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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baby Girl or Boy, Sibling to Cameron, Jacob, and Amelia

Savannah writes:
We are really hoping that you can help us out so I'm writing to you way in advance, so I hope you can get to my question!

We are expecting our 4th child, gender unknown, due around January 10th, 2011. Older siblings are Cameron John, Jacob Ryan and Amelia Emily "Cam, Jake and Mia". We would like a modern name with a nice nickname for them, but still their full name to fall back on. We seem to have a good list of girl's names going, but we would still like your opinion. Boys on the other hand? We have absolutely no idea and have no names in mind. Please help us. Our list of girls names:

Abigail- we love this name, but we have tried as hard as possible to avoid same initials with the kids
Lucia- we're worried that everyone will pronounce it "loo-sha" instead of "lu-see-ah"
Brooklyn- love the name, but we have a nephew named Brooks
Delaney- I LOVE this name, but the hubby isn't that thrilled with it

Please help!!!!

Name update! Savannah writes:
So sorry this is so late, but I just wanted to let you know that our daughter Lucia Brooke (last name) "Lucy" was born on January 6th, 2011, weighing in at a petite 5lbs. 9 oz. Thank you so much for your readers help with her name. We have had no problems with pronunciation of her name, even though we do introduce her as Lucy to most people. We compromised and instead of Brooklyn as a middle name, we used Brooke. Thank you again!


Peace said...

Cam, Jake, Mia & Lou
Use Louis or Lucas to get the nn

Cam, Jake, Mia & Ollie
Using Oliver to get the nn

Patricia said...

I think Lucia might be the best choice for you, with Lucy as the nn. Of your three names (after eliminating Abigail to avoid two A-names), I think Lucia goes best with Amelia. I wouldn't be too concerned that Lucia can be pronounced more than one way because Amelia has both a 2- and a 3- syllable pronunciation too. Lucia (Lu SEE-ah) is lovely, as is Lucy:

Cam, Jake, Mia and Lucy

Boy's name ideas:
*Andrew - Drew
Lucas - Luke
Gabriel - Gabe

*Andrew - Drew is my favorite of these. This would give you two names beginning with "A', but as neither child's nn that she/he goes by begins with 'A', that might work for you:

Cam, Jake, Mia and Drew

Anonymous said...

What about

Louella, Louisa Luana, Lucille - Lou, Lulu, Ella/Issie/Ana /Cilla(suggestion above)

You could spell Lucija (Slavic version of Lucia) to get the pronunciation you want.


Lilian - Lily
Isabella - Isa, Issie, Bella
Olivia - Liv, Livi, Liva


Benjamin (if this is your last child)
Samuel - Sam
Nathaniel - Nate
Isaac- Ike
Zachary - Zach

The Mrs. said...

Well, now... a poster above me mentioned 'Ike', and that is just the BEST nickname for a boy!

*Ahem* So for girls, Lucia is wonderful, but I know I would mispronounce it. Do you like Lucinda? Or Laurel? Or Muriel? Or Melaina? Or Emalina? Or Louisa? Or Lucille? Or Lucilla?

Best wishes to all six of you!

Megz said...

I like Abigail best of your names and think if goes well with the other names. If the intial is a big issue then you could use it as a middle name.

Piper Abigail
Harper Abigail
Charlotte Abigail

While Lucia is nice (and I would pronounce it either loo-see-a or loo-chi-a), I think Lucilla is nicer. And it avoids any mis-pronounciation.

Lucilla Rose

For boys how about one of the following:

Logan Maxwell
Elijah Quinn
Hunter Elliott
Kelvin Archer

Good luck

christine said...

Lucia is my favorite of your girl's names. And I think the pronunciation thing is easy enough to fix. Brooklyn and Delaney seem too far from Amelia's. You could also do Luciana.

For boys:
Joseph (maybe a middle?)

Good luck!

Patricia said...

Further thoughts about Andrew "Drew" as a name for your possible third son: the name matches the backgrounds of both of your other sons' names, thus would link all three boys' names together.

The name Cameron is Scottish in origin.
The name Jacob is biblical.
The name Andrew has a strong Scottish connection* and is also biblical.

*"The name has been a perennial favorite in Scotland, ever since St Andrew was adopted as the nation's patron saint." (from "The Book of Scottish Names")

StephLove said...

For a boy how about Elias (Eli) or Samuel (Sam)?

For a girl, I like Lucia and you could just resign yourself to having to correct sometimes, or maybe go with Lucy instead. I think Madeline (Maddie) could work in your family, too.

Jess said...

I LOVE Delaney, and think Laney is the sweetest nickname!