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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Girl L____

Laney writes:
Sorry this is late notice, but I am due on the 12th of November and I would like some name help! (I only came across your blog today).

I'm Laney and my boyfriend Ryan and I are expecting our first baby - a girl! We are so excited, but we still don't have her name chosen. We are planning on waiting until we see her, but I am a little bit worried that I won't be able to choose as I love the names we have picked out all equally.

Ryan wants her to have an 'L' name like mine, which I think is sweet and a great idea! Her middle names will either be Charlotte Rose or Amelia Rose (family tradition - my grandmother is Margaret Jane Louise, my mum is Casey Michelle Jane, I am Laney Rose Michelle, so my baby will be ____ ____ Rose).

Here are the names we have picked out:
Leah Charlotte Rose
Lila Charlotte Rose
Lucy Amelia Rose

However we can't choose our favourite! So which one do you like the most?

Another name that I LOVE that Ryan isn't as keen on is Grace Amelia Rose "Gracie", and another name that Ryan LOVES and I'm not as keen on is Keira Scarlett Rose. Today I also thought of Elizabeth Charlotte Rose "Libby", though I haven't consulted Ryan yet. Do either of these sound any better?

If you have any other suggestions for girl names starting with 'L'?


One of my favorite girl L names is Lorelei. So pretty! Other possibilities:


If your surname is uncommon, I'd lean more toward the common Lila and Lucy and Elizabeth and Grace. If your surname is common, I'd lean more toward the less-common Lorelei and Laurel and Liviana. (Isn't Liviana pretty? And a good alternative for those of us who love Olivia. I only just found it this morning in The Baby Name Wizard while working on this question.)

I don't think I'd use Scarlett and Rose together, since together they sound either like two colors or like an adjective and a noun. Charlotte Rose and Amelia Rose are both great---I'd have a hard time choosing. Or, the first of the middle name slots would be a good place for Keira, Libby, or Gracie. Some of my favorite combinations:

Laurel Amelia Rose
Liliana Charlotte Rose
Linnea Charlotte Rose
Liviana Charlotte Rose
Lorelei Amelia Rose
Louisa Charlotte Rose

And let's have a poll over to the right for your three finalists. [Poll closed; see results below.]

Name update 11-09-2010! Laney writes:
She's here! She arrived on November 6th, and is doing great. She was 6lbs 13oz, and 20 inches long!
We decided to go with Leah Madeleine Rose. I think I always knew her name was Leah - it had always been one of my favourite names. We only had to decide between Charlotte or Madeleine for the first middle name, and we decided that Madeleine was best for her. I LOVE her name, and I can't stop saying it. Thanks so much Swistle for posting the question, and thanks for everyone who answered. You really did make me realise that Leah was the perfect name for her :-)

Here is a picture of Leah:


Katie said...

I have a daughter named Leah. Her birthday is November 12th.
So I voted for Leah! It's a great name :)

When I was pregnant with her, I could only think of "L" names. I loved them all. We also considered Layla and Lily.

From Swistle's suggestions, I like Linnea.

Best of luck to you!

Lesley (and Eric) said...

I also like Linnea the best! Although we nearly chose Lucy ourselves, so obviously i like that one too!

Mrs S said...

I really like Lucy Amelia Rose and Lorelei Amelia Rose.

Anonymous said...

I think Leah is really sweet.

What about Lyra, could be a nod to both your names?

Alison aka Baby B said...

I love Anon's suggestion of Lyra! I loved the Dark Materials books (Golden Compass, etc.), but not everyone does... That being said Lyra is not so tied to the books as, say, Juliet is to her play or Hester is to a certain letter.

I also like Lenore or Lenora, Leta (LEE-ta), and Lara (pronounciation up in the air, ould rhyme with Far-uh, Fair-uh, or good old Laura).

kanah said...

From your and Swistle's suggestions, I like Leah, Lena, and Laurel. I think Lena is a beautiful name. I also suggest Olivia, calling her Liv if it suits your last name. Also, Lyra, as proposed above, is pretty.

I also suggest Lorelei.

Best of luck!!

Marie Green said...

I have a daughter named Leah, too, and people FALL OVER her name. I never expected that (in fact, Leah wasn't my top pick for her), but there you have it. And people love to say her name too. Lee-ahh, they croon. She's a charming kid, so that might be part of it, but I honestly think it's mostly just the NAME. I remember when she was born a couple of people clutched their throats and croon "Ah. So adorable" when they found out her name.

So go for Leah. That's my vote. ;)

Sarah said...

of your top three ,my favorite is Lila. but i love swistle's suggestion of Lorelei, and also love a previous posters suggestion of Lyra.
good luck!

Anonymous said...


Larkin Louise Rose would be my front runner.

StephLove said...

I voted for Leah but I think all your front-runner are good. How about Lydia?

beyond said...

I voted for Leah but I like Lila very much too.
And I love your idea of Elizabeth for Libby. Or for Lizzy.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I was also going to suggest Lydia / Lidia!

From your list, I like Lila Charlotte Rose.

What about...

Lenora (nn Lennie?)

Anonymous said...

Hi all, Laney here!

Thanks for the awesome suggestions! Liviana is VERY pretty, and we have considered Liliana 'Lila'. Another idea we had was Leah Madeleine Rose (which I *think* might be my favourite). Is that better than Leah Charlotte Rose?

Oh and also if it helps, Ethan is our favourite boy name. So if we end up having a boy Baby Girl L. will have Ethan as a brother.

Thanks Swistle for posting this question, much appreciated :-)

brooke said...

I think Leah is such a beautiful name. That would be my top choice. I do like the sound of Leah Madeline Rose over Leah Charlotte Rose, but I think you can hardly go wrong either way.

My second and third choices: Livia and Lydia.

christine said...

I like Leah, but like Lucy and Lila better. Either way, great set of names, and I like "Madeleine Rose" as the middle. Really pretty.

Good luck!

British American said...

Leah Madeleine Rose is very pretty. I prefer the 2-3-1 syllable flow of the name over the 2-2-1 of Leah Charlotte Rose. :)

I like Lorelei and Lucy too. You have some lovely names on your list.

Mrs S said...

I like Leah Madeleine Rose better too.

Erin said...

I LOVE Leah Madeline Rose! The flow is much better, and Madeline feels more like Leah to me than Charlotte did (I would pair Charlotte with Lila still however). perfect!

Jordyn said...

I love the name Lucy, but what about:

Lucia Charlotte Rose *loo-see-a*
Lila Amelia Rose

I also want to suggest:
Laila Evelyn Rose or Layla Emily Rose as a possible name because it sounds so darn cute!


I also love Laney/Lainey but prefer Delaney, but what about:

Lainey Amelia Rose/Laney Amelia Rose


Lainey Elizabeth Grace or Lainey Isabella Grace so you can include Grace that you like

Carla said...

I really like Liviana - different yet really pretty and not strange sounding at all.
Liliana and Leah would be my runner's up.

With a longer first name I prefer Charlotte Rose as the middle names, and Madeline Rose if a shorter first name is used.

Good luck - please let us know what you choose!

Anonymous said...

Leah Madeline Rose is simply beautiful!

Liviana is also beautiful.

Patricia said...

Congratulations on the birth of your darling baby girl. Leah Madeleine Rose is a lovely name and it sounds like the perfect name for your baby.