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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Baby Boy Morrison

Veronique writes:
My husband and I are about to have our first child, a boy, and having a really hard time with his name. We have a lot of names we like, but we haven't agreed on one and he is due any day now (Monday to be exact - although I think it may be a bit later than that.).

One name we have both liked from the start is Austin. Although a coworker of mine just named his son Augustus, so now I'm worried it too similar ... it is a very small office. Although, my husband says I shouldn't worry about it.

Other names we like are:
Ethan (although we just realized how popular it was so have nixed it)
Sebastian (not sure I like it with Morrison)
Miles (I love this name, husband isn't crazy about it - especially with our last name)
Julian (but our friends just named their son it, so don't think we can).

My dad's family is from France, so I would love a French name that can easily be pronounced in both languages. We haven't had much luck finding them, two options we're considering are:

Phillip/Phillipe (not crazy about the nn phil though)

Would love to hear your thoughts on the names we've thought of or ones you suggest. I like names that are a little different, but my husband is a bit more traditional. We don't have any set middle name, it will really depend on what we choose as the first.


I do think Austin is far enough from Augustus that it's not an issue. Augusten and Augustus might be too close, but Austin and Augustus are so different, not just in sound but in style (and I wonder if they might be planning to call him Gus?). If you've both liked it from the beginning, this could be the best choice.

A friend of mine has a son named Phillip and they call him Pip. My mom and I agreed that this makes us want to use the name Phillip, just so we can use that fabulous nickname.

I'm not familiar enough with French to know which names sound good in both languages, but using the France section of The Best Baby Names in the World, From Around the World and the French section of The Baby Name Wizard to help me (some of these are in there, some of them I thought of when seeing names that were in there), I suggest this list:


(In many cases, you'd need to decide whether to use the French spelling or the U.S. English spelling; I leaned toward the U.S. spellings when making the list.)

I have to keep myself from over-pushing the name Pascal. It's French and almost unused in the U.S. (only 28 new baby Pascals born in 2010, according to the Social Security Administration), but I think it could really work well here.

My other favorites from the list with your surname: Everett Morrison, Frederick Morrison, Gage Morrison, Hugo Morrison, Luke Morrison. Adrian and Fabien seem closest to Julian and Sebastien.

If Ethan is too popular, I wonder if you would like Ian? It's more like "Yun" in French: here it is on Forvo---it's like the "i" is still there, but swallowed.

Would your husband like Milo any better than Miles? On Forvo it sounds more like mee-lo.

Name update! Veronique writes:
Austin Henri Morrison has arrived Tuesday at 7 AM - almost right on time. I've attached two photos of the him, he sure is a cutie. Thanks again for the post and suggestions, it was all very helpful and appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I think Austin is very different from Augustus. And if you both really like it, then use it. A French middle name would be great. And you wouldn't have to worry as much about how easily it crosses over in English in the middle name slot. Austin Philippe. Austin Pierre, Austin Luc, Austin Jacques (AJ), Ausin Cristophe, Austin Sebastien, Austin Vincent, Austin Olivier...

Lynnette said...

I don't think Austin and Augustus are close at all, and it sounds good with your surname. I checked my own list because I like French names too, and I think Louis or Theodore sound great with Morrison.

A said...

Austin is nothing like Augustus. It's your favorite and I think you should use it if that was the only reason you were second guessing.

StephLove said...

I liked the idea of using Pip as a nn for Phillip. I also liked Ian, Nicholas and Louis.

StephLove said...

If you liked Julian, how about Jules?

These names are spelled the same in French and English:


And here are a few that are recognizably related. I'm limiting myself to As here, just to get you started on this train of thought.


Nicole J. said...

Focusing on your desire for a name that can be pronounced easily in English and French, I love Xavier for you, but I'm not sure if it is your style. Xavier Morrison.

Or what about Beau? I know it is a French word rather than a French name, but the reference is there. Beau Morrison.

What about Arthur instead of Ethan? Arthur Morrison.

Or Arno for something more modern? Arno Morrison.

Or Nathan instead of Ethan? Nathan Morrison.

Elias instead of Ethan? Elias Morrison.

Samuel instead of Sebastian? Samuel Morrison.

m said...

The first name that popped in my head is Felix. Works well in both French and English. I also adore the name Pascal.

I agree that Austin is a great name and so far from Augustus that you really don't have to worry. If both you and your husband really like it, I think you should go for it.

For other French names, I suggest looking at the Quebec baby name lists. French names in North America might give you an insight/inspiration that you haven't considered yet. (And obviously there are Anglo names on the list, but the French ones dominate.)

Joanne said...

I agree about Austin and Augustus being different. My boy name for my next babe is Augustine and it wouldn't occur to me that Austin is close. Also we are planning on Gus. What about Kip for Phillp? I love that nickname. Out of your french options i like Andre the most. Andre Morrison.

Elsa said...

Austin doesn't sound close to Augustus to me, so I think you'll be fine. I think even though there are other nice nicknames for Phillip, I still think he'll be Phil. I do love the name Henry/Henri as well and it's becoming very popular.

Rayne of Terror said...

What about Emil? Very similar sounds to Ethan but very unusual.

Anonymous said...

I love Pierre and Jacques for French names. Also, Austin and Augustus are completely different. I wouldn't worry at all. Besides, you likely won't work with that person the rest of your life, but your son will have the name for the rest of his life.

Tara said...

Ianto! I am totally acknowledging my nerdiness, as this is a name from the BBC show "Torchwood", but, oh, I love it so. And when English people pronounce it, it sounds much more dignified, and I can only imagine a French accent would make it even better (Americans talk too slow, and I can't seem to say it properly, but it is similar to ee-oon-tow when said properly). Ianto Morrison.

Tara said...

I was more than half asleep when I posted that above comment (about Ianto). It isn't ee-oon-tow. It's ee-ahn-tow. And when said properly it is said quickly and sounds more like yawn-tow. :)

veronique said...

thank you everyone for the wonderful suggestions ... we have a lot of names to think about now. I will keep you updated on the final selection - should be any day now.

Frazzled Mom said...

Austin and Augustus are nothing alike, but I love the suggestion of Fabien. I would love to meet a little Fabien - how cute.

Karen L said...

Austin and Augustus are (almost) nothing alike.

I also thought of Andre right away for the similar sound/length to Austin and that it would go as a sibling with any of the rest of your list.

Good luck!