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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby Girl or Boy Lah-nah

Jack writes:
I am Jack and my wife is Emily. Em's stressing that we will never find the perfect name.
She says that it needs to be made up of one 1 syllable name and one 3 syllable name because our last name has 2... (first I've heard of this rule!)
And we'll find a name we like and then she finds something wrong with it (eg Finn... nick name Finny, sounds like Fanny)
We're looking to give our child one middle name and a first name this is either easy to nickname or only one syllable

Isabelle Kate or Aveline May - we'd choose when we see her...

Harrison Finn - Would probably go by Finn, but as I said above, a problem has been found with this.
Sebastian Jake - Don't know if Sebastian sounds a little frilly (Jake is trying to counteract that) We would like a little Seb, but wonder if he'd like a 'proper' name for job interveiws etc
Seth Everett - Don't like Seth as much as Seb, but it's good because it's a full name rather than a nick name
Tom Everett - Again, the 'proper name' dilemma.

So, if you could give your opinion, esp a different middle name for Harrison we could use as his primary name, that'd be great!

Thanks so much! Ps, baby will have my last name, which starts with an L and ends in an 'ah' sound.

Emily writes:
My husband, Jack, emailed you earlier today about our dilemma of finding the perfect boy's name...
I just wanted to let you know that he left Miles off the list!
It has an L in it, which I'm not a fan of seeing as 'it's last name will start with an L
We're from the UK and pronounce the last name Lah-nah (like Car, but with an L and then again with an N!!)
Thanks so much, I hope you read this in time... I quite like the idea of having a little Milo!

Let's immediately loosen the unnecessary syllable restrictions: an individual might prefer one rhythm of syllables over another, but there are absolutely no naming rules about it. But this means you've been concentrating only on names of one or three syllables, and have neglected whole SWATHS of name candidates.

I definitely think it's a good idea to consider nickname potential---but I don't think you need to worry about the words that only rhyme with potential nicknames of the MIDDLE name. And so I think Harrison Finn is fine the way it is and the "fanny" connection is distant at most. If Finn is nevertheless out of the running, Harrison Jake is also nice. I personally prefer the rhythm of 3-2-2 here: Harrison Jacob Lah-nah.

Wait---re-reading the letter, it sounds like you want to call the baby by his middle name if Harrison is used as a first name? Why? If it's because Harrison is a family name but you don't want to call the baby by it, I'd move it to the middle name slot: Everett Harrison Lah-nah, for example. I'd likely use a 2-syllable first name: Emmett Harrison Lah-nah, Jacob Harrison Lah-nah.

But Sebastian Jake is my favorite from your list. I also like Thomas Everett, with the nickname Tom, although the repeating "ah" sounds of Tom Lah-nah might be too much.

Miles Lah-nah sounds nice to me, but Milo Lah-nah starts tangling my tongue.

You mention that the baby will have the father's surname, which means there is another option for the middle name: using the mother's surname.

Name update! Emily writes:
We didn't even go with a name on the list - But Sean Jacob was born on the 8th at 7 pounds- Ten fingers, ten toes, and a name both Mummy and Daddy love!!!


christine said...

I like Harrison and recommend that if you do too, that you use it rather than using the middle name as his called name.

There are so many great 2 syllable names that you're leaving out with your rule! Simon, Michael, Jason, Peter... and SO many more. (And I say this as a Christine with a last name that is more or less Harris, who had a brother named Michael.)

Good luck!

The Mrs. said...

James has one syllable. So does Ike.
James comes with plenty of nicknames (Jims, Jamie, Jay, Jim, Jem). Ike could be short for Isaiah (3 syllables) or Isaac (2 syllables) or Eisenhower (4 syllables).

But lets go back to your original options... I'm with Swistle. Harrison Jake is perfect. It's masculine, up-to-date, not at ALL frilly, and won't be trendy.

And, not that it matters, I LOVE the name Aveline May.

All the best to you three!

mixette said...

I don't think the name Sebastian is frilly at all. Quite the opposite actually, it sounds strong with your chosen middle and your last. I have a friend who has a 2-yo nephew named Sebastian; she calls him her little Sea Bass but his everyday nickname is Seb. Cute.

I'm going to ignore the syllable thing, and if you would consider using Harrison as the "real" name, Harrison Everett flows nicely.

Good luck!

StephLove said...

Can I be contrary and suggest mixing up the girl's name? I like Isabelle May best of all the possible combinations. Oh, or maybe May Isabelle.

My own personal favorite of the boy possibilities is Seth Everett but if you are choosing it only because it sounds like a name you like better, it might be not be the name for you I don't think Sebastian is frilly at all. I do generally prefer not to use nicknames as given names so I'd go Sebastian Jacob (or Thomas Everett for that matter, which is also very handsome). I think the mother's surname could be a good middle, as Swistle suggested.

beyond said...

I love Aveline May! Or Aveline Kate!)
For a boy my favorite from your list is Sebastian. It's great with the mn Jake. (And Sebastian is not frilly.) I also like Miles for you. Miles Lah-nah. Miles Harrison Lah-nah.
Good luck!

Elisabeth said...

I think Aveline May is a beautiful name. Also, I don't think that the "L" in Miles should be a problem. Of course, I may be biased because my own son is named Miles, with a two-syllable last name starting with L.

Patricia said...

Congratulations on your baby boy and finding a name you both like. Rereading your letters, I can see how you may have come up with Sean Jacob. Although not on your list, you had two other 'S-names' you liked -- Sebastian and Seth. Sean Jacob has similarities to Sebastian Jake "Seb", yet Sean is a full name rather than a nn, like Seth. Too there's a bonus with Sean: Sean is a form of John, just as is his Daddy's name Jack. All in all, you've found a fine name for your baby! Thanks for letting us know.