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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby Girl Garner, Sister to Beckham

Brittany writes:
I have been reading your blog for a while now and I am hoping you can help us out! I am due January 19th with a baby girl (will be induced on the 12th if I haven't had her though) and we are still trying to decide on a name. I think the closer it gets, the more unsure we become. We have a two year old son named Beckham. His name was one we just really liked, although it took us two days after he was born to finally decide on it, we were going back and forth between two names. His middle name is my husband's name. With how long it took us to decide on his name I should have realized this would happen this time around too, no matter how hard I tried to avoid it. We are just so indecisive! Our last name is Garner, and her middle name will most likely be my middle name which is Kylyn. If it doesn't flow with the name we pick we will find another family name to use, but I find it fits with most.

Here are the names we like-

Landry- This is one of our top two. I know it's traditionally a male name/surname but it sounds feminine to me. We both like it a lot and I love that it's different. The spelling is what's giving us a hard time. My husband doesn't like the traditional spelling, it reminds him of all the male sports players with the name. I don't mind the normal spelling, but I do think it looks like laundry. The two ways we are thinking of spelling it are Landree or Landrey. Neither is sticking out to me though, which spelling is best? Also, any nickname options you can see?

Elle- The other part of the top two. We are normally drawn to surnames/unique names but we both really like this one. I love that its cute, simple and girly. Plus it's easy to spell! The thing I think is missing is the Wow factor. I just feel it doesn't have that fun, unique quality about it. Is it boring? Plus it's short, is it too short for a name? My husband jokes we should just spell it L.

Others we like that are still on the list-

Savvy- I really like this one, hubby is luke warm about it. Is it too crazy?
Ruby- Hubby really likes this, I don't love it. I don't like how popular it is or will become.
Arden- I really like this one, Hubby is unsure about it.
Aven, Olive, Isla, Saylor, Charlie- We like them all but not sure if they are the one.

Names we have decided against for one reason or another-
Sloan, Story, Arabelle, Harper, Hartley, Briar, London, Bentley, Penelope

Names my Hubby vetoed-
Campbell, Harlow, Coco, Monroe, Lux, Luca, Sawyer, Piper, Hadley, Lola, Stella

Names I vetoed-
Journey. (even though I first suggested it)

I feel like we are just going around in circles and need to pick one! Other suggestions you think would fit are welcome too though! I just really wish someone would tell us what to name her. I would like to have something picked out instead of going to the hospital with a list. Please help us out!

Also our next boy's name is already picked out. It starts will an 'L' and is another surname that is similar in style to Beckham, in case that helps.


Emily said...

We named our daughter Ruby, and honestly I have not met another one these past two years. We get a TON of positive comments on it (except my MIL which is a totally different story). Its easy to spell, and NOBODY ever pronounces it wrong.
That said, I think I like Elle with your son's name. Its super feminine without being fussy. GOOD LUCK!

Janet said...

Do you like Verity?

My vote goes to Elle - it's on my hypothetical list, though my hubby likes Ellison more.

Allyson said...

Just a thought- Elle Kylyn Garner would result in the initials EKG...maybe she'll grow up to be a cardiologist?

Mrs. Haid said...

I don't love Landry, but I also don't love laundry... so I wonder if that argument holds water? I think she'd be called Lannie a lot, too.

I think Elle is really nice, especially if your next boy name is an L name, then you have a B, E, an L, instead of one B name and two Ls.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

What about Ellery? I think it's in the same vein as your other name choices and gives you the cute nickname of Elle.

Mrs S said...

Hadley, Ainsley, kennedy, london, ivie are names that I love for you to think about. Ruby or Arden get my vote.

beyond said...

I like Elle very much. If your think it's too short you could name her Ellery (and call her Elle) as suggested above. (Or: Annabelle, Brielle, Estelle...)
I really love Arden too. Beckham and Arden; lovely.
I also suggest: Everly, Hayden, Morgan.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Landry spelled Landrey made me think of Lindsey or (Lindsay). It's got the same type of feel and went the surname/male name/ female name route. Maybe your husband will like it better.

Lindsay and Beckham. Love.

The Mrs. said...

I agree with two other posters above:

Ellery with the nickname of 'Elle' is lovely, sophisticated, and un-fussy.

Landry spelled 'Landrey' reminds me of 'Audrey'. It does seem like a feminine surname. It's very nice.

Best wishes to the four of you!

Clarabella said...

For some reason Savvy made me think of Sookie, which is different but somehow familiar & definitely has wow factor. Also, you can decide how you'd like to pronounce it: Sook-ee, like book or Sook-ee, like Luke.
Of your list, I really like Arden.
Good luck!

StephLove said...

I like Elle, Ruby and Arden best of the names still under consideration.

Maybe you'd like Merichel. I thought of it because I know a little girl named Merichel whose parents thought they'd call her Elle as a nickname (although they ended up calling her by her full name).

Karen L said...

I like Elle a lot. Elle Garner sounds glamorous, like a movie star.

Kacie said...

Savvy could be a nice nickname for Savannah if you liked that option

Anonymous said...

If you are saving an L surnamey name for another boy, then naming a girl Landry might not be such a good idea. If heard all together one might assume it was three boys.

Savannah is a good idea. Saffron and Sapphire give you Saffy for a nickname.

Anonymous said...

I would go for a feminine name given your boys names. I think Savannah or Saffron would be beautiful names if you want to use Savvy (I wouldn't use that as a full name though).

Landry reminds me of laundry as well but I do think it's the best spelling as it is quite phonetic.

What about:

Lani, Lainey, Linnea, Linden, Delaney, Leighton, Fallon, Raleigh.

I also like Elle, but understand what you mean.

What do you think of

Elena - Elle, Leni, Ellie, Ana
Camille- Cami, Milly, Elle

Tracy H. said...

Landry sounds totally masculine to me, but I am a big fan of the show Friday Night Lights, and there is a male character named Landry on the show so that is my association with the name. I agree with an above commenter, if you have an "L" surname picked out for a future son, that's another reason not to use it.

I like Arden from your list the best. I also like other suggestions above of using Elle as a nn for Ellery or something similar. I also want to suggest the name Laken. I know a girl with this name and have always loved it.

Anonymous said...

What About using Elodie or Elowen? Elle could be a nice nickname.

kimma said...

The name Savvy immediately made me think of Saffy, short for Saffron, which fits nicely with Beckham and your surname. My vote goes to Saffy/Saffron.
I would avoid using Landry for a girl if you are planning another son with a name starting with L.