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Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Girl, Sister to Will, Kate, Spencer, and Jack

Kara writes:
I am due January 23rd with a baby girl. I would love some input. This will be our 5th child and our 2nd girl. Our other children's names are:

Willard Dale (nn of Will)
Kate Lynn
Spencer Wayne
Jack Dennison

Here are a few names we've thought of, but are still unsure.

We would like to do a middle name. All of our kids have middle names that are from our family, so we'd probably do that again this time, but we really don't have any suggestions or ideas for that yet. If you have any suggestions for middle names, we'd take them though. :) The only suggestion I can think of would be Ann for a middle name.

Since Will, Kate, and Spencer are all giving me royal-family feelings now (I may or may not have read ten million articles on the recent engagement), I like the way Jack breaks that unintended theme and I think it would be good if the new baby's name also stayed away from royalty. From your list I think Nora is the nicest fit. Jane to me sounds a little too close to Kate, and I'd use it as a middle name if you don't find a family one you like. Nora Jane---really nice. Nora Ann is nice, too, and I love family names as middle names.

Another name I really like with the sibling names is Eliza: it adds an additional multi-syllable name to the group, and it leaves all the children their own initials. I love it with Ann, too. Eliza Ann. Will, Kate, Spencer, Jack, and Eliza.

I like Emily for the same reasons. Emily Ann. Will, Kate, Spencer, Jack, and Emily.

Clara would be pretty. Clara Ann. Will, Kate, Spencer, Jack, and Clara.

Ooo, or Rose, but with a different middle name. Will, Kate, Spencer, Jack, and Rose.

Name update! Kara writes:
Just wanted to update and thank you for your suggestions. We actually decided to go with Hannah Elizabeth. We both really liked Hannah and it just seemed to fit her well. Elizabeth is my grandmothers name and we thought it sounded good with Hannah. Luckily our last name is fairly short, so we felt it was okay to have both her first and middle name a bit longer. Thank you again for your help and suggestions!


♥ Tracy ♥ said...

emma and nora are my favorites from your list... emma rose, nora grace?

i also love swistle's suggestion of clara... clara jane, perhaps? is clara too rhyme-y with your name, kara?

another name that gives me that british-royal vibe is tess. tess caroline? tess ann? hannah tess?

best of luck! :)

StephLove said...

I like your whole list, so it's hard to choose. If you want to use Ann for the middle I think Nora Ann sounds best. If that's not a driving factor, some of the names combine quite well. Emma Jane would be my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I love Emma, Nora and Clara!

What about


Mrs. Haid said...

Great name choices! I think Nora and Eliza are really pretty choices with your other children's names. I would love Clara, too, except that it is a lot like your name of Kara.

Tess Caroline is also nice, too.

Excited to hear what you select!

beyond said...

I really like Nora for you. Nora Ann or Nora Jane or Nora with any family name as a mn. Will, Kate, Spencer, Jack and Nora. I love it.
Good luck!

Carolyn said...

I immediately thought of Claire/Clare, then saw Swistle had suggested Clara. I think Claire really compliments Kate and wouldn't rhyme with Kara.

From your list, I like Hannah or Nora.

Janelle said...

I would stay away from Eliza because it reminds me of the Queen, so continues the Royal theme.

I would also skip Rose (though I love it!) because it made me think Royals + Titanic (the Jack and Rose thing).

However! Swistle had great ideas. Nora Jane sounds wonderful with your four, and I also love Clara.

Patricia said...

I love Jane, but think its probably too similar to both kAtE and JAck. Cute with Jack though: there's a children's clothing company called Janie and Jack. (

My other favorite from your list is Emma Jane -- love it!

Nora is nice too, and goes well with your other children's names. Nora Jane is darling, but Nora Ann is probably a better fit with the family name connection.

I think it's fine if all your children's names have a British royal connection. Rose has that too; one example is the queen's younger sister Margaret Rose. (Jack (from John) could be said to have a royal connection too, in the same way Kate (from Katherine) does. There was a medieval King John, but not well remembered and thus the name has not been used much in the royal family since then.)

I like Swistle's suggestion of Emily Ann too. I think the two names flow very well together (probably better than Nora Ann).

Emma Jane
Nora Ann
Emily Ann

And some other suggestions:

Anne (or Ann) as the first name
Lucy Ann

*With 5 children I don't think it matters if you repeat the beginning letter of a first name. We named 9 children and never considered that a naming restriction -- just chose the names we liked best, ending up with: C,E,J,J,R,J,M,J,S.

Karen L said...

I like all the names on your list and all of Swistle's suggestions, too. You can't go wrong!