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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby Boy Gabriel, Brother to Elizabeth Rose and Luke; And Middle Name Challenge for Luke _____ Gabriel

Jen writes:
So, I am getting rather pregnant now and will be having this baby around September 26th.  (And that is a pretty solid date, as I am being induced for all sorts of medical reasons.)  Once upon a time, when I was first pregnant years and years ago, my husband and I struck a bargain.  If the baby was a girl, I got 51% of the naming decision and if it was a boy, he got 51%.  And then the next baby, the "loser" got 51% regardless of sex.  Well, the first named baby ended up being a girl, so I chose the name Elizabeth Rose.  (Our last name is Gabriel, by the way.  I am Jen and he is Matt.  And yes, we were both born in 1981, how did you guess?)  Elizabeth is my sister's middle name and Rose was Matt's grandmother's first name.  So Elizabeth's name is two honor names but (ahem, don't tell my sister this), those are mainly just names we liked and then we were like "oh, isn't that convenient!"  

Anyway, this time it is Matt's turn to put in 51% of the vote.  (The 51% can sound misleading, it's just kind of that person's job to come up with a name to which the 49% stakeholder says "oh, I love that name too!")  This baby is a boy.  And we are stuck.  We could name a girl in about fifteen minutes but we have been working on this boy's name since MARCH and aren't really much further. (I'm high risk, so I've been ultrasounded about a million times and have known it is a boy since twelve weeks.  There is no doubt that it is a boy since this has been confirmed a good dozen times.) 

Matt's first choice for a name is John.  And I love the name John.  (Also, it is Matt's middle name, which I think makes it extra great.)  Except for one thing...the way it sounds when it is said out loud.  Which is a pretty big thing for a name.  It just sounds too short to me.  And I've felt this way for a long time, as we have an acquaintance with a baby named John and every time she calls him, my brain says "and where is the rest of your name, kid?" So my feelings on this aren't likely to change.  Matt does not like Jonathan as a second option, mainly based on spelling.  And his feelings haven't changed since I first suggested that months ago. 

Probably my front runner name right now is Andrew John.  Neither of us like the nickname Andy (AT ALL), but one thing I have learned with having an Elizabeth is that we have pretty good control over nicknames, at least so far.  She's never called Beth or Liz or anything like that, mainly because Matt and I don't use any of those.  My dad had a short spell of calling her Lizzie, but since no one else used it or really encouraged it, Elizabeth it is.  (She's actually called Dibits a lot of the time because that is how she first pronounced Elizabeth herself as she was learning to talk and it stuck.)  So if we went with Andrew, he would be called Andrew or Drew.  Matt actually likes Drew quite a lot.  But he's not totally sold on Andrew and also feels like he wants to hold John in reserve in case we have another boy at any point. 

Other names we have considered, in no particular order:

Kevin (we actually named our marriage project babies Kevin and Nicole, back in high school economics class.  Matt and Jen: Naming Pretend Babies since 1998 and Can't Do It For Real)

Steven (we like it but we both hate the nickname Steve and there's not a lot you can do about that one)

Joseph (again, hate the nickname Joe or Joey)







We also love the name Michael and would probably use that without even thinking about it...but that is Matt's youngest brother's name and we already have a Michael.  I'm totally anti juniors and I would never use a repeat name of a close family member.  I would use a middle name (obviously, as we did) or a distant relative that we never see, but we see Mike quite a lot. (Also, Robert, but we have a very close friend Rob that lives near us that Matt sees on a daily basis.  So no.) 

Now, for my second naming dilemma.  Last year, we had a late term loss of a little boy we named Luke.  We discovered that he was dead before we discovered that he was a boy (I wasn't high risk yet, so no ultrasounds every week), so we literally named him in a few minutes, in tears, after he was delivered.  I've felt bad ever since that he never got a middle name.  I would like to give him one now, but it would be just for us. We wouldn't be going back and changing his official name on anything.  I don't really have any ideas for his middle name (and it hurts to think about it too hard). I'd like something that sounds good with Luke and maybe has some kind of meaning.  So if you have any good ideas here, I would be grateful. 

Now, go forth and name my baby!

