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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let's Name Kate Hudson's Baby!

I notice that actress Kate Hudson and musician Matthew Bellamy have not yet named their new baby boy. I think we should help.

Here are the issues, as I see them. Kate Hudson's first child is named Ryder Russell Robinson. The name Ryder, to me, is in categories like Cool, and Quirky But Not Too Out-There, and Tough But Still a Hippie. Also, the initials are RRR. Also, he has his father's surname.

A different father this time could completely change the style of the name---but my guess is that it won't, or won't MUCH. The name Ryder has increased in popularity since Kate Hudson used it, so she may be looking for something even more unusual this time, or she may be trying to find something that roughly coordinates with its current popularity. My guess is that she will make the same decision this time to use the father's surname. If she wants to repeat the triple-initial theme, this means the second child would have the initials BBB; if I had to guess one way or the other, I'd guess she wouldn't do that this time.

My top choice for her is Hudson. I love mother's-maiden-name-used-as-child's-name names. Hudson Hawn would be nice, after her mother (the middle name Russell was after her step-father). Hudson Bellamy; Ryder and Hudson.

My second choice for her is Dean. James Dean gives the name a rocker/hippie toughness/gentleness that I think goes well with Ryder. Dean Bellamy; Ryder and Dean.

Another possibility is Devon, from the place Matthew Bellamy's group Muse began. Devon Bellamy; Ryder and Devon.

Or George Bellamy, after Matthew Bellamy's father George. I think George is the next Max/Sam, and celebrities tend to be on the cutting edge of such things. They jump first, while other people are still thinking "Wait, IS this funky-uncool-cool, or is it still just uncool?" But as Devivo points out, the Republican politicians George Bush and George W. Bush may have ruined the name for rocker-hippie types.

More possibilities in the rocker/hippie area:



Susan said...

Clearly, she needs our input. And we are here for her.

Beck Bryant Bellamy. Beck Bellamy. Ryder and Beck.

Lisa said...

From all your choices I love Dean the best.

Hmmm, I think I'd pressure her into the BBB thing, but can't find the best B name.

Brock, Brice, Bo, Blaine,...

Can't wait to see what they pick.

Abby@AppMtn said...

Swistle, I'm with you - Hudson rocks!

lauren said...

devon is great!
my suggestion is gideon.
gideon hawn bellamy.
gideon hudson bellamy.

mpcarlson said...

Hudson's not bad, but I find it kinda hard to see Matt agreeing to some of those other names. Have to remember both sets of grandparents are divorced, they may be trying to do their best not to offend any party.

Can't believe they didn't settle on a boy name before he was born, or haven't had enough time by now to get to know his personality & choose a suitable name. Maybe Matt should ring his mate, Chris for suggestions--the Muse bassist & his wife have five children, all with great names (Ava Jo, Alfie, Frankie, Ernie & Buster).

caycecol said...

I love Hudson, but I'm also on team BBB. Brooks Bellamy is lovely, and I love the outdoorsy, rugged aesthetic of Ryder and Brooks. Yes, Brooks is definitely what she should name him :)

Nance said...

I think Devon would be kind of cool.

George is actually a pretty popular name in the UK, although the craze is possibly easing off (a bit) now. So I guess that depends on where they're going to live - UK or US - and how they both feel about popular names though.

Tracy H. said...

She named him Bingham "Bing" Hawn Bellamy! Not bad.

Tracy H. said...

I just read that is Bingham is supposedly Matt's Mother's maiden name.

Ms. Key said...

Swistle! You got "Hawn" as the middle name correct! Well done!

You had great ideas. I love reading them!

Anonymous said...

Nicely done with the Hawn prediction, Swistle!