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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Girl A., Sister to Aden, Evan, and Evelyn

Angie writes:
I need help with naming my 4th child & second daughter; I am due at the end of September.  My two boys are Aden and Evan, and my girl's name is Evelyn.  I like the name Avery; does it go well with Evelyn for a sister's name?  I am a little hesitant on the name Avery because of its meaning, elf ruler.  My husband has the name Annika in mind but I do not like it.:-)  I would like to stay with names starting with letter A.  My boys' initials are A & E, so I like the girls' initials to be E & A. :-)  Isn't that corny?!!! :-)  I would love to hear your suggestions.

I think Evelyn and Avery have two things working against them as sister names: they're (1) too similar and (2) too different. The sounds are so similar I immediately start getting tangled and saying Avelyn and Every and Everly and Averlyn, but the styles are quite different. And since you already have an Evan and an Evelyn, I wouldn't add a third vowel/V combination like Avery.

I think Abigail would work well. Aden and Evan, Evelyn and Abigail. Both boys have two syllables, both girls have three.

Or Amelia would be nice, and gives the girls both 6 letters and the boys both 4: Aden and Evan, Evelyn and Amelia.

Or Alice would be my favorite, I think: Aden and Evan, Evelyn and Alice.

I'm slightly tempted to work with the Ev/Ev you already have, and go with an Ad/Ad to coordinate. Something like Adeline or Adelaide or Adrienne. Aden and Evan, Evelyn and Adeline.

Or I like both Aubrey and Audrey. Aden and Evan, Evelyn and Aubrey. Aden and Evan, Evelyn and Audrey. Audrey would give a hint of the Ev/Ev/Ad/Ad idea, if you wanted it.

Anneliese/Annalise has some of the sound of Annika. Aden and Evan, Evelyn and Annalise.


gail said...

In regards to your query, I agree with Swistle on pretty much everything!

I would add the name Annora to the list of possibilities; it builds on the theme of each of the names having a prominent "n" sound, but puts that sound in a different place. It also gives both girls six letters.

I also love the idea of Alice. And Annika if it's being pronounced with a soft "i" as in Awn' i ka. Then I think it's gentle enough to pair with your other kids' names.

So lucky of you to be getting two of each!

Anonymous said...

I agree Avery seems too tongue twisterish with Evelyn and Evan. Maybe you'd like Ava? Less of a tongue twister but has some of the sounds of Avery.
I like the symmetry of another ad/ev and ev/ad. Adeline and Adelaide are both very nice. I'll also suggest Adele and Ada.

Anonymous said...

I really liked Swistle's suggestion of using an Ad name. To me that makes more sense with your naming pattern and avoids a tongue tangle during introductions. I'm partial to Audrey because stylistically it fits with Evelyn (in my head anyway). Annika stands out in the sibling group because it's such a recognizable Swedish name (I grew up in Southern Sweden, lots of Annikas in my class!) Evelyn and Audrey is lovely, or even Audra!
Good luck :)

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

My vote is for Evelyn and Adeline. That way, not only do the names start the same way as the boys' (Ev and Ad) but all four names end in and "n" sound. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Alice and Amelia are my favorites for you.

Here are some more ideas:
- Adele
- Annabel

Anonymous said...

I think your children's are quite similar. And that is your style as the names you are thinking of using are very matchy. With the this baby I like Alice or Annika for you.

julie said...

What about Anya? I like it with the sibling set.

Anonymous said...

Evelyn seems to be the feminie equivalent of Evan, so I think you should come up with the feminine equivalent of Aden.

I suggest, and love for you, Adele.

Aden, Evan, Evelyn, and Adele.

Diane said...

I think it would be wise to stay away from any name that is remotely reminiscent of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Your children's names are lovely, but the three of them together keeps making me think of that story, and I think a fourth name that is not like Adam, Eve, or Eden would help.

I like the suggestions of Aubrey, Alice, and Amelia, or even Annaliese. I would stay away from names with prominent D's and V's myself.


Anonymous said...

Avery is just darling .
I vote yes!

angie said...

Wow... thank you so much for so many helpful comments. We're still working on the names. :-( It seems my husband and I have a hard time agreeing a name for our baby this time around. I did suggest to my husband a few names you suggested (what a great coincidence!): Adeline, Annabelle, Annalise, & Anya; but he is still not convinced. :-(
Recently, I just came across the name Alyna and sort of like the sound of it. The meaning (noble and kind) is lovely too, but again my husband is not pleased with that name.

I do like the Ad/Ev and Ev/Ad pattern. Why did I not think of that? Maybe I should try to convince my husband of this naming pattern. :-)

Thanks again for great suggestions.

Amy said...

I like the Ad/Ev and Ev/Ad too. What about Adelia? Evelyn and Adelia

Mj said...

Adeline for this baby. Absolutely gorgeous and the patterns with siblings are perfect.

StephLove said...

I was going to suggest Anya when I saw that 1) someone already did, and 2) your husband doesn't care for it anyway.

My favorite Ad-name for girls is Ada-- sweet and simple. Adele is nice, too.

Anonymous said...

I love the Ad-name suggestion! Adella or Adayla (both pronounced uh-day-luh). Or Adelaine...a cute twist on Adeline.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Avelyn is a bit much with Evan and Evelyn. Names that I love for you are Adeline, Adelaide, Adele, Adelia, Ada, Amelia...or, out of left field, I really like the name Amy/Aimee and think it would be *fresh* again

Rita said...

What about Adabelle? It's just like Annabelle but you keep the sibset theme going.

More "Ad" names:
* Adela
* Adalie
* Adamina
* Aderyn

Anonymous said...

Oh, Adalie is really nice!

Allison said...

I don't like it when people choose boy names for girls, but I don't mind it when the name has already disappeared for boys. It reminds me of Tracy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like the Amy/Amelia as well. It is a nice unexpected name for you grouping that seems great. Arden, Even, Evelyn, and Amelia. I think the n at the end of your names should be considered. Ashton, Addison, Allison, Anna. Maybe Amanda with the d at the end.

Emily Grace said...

I love the name Avery but I am even more smitten with the Ev/Ad pattern you could have going and I think Adelaide is spectacular. Arden, Evan, Evelyn and Adelaide. Love it.

Jamie said...

My sister's name is Annelise, and she ALWAYS gets comments about how pretty her name is. I don't know how much you care about nicknames, but we call her Lise or Lisey, which I think is adorable.

Tracie Buchanan Watkins said...

I was going to say Annalisia, Annabella or Antionette. They are lovely and not so overused right now. I like Adelaide, too. Can't go wrong with an adelaide pretty little cajun queen. :-) I would definately be thinking how many Adele names there will be or names like that. They are so prsetty but with the trend to revive older names, boring and just common. Avery is extremely overused at the moment. A nice suggestion above, not overused and I have only ever met 1 girl with the name is Audra.

angie said...

It would have been perfect if we agree on an Ad name for our new baby girl to complete the Ad/Ev/Ev pattern. However, I compromised and agreed on the name Anabelle. A healthy 6 pounds 15 ounces Anabelle was born on September 21. The more I say her name, Anabelle, the more I love it and am glad that I compromised on the name choice. :-) Again, thank you so much everyone for your input.