I am gnashing my teeth, GNASHING THEM, over the John situation. John is one of my top favorite boy names, and you are SO CLOSE to using it, and "Elizabeth and John" is wonderful, and so I WANT to tell you that you DO NOT feel the way you do about the spoken-aloud version---but you have seen it happen on an in-person John, and so I agree with you (reluctantly, SULLENLY, agree with you) that it sounds like that's not going to work out. (Gnash gnash.) (Would it help if you could call him Jonty as a nickname? Or is that the same spelling issue as Jonathan?) (And you could call him Baby John until John didn't seem so short anymore!) (GNASH.)

Another John option is to give him a double name---either by actually giving him two first names or by calling him by first and middle. It gives you John, while also giving you a longer name to say.

May I suggest the pseudonym I've grown very fond of with the name Elizabeth? I call my twins Elizabeth and Edward as their blog names, and my mom and I have over the years found that now we almost wish I HAD named them Elizabeth and Edward: we find the names so appealing together and separately. Edward Gabriel.

If Edward is close-but-not-quite, I love the name Edmund.

Instead of Kevin or Steven, perhaps Evan or Ian.

I love Henry from your list. We almost used it for our youngest boy, but then another name took the lead so I contented myself by using it as his blog name. Henry Gabriel. Maybe Henry Michael or Henry Robert or Henry Tyler? Or, the middle name position is the perfect place for a love-the-name-but-hate-the-nickname name: a Henry Joseph or a Henry Steven completely avoids Joe/Steve.

Now. Brace yourself, because I want to push you to use a name on my "Why Won't People OBEY Me?" list (also on that list: John, Karl, Louise). It's a bit of a hard-sell name, but it goes beautifully with the names on your list. It's George. GEORGE. Let it sink in. Think of George Clooney, perhaps.

George Gabriel. It's one syllable like John, but it takes longer to say. Possible downside: would it bother you that the initial sounds were two different pronunciations of the letter G? Another possible downside: a little tricky to find a middle name. George Michael is out. George John is choppy. George Robert, George Steven, George Joseph---nothing clicks into place, quite. I looked up George Clooney's middle name, and it's Timothy; that does work well! Maybe something else with more than two syllables: George Nathaniel, George Everett, George Oliver, George Zachary---yes, I think the key might be to go for more syllables.

I like Everett and Oliver as first name options, too. Everett Gabriel, Oliver Gabriel.

James is another "one-syllable but may feel longer" option. James Tyler Gabriel, James Henry Gabriel, James Michael Gabriel.

I think a Benjamin would make an adorable little brother for an Elizabeth. Benjamin Gabriel; Elizabeth and Benjamin. Nickname issues to consider, though.

Or Nicholas. Again with nickname issues.

Or Owen would be sweet, and no natural nicknames.

For Luke, I suggest the middle name Matthew, after his father. Luke Matthew Gabriel.

Or if your maiden name would work, then he would have his own name, then a name from his mother, then a name from his father.

Or I might use the opportunity to honor an important male family member. It might be too painful for a living family member to be honored in this way (my first suggestion may be too painful for your husband), but perhaps a grandfather or great-grandfather or great-uncle.

For a meaning name, some baby name books say Geoffrey/Jeffrey means "peace" or "God's peace." The Oxford Dictionary of First Names says the name Noah means "rest" or "to comfort"; the name Solomon means "peace"; and the name Wilfred means "a hope for peace."

Name update!  Jen writes:
Greetings, Swistle and Baby Namers!

Our baby was born on September 26, with me arriving at the hospital in strong labor ten minutes before my scheduled check-in time for my induction.  So the induction became a moot point and Ryan Matthew was born safely and alive, two hours later, at exactly 6:00pm!

Thank you for all your naming advice.  A few weeks before he was born, I demanded three finalist names from my husband.  Then we both said “Ryan? Hmm. Yes. Ryan.”  And after lots of jokes about giving him the middle name Brian, we chose Matthew since Matt likes namesakes and would like to have one, if it weren’t a deal breaker for me.  One of item of note- many of them names suggested both by you and by the commenters were names we either considered and dropped (close friends or similar reasons) or names of close family members.  (Both Matt’s brothers’ first and middle names were suggested.) So obviously you are very good at matching our naming style!

Here is Ryan’s birth announcement and a picture of him with his big sister!


Anonymous said...

John is great - but if it's not going to work, I am really, really in favor of Andrew. It's a great name. It's my husband's name, so I'm biased, but he loves it too. And he is Andrew or Drew - never Andy, so that is definitely doable (assuming your son doesn't end up preferring Andy).

JodieG said...

I have a nephew who is Stephen and he has ALWAYS been Stephen. By the time anyone thought to call him Steve, he objected. So I guess I'm just saying that like Elizabeth, you can pretty much call the shots.

