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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby Girl Pereversoff, Sister to Katie Jane Violet

Lisa writes:
We really need help naming our soon to arrive baby girl. I'm 2 weeks 4 days away from D-day and my husband and I cannot agree on one single name. We already have a two year old named Katie Jane Violet - Jane after my Mom and Violet after my husbands Mom, so this go around is all about what we like best since we've honored our Mom's. As such, I think we're just having a really hard time with the lack of rules.

Here is our small, small list of maybes:

My husbands last name is Pereversoff, so the shorter the first name, the better. I love a middle name of Jude (all time favorite music is the Beatles) - but then the initials BJ are a little mockable. The biggest hurdle is that I'd love an Ella, but my cousin already has a daughter named Ella. That brought me to loving the name Anabella, but one of my Grandma's names is Anna, so would I need the middle name to be Ruth after my other Grandma to not offend? And then where would it end, cause the husband wants his Grandma's name - Dora in the mix. And since I already think for this one we should do whatever we like best, that's just an argument I'd rather avoid.

If we pick Quinn, I'm not sure Jude goes that well with it.

I think I just need more options. I'm hoping you can help to find us something that we both love!?

Thank you!

Do you think your cousin would be okay with another Ella? Ella Jude Quinn would be a nice complement to Katie Jane Violet. Or would Ellie be a little better? Ellie Jude Quinn Pereversoff.

Or perhaps it would be better to put Ella in the middle name slot, just to be sure: ____ Ella Jude might be pretty, or ______ Quinn Ella.

I see you like Isabella, and I'm wondering if you'd like Isadora. Downside: it's long, and so much more formal/uncommon a name than Katie. Upside: it honors your husband's grandma without provoking the dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-DORA song, and Izzy and Dorrie would both be sweet with Katie. Isadora Anna Ruth. I know you didn't want to go down this path, though, so this is more just playing around with possible honor name combinations for fun. (Ooo, or Annie would be so sweet with Katie. Annie Jude Isadora Pereversoff; Katie and Annie. That's one grandma from each side. ...Okay, I'll stop now.)

I don't think that the name Annabella would force you to start honoring all the other grandmothers. If I were in that situation, I think I might be tempted to declare merrily to everyone that no, it was just a coincidence that it had the "anna" in it as MANY girl names do---and then I'd whisper privately to my Grandma Anna that it WAS after her but I didn't want to be stuck honoring ALL the grandmas SHHHHH don't tell! The biggest downside of Annabella is it's such a long name. Annabel takes off a syllable, but it sounds like it's the -ella that appeals to you.

Do you like Lila? It has some sounds in common with Ella, and it's short. Lila Jude Quinn Pereversoff; Katie and Lila.

Or Lily. Lily Jude Quinn Pereversoff; Katie and Lily.

Even better: Lucy. It coordinates well with Katie in both style and formality; it's a Beatles reference; it's short. Lucy Ella Quinn Pereversoff; Katie and Lucy.

Or Abby, which has all the upsides of Lucy except the Beatles reference (unless Abbey Road counts?). Abby Jude Ella Pereversoff; Katie and Abby.

Or Molly, another maybe-Beatles reference. Molly Jude Ella Pereversoff; Katie and Molly.

Or Josie. Josie Ella Quinn Pereversoff; Katie and Josie.

Sophie. Sophie Jude Ella Pereversoff; Katie and Sophie.

Grace. Grace Ella Jude Pereversoff; Katie and Gracie.

Laney. Laney Jude Pereversoff; Katie and Laney.

Elsa might be enough different to not step on any cousin toes, but similar enough for you to like it. Elsa Jude Pereversoff; Katie and Elsie.

Same with Emma. Emma Jude Pereversoff; Katie and Emma.

I know very cute sisters named Katie and Emily. Emily Jude Pereversoff; Katie and Emily.

Name update! Lisa writes:
Thought I'd send you an update to a blog response you posted for me. We've just had our baby girl (yesterday morning) and we named her Quinn Ellie Jude Pereversoff - Katie and Quinn. Thanks so much for your help!


StephLove said...

I agree that you should broach the idea of using Ella with your cousin, because Ella Jude seems to be what you really want to name her. But Elsa and Emma are good sound-like suggestions. Or how about Eleanor, Elianna or Elizabeth?

Or how about Arabella instead of Annabella? It gets you the nn Bella without dragging in any grandmother names.

I like Lucy for you as well. Or how about Laura? Laura Jude Pereversoff. Katie & Laurie.

Christine said...

I think Sarah would be a sweet sibling name with Katie. Sarah Anne Ruth Pereversoff.

Otherwise I like a number of the suggestions you've gotten, in particular Lucy. Good luck!

Trudee said...

I too love the Beatles and think Jude is great, but when you have so few agreed upon first name options, I would probably be more willing to let Jude go as a middle name. I think Bella works really well for you. It gets you super close to Ella without looking like you're using the same name and I think it works really well with Katie. I think Bella Quinn would be great. I also think Arabella is a beautiful option too though I think Bella is nicer with Katie (if Katie is her full name and not short for something).

Joanne said...

I was going to say Isadora. Isadora Jude? Isadora Ann? I also like Beatrice. Beatrice Jude. Bea and Katie. SUPER cute. You have some great options, I too wouldn't worry about the grandmother names, just close your eyes and pick what you like and go with it!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does Annabel Isadora totally work? Annabel Isadora Ruth? You could still derive Bella from Annabel, and it honors all your grandmas. And I agree with Swistle that Katie and Annie are just great together.

Which brings me to this: you need to decide if you WANT to honor family members, or if you want to choose something totally new. I'm not sure you can have both and feel "fair" like you are striving for.

Nicole J. said...

I love Della for you. Della Jude Pereversoff. Katie and Della.

Or Delia. Delia Jude Pereversoff. Katie and Delia.

Or Gabriella. Gabriella Jude Pereversoff. Katie and Gabby.

Best of luck!

NameLover said...

For what it's worth, I love Anabelle Ruth and think it goes great with Katie. I also like the suggestion of Isadora Maybe Ella Isadora P.?

Frazzled Mom said...

Della is a great suggestion: you get close to both Ella and Dora.

I also like Josie, Sophie and Laney.

I also thought of:

Ruby - but I don't know about Ruby Jude
Emmie - variation of the Emma / Emily

I see a theme of nickname/names (or short casual names) in most of your preferences and looked at the UK top 100 for more ideas because your style seems fashionable over there. Maybe you are from the UK? from the UK top 100:

Ellie - like Ella
Lacey - like Lucy and Laney
Hollie - I would spell it Holly
Tilly - almost too nickname-like for anyone IMO, but it's 88 over there.

Good luck

liz said...

Since you mentioned Annabella and Isabella, and Isadora was mentioned here

What about Annadora?

Annadora Ruth?

I know Annadora's made up, but it's made up in a way that doesn't sound made up.

Mary said...

Carabelle/ Mirabelle

Or Ruthie Dora Anne?

Marjorie said...

How about Elliana? Nickname Elli. So pretty!