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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby Boy Christiansen, Brother to Callie and Kevin

Michelle writes:
I am coming to you as a last resort! Our last name is Christiansen, common but also a mouthful. Our first child is a girl named Callie Lyn and our second child is a boy named Kevin Grant. Both names came at the last minute and just in time to leave the hospital. My husband has strong negitive reactions to most trendy names especially those that end in "en" sounds like Hayden, Brayden etc. I don't like having names that all start with the same letter or sound. Our first child was a compromise, my husband wanted Sally and I wanted Deliah(great grandmother). Callie was my solution to a modern sounding Sally. When I was pregnant with our second child the rule was no names starting with a "C" sound or ending with an "en" sound. My husband wanted Colt and I wanted Decker or Dean (both of which my husband didn't love). However, when our son came we both knew we had to name him after my BIL who matched his kind and gentle spirit regardless of the rules. Now we have 2 kids with hard K sounds and a last name starting with a C. Everyone is asking me if we will keep the trend going even though it was never on purpose.

So now we are expecting another boy this May and we can not agree on any names again. I know we will have atleast one more child and if this were a girl my husband and I actually would agree to name her Wesley. I know this is traditionally a masculine name but we met a female Wesley and fell in love. We also like the name Evelyn, Scarlett and Gia.

My husband would like to name our next boy Roscoe, which I like but dont feel like it is right. I absolutely love the name Royce but my husband hates it. The only other names I feel ok with are "C" names! I dont know what's wrong with me since I don't want to be that cutsey family! So far my top contenders are Royce, Cooper and Colt. My husband can only come up with Roscoe. We like names that are older but not "dusty". We could probably do an "Oliver" type name but I could not do a "Edward" or "Warren"

I really don't want to sweat about the name for 3 more months and stress about it in the hospital again. If you could help in anyway you would be saving me a whole lot of heart burn:)

Some names that we can't use because of family are Max, Sam, Mark, Hudson, Jake, Martin, Brett, Luke

Thank you

I think it's the third child who sets a pattern that's too hard to break. If you have several non-hard-C/K names in mind for future children, I'd warn that using a hard-C/K name for this child will make the pressure intense to do the same for the next---much more intense than it is this time around.

Roscoe and Royce make me think of:


My favorites with your surname are Rhys and Scott. My favorites with the sibling names are Russell and Scott. So that makes my top suggestion Scott: Scott Christianson; Callie, Kevin, and Scott.

Would you consider naming your son Wesley? I know you had it picked out for a girl, but I love it for a boy and I think Wes is one of the best nicknames ever. I also think that in this sibling group, Wesley fits better as a boy name than as a girl name. And it would break your C/K streak, and also make sure you get to use it.

Name update! Michelle writes:
Thanks again for everyone's help. We had our baby boy on May 21 and we named him Duke Michael. We are glad he is here and even happier that he finally has a name.


Anonymous said...

I like Swistle's suggestions of Oscar, Scott and Pascal, because although they don't start with a hard 'c' sound, they have that sounds in the name. Just like Roscoe, makes his name match well with his siblings.
For this reason I'd also like to suggest Declan. (or Victor/Lucas)

How about another letter but with a similar sound? Like Quint or Griffin/Gideon/Grant.

StephLove said...

I like Schuyler from Swistle's suggestions. And I do like Roscoe, if that one comes back into the mix. The suggestion of Declan made me think of Dexter and other names with Xs in them. Would Alexander work for you? Or Felix? Or, glancing over the old poll to my right and leaving Xs behind, Malachi? Or how about Luke?

Anonymous said...

What about Roark? You would get the first initial "R" that your husband favors and the hard "K" sound that you like.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I like the Felix! (Also goes great with a potential Wesley!)

Anonymous said...

Oh and I'm a 20-something Sally who loves her name, so there are some modern ones out there! ;o)

Meg said...

How about Jack? I feel like it goes well with the sibling set. Or maybe Drake or Jett?

I do really like Rhys from Swistle's suggestions.

Mary said...

What about Crosby or Colby? I personally would continue with the C or K sound.

Barb said...

When I read Roscoe I immediately thought of Rufus, (which I first heard in a contemporary, American way on the TV show Gossip Girl.)

Gail said...

Hmm. Roscoe peaked in popularity in 1888, and Royce in 1935, yet you're saying you don't like "dusty" names. I like the sound of both Royce and Roscoe, but they do fall firmly in that older category. I agree with Swistle that Ross, Russell and Scott are more modern, yet older and not often used choices. In the US, Rhys would be the most up-to-date application of a short, strong, masculine name starting with "R". I agree with Swistle about these names going both with your sibset and your surname.

Other ideas:


Best of luck and let us know what you decide!

Natalia said...

What about Rocco instead of Roscoe?

I like the idea of keeping the C/K sound in the name but not as the inicial letter so I suggest:


Parker is my favorite! Callie, Kevin and Parker. Parker Christianson.

From Swistle's suggestions I like Oscar and Scott. I also think the set Callie, Kevin and Scott sounds really good.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Wesley for a boy. I think the names Callie, Kevin, and Wesley are perfect together (whether that Wesley be boy or girl).

Nichole said...

I like the idea of incorporating a "C" sound into the name somewhere. I like Swistle's suggestion of Oscar.

And I also the above suggestion of using "Rocco".

Rhys is fantastic, though!

Or what about Everett?

Hope T. said...

I suggest Rory.

Callie, Kevin and Rory are a good sib set.

Ross is also quite handsome but a two-syllable name like his brother and sister have, ties them all together nicely.

Megz said...

Scott Christensen is an amazing name.

Personally I would name this boy Wesley rather than save it for a hypothetical girl.

Roscoe and Royce remind me of:


Good luck and congratulations.

gail said...

I commented above when this was first posted, but am writing again to let you know I am seeing Roscoe being used a lot more than I at first thought. Still not anywhere near popular, but really on trend. So I want to change what I said before--it really is a great choice.

crazychristiantsens said...

Thank you for all your suggestions! We are leaning towards Roscoe but are also considering Jack, Rhys, Tyce, Decker, and Wesley. Wish me luck:)

crazychristiantsens said...

Thanks again for everyone's help. We had our baby boy on May 21 and we named him Duke Michael. We are glad he is here and even happier that he finally has a name.