Natalie Burke said...

A facebook friend of mine has a 1 year old John Martin (sometimes called John, usually called John Martin when she talks about him.) I think it's so unusual & absolutely darling on a little guy. Kind of like the name Henry was 6 years ago before the popularity burst. Use John, please!

jerilyn said...

I was going to name my first boy John... but the man I married had a last name that rhymes with it :'( so I'm a pusher of John. BUT all of the names you've listed is great! I have a Walter so I'm partial. So I'm no help as you cannot go wrong with those great names!

Anonymous said...

I also love the name John, and was going to use it for my little guy, but it just didn't suit him. I have taught a few preschool-aged Johns who go by johnny, which I think is just adorable while they are young, but it doesnt sound like you're a nickname person :) I agree that you have a great list of names that stand alone really well without nicknames. Andrew and Steven are great options!

Jessica said...

You can tell we're in my naming style today because I love EVERYTHING. As a full name, Edward/Edmund is probably my top choice, but the possibility of Eddie crosses it right off.

I really wish we could have used the name Andrew. We both love it, but it's the name of my first cousin whom we see a lot. He went by Andrew (full name) for his entire childhood with no issues. (In high school he decided he wanted to be called Andy.)

I also very much like Ryan, which is my OTHER first cousin. (And what my name would have been if I was a boy!)

If you like the same kinds of names as me...maybe Paul? Obviously I'm biased:) But Elizabeth is our middle name for the next girl, if we have one, and Luke is at the top of my boy name list (my husband hasn't been talked into it yet), so it seems we think very alike.

Just last night I saw the name Peter and thought, yes!, I love that! Next boy! then realized I can't have a Peter and a Paul.

I think Matthew is the perfect middle name for Luke.

Laura said...

Other boys names that might fit your style:


StephLove said...

Andrew John was on my list for a boy once. I still like it a lot. Or if John as a first name seems too short and Jonathan doesn't appeal, how about Jonah? I agree about using Steven or Joseph as middles, no nickname problem there. Jonah Steven is handsome. Or the double name thing works well with John. I know a John Paul (maybe to Popish if you're not Catholic) and a John who is very occasionally (and always by his mother) called John William. John Steven works as does most of your list (might want to avoid John Henry). I like John Peter quite a bit. You have a lot of good options. Good luck choosing.

Janelle said...

Like Swistle, I want to force you to use John, except that I kind of agree with you about the name sounding short.

How do you feel about the spelling Stephen? I know an adult Stephen who is NEVER called Steve (parents hated the short form), and I think the spelling helps because it doesn't immediately suggest a nickname when you read it. Stephen Andrew, maybe?

Or Walter! Love it! Walter James is so classic and handsome.

I also agree with Swistle about using Matthew for Luke's middle name. Or, I know a little Luke Ian, and that's lovely. Plus, Ian is the Scottish form of John, so that might appeal to your husband?

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

How about Jonah?

K said...

Oh, I love the name George! And I love it even more when I came across a possible nickname for it while reading one of Louisa May Alcott's books. Geordie. I love that nickname, probably because I also love the nicknames Gordy and Gordo for the name Gordon but couldn't use either of them (Gordy reminds me of a character from a TV show I watched as a kid, Gordo means fat in Spanish, and also reminds me of a character from a TV show I used to watch as a kid).

I also love the name John, and the suggestion of a double name. I never really considered the possibility of a double name for a boy until I was watching a TV show where the parents frequently refer to their son as "Michael Vincent" instead of just Michael. And I loved it. I also love Natalie's story of a John Martin. I love that name. I *love* that name.

Anonymous said...

I think you have so many great names and suggestions that you can't go wrong!

My deepest sympathies on Luke. I love the suggestion of Matthew. I think Theodore means "god's gift ."

Anonymouse said...

Someone I know!

Before I even read Swistle's reply, I loved the idea of Matthew, after his daddy, as a middle name for Luke. How does Matt feel about that?

You have lots of great ideas for New Baby. Have you considered Stephen instead of Steven to get further away from "Steve"?

Andrew is my personal favorite. I adore the name Andrew (and feel the same as you about Andy). This also gets my vote because I can't use the name Andrew (for the future sons I am not going to have) because it is my sister's ex-husband's name.

I would avoid Ryan in light of the new VP candidate. Not making a political statement one way or the other, just bringing up the connection. That's just me though.

