some ideas for names that would go well with Auden and like these ideas for you:
( - Expert requires a subscription)

I might match the twin's names to each other, while still staying with the style of the sisters' names. Thus Auden and Avalyn or Auden and Avery are appealing to me.

Anonymous said...

What about Arden or Arwen instead of Auden? I also like Penelope and Tabitha from your list. Poppy doesn't seem to go with the rest of your names, but if you love it you should go with it. It might be an idea to go with another literature name if themes are important to you..

Some ideas

Dagny, Harper, Auden and


sarah said...

I know twin girls named Harper and Campbell.
I feel like Penelope doesn't really match your other names and it is getting trendy, at least around here in the northeast US.
I like Sawyer best from your list with Auden.
Other ideas : Holland, Flannery, Vala, Ellery

good luck!

Lena Phillips said...

I also love the combination of Penelope and Tabitha, calling Panelope "Poppy" so she can get the nickname you love from one of the names you suggested.

In your list you also suggested Tate. I think Tate fits in the same category with Harper, where the sound of it is a little masculine, but works for girls, ie Riley, Taylor, etc. My good friend has a daughter named Tait and I think it is a very cute name!! She made the spelling more feminine and I think it works well!

Twee Poppets said...

No time to read the other comments right now, so not sure if anyone has suggested this, but I say this one is easy - Penelope, nickname Poppy! You get to use your top pick and she still has a more "grown up" sounding name to fall back on should she feel the need.

I like Penelope and Tabitha - Poppy and Tabby.

Dagny, Harper, Penelope, and Tabitha.

Dagny, Harper, Poppy, and Tabby.

Carmen said...

In Greece, the nickname for Penelope is Poppy - then you'd have the best of both worlds. Cute, plus more grown-up if needed.

Adey said...

I like the suggestions of Emery, Emerson, and Piper from previous suggestions!

I think Poppy is a really sweet name, and actually there was a woman on this season of The Apprentice named Poppy and that was the first time I heard it on an adult. I still liked it!

Anonymous said...

how about Tova/Tove? It ties in somehow in my head with Dagny (great name!but I feel this name is somehow becoming the odd one out amidst the suggestions.
Tova and Poppy/Penelope.

Little-Bit said...

Have you considered the name Honor? If you went with Penelope (Poppy)and Honor you could tie the older two girls in with the flow (Honor/Harper and Dagny/Poppy). Just a thought...

Jenny said...

I just want to put in a plug for the name Tabitha. I think it is such a classy, fabulous name, and completely underutilized. I love the suggestions of going with Penelope and Tabitha - such personality to those names! - and calling Penelope "Poppy" as a nickname (otherwise, she'll be nicknamed Penny and Poppy is more distinctive in my opinion).