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Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Girl Joyce, Sister to Tristan, Avery, and Sage

Jackie writes:
I have 10 weeks left in my 4th pregnancy and can't come up with "the" name to save my life :) Our last name is Joyce and this will be baby girl #3 for us. Big brother is Tristan Michael and the big sisters are Avery Lynn and Sage Isabel. If this baby was a boy, we were thinking of Sebastian or Sawyer for a boys name although Declan is my all time favorite boy's name (husband doesn't like it).
Right now our top contenders are:
Grier (my fav)
Rowan (husbands fav)

I have also considered using Sawyer as a girl's name as well.
We haven't even touched upon middle names yet!! Michael and Lynn are both family names, Isabel was just a name I liked that I would never use as a first name because of how common it is.
We don't want any classic or real common names and are trying to stay away from anything too trendy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

We have finally picked a middle name- Elizabeth, and have come up with a list of 5 names that we like.
Our top 5 are:
London Elizabeth
Rowan Elizabeth
Sloane Elizabeth
Grier Elizabeth
Reese Elizabeth

We are always open to more suggestions!!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

The middle name makes all five options flow beautifully. When I try first/last only, a couple of them sound a little choppy to me: Reese Joyce, with its repeating endings; Grier Joyce, which suddenly sounds like "career choice." I think my own favorite from the list is Rowan Joyce. Let's have a poll over to the right to see what everyone else thinks. [Poll closed; see results below.]

Other possibilities:

Cleo Joyce
Darby Joyce
Finley Joyce
Larkin Joyce
Mirren Joyce
Padgett Joyce
Piper Joyce

Name update! Jackie writes:
Our daughter, Sloane Elizabeth, was born on May 4th after a quick but intense labor. She weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces and was 20 inches long. We went into the delivery room with the names Sloane Elizabeth and London Elizabeth. Once we saw her, we knew it should be Sloane. My husband and I both pictured the name Sloane as a dark-haired baby and as you can see by the attached picture, she has tons of dark hair. Thanks again to you and your readers for helping us pick out a name.


StephLove said...

I voted for Rowan, but London was my second choice. I also like Piper from the suggestion list.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Rowan, but I also really like Sawyer as a girl's name for you.

Meg said...

I really like Rowan and sloane. Another option could be delaney. Good luck!! I love your kids names.

beyond said...

I voted for Rowan, and London would be my second choice for you. I really like Swistle's suggestion of Larkin. Tristan, Avery, Sage, and Larkin. Nice.
Eden Elizabeth Joyce
Haven Elizabeth Joyce
Ivy Elizabath Joyce
Morgan Elizabeth Joyce
Willa Elizabeth Joyce
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sloane is my fave from your list.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is Rowan, so naturally that is my favorite, but Sloane was on our list as well.

Gail said...

Of your final choices, I like Rowan the most because it has two syllables, which I think sounds better with a one-syllable surname, plus it starts with a letter you haven't yet used for your other children. The only London I know is a boy, so I'm confused on that name... I'm not choosing Sloane because in the sibset that would make two choices that both start with "S" and have only one syllable. Reese Joyce sounds too abrupt to me in a way that Sage somehow doesn't. And I'm kind of with Swistle on Grier Joyce sounding like career choice. Of her other suggestions, I really like all of them except Padgett. I do know a little boy named Finley, but I guess this has become a unisex name.

Other ideas:

Tristan, Avery, Sage and Calla.
Tristan, Avery, Sage and Tamsin.
Tristan, Avery, Sage and Renna.
Tristan, Avery, Sage and Dierdre.
Tristan, Avery, Sage and Iris.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with swistle about Grier Joyce it sounds very very similar to career choice. And similarlY, Reese Joyce sounds kind of like "Rejoice" I don't care for London. I love Rowan for you I think this is your best option and would be an absolutely gorgeous addition to your family!

Anonymous said...

Since Avery and Sage can both be considered unisex names, I would definitely continue that theme with your third girl. From your list, I like Rowan and Sawyer best. I would also suggest...

Harper (popular I know, but very cute)
Lennox (this was in a post a while back)

Laura said...

I voted for Sloane, but I also like the following with Joyce:


Anonymous said...

What about Maren or Leighton?
I also like Rowan or Sawyer but then those names seem a little more masculine to me than Tristan... so I guess I would say try to find a 2 syllable name that is not any less feminine than Sage or Avery.
Good points on the Rejoice and Career choice comments. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I personally like Darby its unique without being too weird and it won't get her beat up on the playground. P.S Esther would be a really good name too.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Rowan, but wanted to say that I LOVE Mila Elizabeth Joyce. Such a gorgeous name!

Also for some reason when I look at the names you like, the name Briar pops into my head. Maybe you like that? Briar Elizabeth Joyce...I like it :-) Or maybe Madden? Madden Elizabeth Joyce.

Anonymous said...


it really seems to work with your sibset.

If not, Rowan all the way

Tarah said...

How about Britain Elizabeth?

Anonymous said...

Dagny Elizabeth. Tristan, Avery, Sage, and Dagny.