Can't wait to hear what you decide. I'm sure it will be a great classic just like Elizabeth & Luke!

andreaunplugged said...

I like the idea of using a first and middle name together, especially pairing John with a middle name. I knew a John Matthew growing up (always John Matt) but that would be reverse husband name, so perhaps, use Matthew for Luke? I also know of several John Thomases, which could also go with JT as a nickname. My husband's family also has a John Robert. I thought I liked Swistle's George suggestion but feel John George Gabriel is a little too John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

Anonymous said...

I knew a John David growing up who always went by both. Personally I'd pick Walter from your list, I love Walter John! Even John Walter would work if you're not opposed to J.W. as a nickname. And I really have to second Matthew as Luke's middle name if your husband is ok with this. My condolences go out to you, as well as my congratulations on the new little guy! I may have to steal your naming method when the time comes :)

Anonymous said...

I second (third? forth?) the vote for a second name to use with John...or maybe you can plan to use a babyish nickname while he's little (Johnny, Johnno, John-boy), which can slim down to plain, simple, classic John when he growns into it.

Swistle said...

andreaunplugged- I'm suggesting George as a first name---I agree with you about the Jingleheimer if it's paired with John.

AirLand said...

I like Swistle's suggestion of using John and that if it seems too short, to call him by his first and middle name. I really like:

John Henry
John Tyler
John Michael

So sorry for your loss. I think Luke Noah would be a very nice name.

Anonymous said...

I also like the idea of a double name with John. John Michael, John Andrew or John Joseph all sound nice to me. Or, you could use a variant of the name John. It could give you the length you are looking for, but still have a meaningful connection to your husband. Ian, Ivan, or Jonas could all work. They aren't longer, but Sean & Jack would also be options, and maybe you'd like the sound of one of them better?
Andrew John is lovely, my nephew is Andrew and he goes by the full name. Since you don't shorten Elizabeth, you shouldn't have a problem getting people to use Andrew.
Of Swistle's suggestions, I think George is great (my 4 year old is George, so maybe I'm biased). Edward is also very nice, though I prefer not to reuse initials.
For Luke, I like all of Swistle's suggestions. Theodore is also very nice. I also though of Owen (which may have Celtic roots meaning "youthful" or "little one" which seems appropriate. Luke David would also be nice (David derives from the Hebrew word for "beloved".

Mj said...

David and Zane both mean 'beloved'. I thought Luke's middle name should remind him how loved he is. I am so sorry for the pain you still feel at his loss.
John is PERFECT for your next boy. I have a friend John who is just John. In later life he did choose to use his first two initials and is now J. D. Lastname, which really works and sounds both friendly and distinguished. So John Daniel or John Damien or John David are good and actually John David is a great full name to call a little boy, I think.

Lauren said...

I'm also going to throw William into the mix for suggestions! Potential for nicknames, but as you said with Elizabeth, you can pretty much control it. I know a 2-year-old who is always William, never Will or Willy or Liam (or any of the others). The whole name rolls off the tongue pretty well, and it's a great middle name too!

Anonymous said...

I stopped reading this post half way through because of all the similarities with our family, and I wanted to share it with my husband, Kevin Michael. The men on his side of the family the men are Steve, George, Joe, John David and John Thomas, Matthew, and Thaddeus/Ted. All of which have been discussed here. Our choice if we'd had a son? GABRIEL, no joke.
All that being said, I also like the double name idea, I love John Michael and John David best. I like John Matthew too. John Paul sounds too religious now, John Adam too presidential, John Edward too political.

Angela said...

Growing up with a brother named John, I never thought about his name being too short! His name is John Charles after an uncle on my mom's side and an uncle on my dad's side. When he was little (like 5 and under) we sibs used to call him John-John. But it's a great name on a young man and a grown man too.

My 6 month old is called Jack, partly after my brother John and partly after my mother Jacqueline.

And one of my top boy names is Gabriel John Lastname, actually!

So I'm unashamedly rooting for John!

Hillary said...

I am another lover of the name John. But my boys both have single syllable names. It is my style.

Walter is my second favorite from your list. It's a gorgeous name and under-used, classic but different. I desperately wanted to name both our boys Walt, but my husband disagreed.

Anonymous said...

I like the name Andrew, and my husband has a friend who has always gone by his full name with no problems. Andrew John sounds nice as does Andrew Henry, Andrew Ryan, Andrew Tyler. Actually all of the names you have considered in your email sound great with Andrew.

Now, this might not be your style, but back in the early 2000's, I became a bit obsessed with the BBC mini series The Forsyte Saga. If you are into BBC dramas, I highly recommend the first series. In it, there are four characters names Jolyon. One is Old Jolyon, another is Young Jolyon who goes by Jo, and Jo's sons are Jolly and Jon. I absolutely love the name Jolyon and think it sounds perfect with the middle name George. Jolyon George Gabriel; Jolyon and Elizabeth. Looking at your other male names, I see that it might be too frou frou, but I still had to recommend it.

If you do not like Jolyon and think John is too short, would you consider Julian or Jonah?

For Luke, I like Swistle's Geoffrey or Matthew.

Alice said...

I really like John too. I would use that...though Andrew/Drew is great too.

I would advise against Peter or John Peter. Isn't Peter Gabriel a pretty famous singer?

Anonymous said...

Double names for boys are rare, but work well with short, traditional names like John. I knew a guy named John Mark, and it was the perfect name for him. It's a good way to make common names more distinctive.

Patricia said...

I hope you might reconsider John. It's a great name, and it sounds like it's the name your husband prefers by far since he "feels like he wants to hold John in reserve in case we have another boy at any point." What I'm wondering is how you'd feel about using John as the first name if you did have another son later on. And if you would agree to John then, why not now?

We named our second son John David. He was called Johnny when very young, but later John or occasionally, John David. He's always been very positive about his name -- in fact after naming his first son David (my husband's first name as well as John's mn), John wanted to name the second, John. (He and his wife ended up with Jonathan since they don't want to use nicknames for their children and wanted to avoid the confusion of same-name father and son.) I highly recommend the name John David. John Matthew is a fine name too.

On the other hand, I like Andrew equally as well. We have a 9-year-old grandson Andrew who has never been called Andy -- or Drew. I think you could get others to call your son by the full name Andrew, especially since you've established that pattern with Elizabeth.

For your dear baby Luke, I agree with Swistle that a family name would be especially meaningful.

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I love the name John. It's just so classic. If you feel it's too short, I really like the suggestion of John Martin or another double name. I went to school with a John Michael that went by both names.

Or I have a cousin John Robert that goes by "Joby" to give a bit of longer name.

Alexa said...

I share Swistle's love of the name George--such a lovely, classic, underused name!

Like you, I like Andrew but not Andy (possibly because I was spit on by an Andy in high school--a real charmer, that one). I've known several Andrews and a Drew, and really don't think you would have a problem avoiding a nonpreferred nickname.

I agree with the comments that a family name might be nice for Luke, especially if you have one you are attached to. As you know, I also had a late loss of a little boy. I gave him my middle name, Michel (pronounced Michael). I always planned on passing my middle name to one of my children, and it seemed like a small special thing I could give just to him, that kept him connected to the family even though he isn't around, if that makes sense.

vanessa said...

I am a big fan of double names--I was called Vanessa Sarah til my cousin Sarah was born--and I think John works really well as part 1. Or, actually, even part 2--

John Francis
Karl John (OOO I like this one!)
John Joseph
John Ryan (I like this one too)
Simon John
Joh Ross

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

1. Swistle, whenever you post about your children's pseudonyms I get so very curious about their REAL names!

2. I love John Andrew. LOVE. And I love Andrew as a first name. I know two Andrews and they don't go by any nickname at all. Just lovely lovely Andrew.

If you like Steven, but don't like Steve, would you consider Stephen? I knew a Stephen growing up - pronounced just like Steven. But he was always Stephen, never Steve. Maybe it was the spelling? (Maybe not.)

And I love the idea of Luke Matthew. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I like Ivan. It's John in other languages and also sounds like Steven. Also a fan of Johan.

Tara said...

Just wanted to quickly throw in the suggestion of Wesley. There is the nickname Wes. Not sure how you feel about it, but I like it!

Another Erin from the 80s said...

I love how swingle gets so excited about George. One day someone is going to make her day and actually use it.

I really enjoyed reading this post, actually lol'd a few times.
A few ideas for first or middle...

Another Erin from the 80s said...

Thanks spell check.... *Swistle*

Johanna Baker said...

Can you use his middle name along with John? I have a nephew named John Austin. And he goes by John Austin (never just John). It totally fits him! And I think having a more modern middle name would keep it from being too 'Jim Bob' hick sounding. said...

I had a college history class where we studied census data. It was so awesome to get credit for compiling baby name and birth pattern data. Anyway, the professor had a baby shortly after class ended and I was very curious to hear the boy's name since the prof dealt with names as a career. He chose John Henry. I think those 2 together (using both daily instead of treating Henry as a little-used extra name) would overcome the John's-too-short issue and I'm a sucker for the historical tall tale connection.

LyLy said...

I love John. I like the two name option as well. I like John Ryan. I know someon named James Ryan. I thin the middle name Ryan works with your last name.

For Luke. How about Luke michael after one of the angels?

Stephanie Jean-Louis said...

I know a John Ezra, who goes by that most of the time. His nickname is not John, but Ezzie or Ez!
Re: nicknames: from experience with Elizabeth, you know you control the situation. My son is named Thomas but my husband and I do not care for Tommy or Tom as nicknames. The only person who has called him Tom is his 4 yo sister :) (My own nickname for him is Tomo, an Eastern European form of Thomas, but no one else outside of our little family uses it.) Another aside: his middle name is Stephen, and I agree that this spelling (even though pronounced Steven) discourages people from shortening it.
I vote for Andrew John and giving Luke the middle name of Matthew.

Anonymous said...

I love the name John and have only good associations with men and boys named John. If the name seems too short, I would choose a middle name to combine it with. Personally, I love the nickname "John-o" so I might choose something like John Oliver and call my son John-O or Johnny-O. You'd get the initials JOG, but that doesn't seem like a deal breaker.

I'm sorry about the loss of your son, Luke. I like the idea of Luke Jeffrey, with the meanings of Light and Peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the double first name. My one year old has one, John Henry. I was scared to use it at first, but took the leap and am grateful We did! We call him primarily John Henry and sometimes Hank. Amazingly enough one correction on our insurance card has been the only trouble the double name has given us todate. Other double names of people I've run across: John mark, John Martin and a Jon Henri. Interestingly enough Jonathan was his first name and Henri his last but he ways went by Jon Henri as if it was a double first name. That could work for you too, John Gabriel..,pretty cute!

Anonymous said...

Naming this baby John with a middle name you plan to call him too seems perfect for your family:
-- your husband gets his son named John -- the name he REALLY wants
--the baby has a longer name than just 4-letter, 1-syllable John -- your preference
--and Elizabeth's little brother has a name as grand as hers

Elizabeth and John Andrew or John Henry --- or John paired with just about any other classic boys name you like

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth my brother is a John Andrew who has always gone by Andrew, never John, never John Andrew, never Andy, never Drew, never Johnny... My mom was pretty insistant that he would be called Andrew from day one and it stuck. So maybe John Andrew could be an option.
Good luck!

Enelya said...

Just wanted to point out that I have a cousin who spells his name Johnathan - there's no reason you must spell it without the H! :-)

liz said...

Ian, Owen, Ivan, and Johann are all variations on John. Do any of them sing to you?

I was going to recommend Glenn as a middle name for John and then I realized why it sounded so right.

May I recommend Charles?

kathy said...

Johnson or Micah??

Alyn said...

I am going to echo what many have said here and say go for John with another classic name. I know a family who named their sons John Paul, John Mark, and John Luke. They all go by both names most of the time. John David is on my list of possible future sons. I agree that John seems very short and abrupt, but adding another short name makes it seem masculine and distinguished to me, and gives the person options for when they are older. Also, my brother is named Andrew (love the name) and he has never had a nickname.

I am very sorry for your loss of Luke. Pick a name that has significant meaning or a family connection for his middle. I like the suggestions of Matthew and David.

Best wishes as you look forward to the arrival of your new son!

Anonymous said...

My younger cousin's name is John Riley (a family name) and he was called John-John when he was very young. He's 9 or 10 now, and we mostly call him John. just another vote for John-John (I know it was mentioned in the comments earlier), to bypass the too-short sound.

erin said...

Just wanted to point out that since your husband is Matthew and your first little boy was Luke, that if you name THIS baby John you might feel pressure to use Mark if you ever have another little boy... Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (the gospels). But I like all the names, so I don't think that would be awful. :)

Michelle said...

I also like using John and calling him by both names. Two of my male cousins went by their first and middle names into adulthood.

Also you could use John Andrew for his name and just have him go by Andrew. My youngest son is Joseph Tyler but he goes by Tyler. Joseph is my husbands name and I loathe the nickname TJ so we flipped the order when naming him.

I also like Matthew or David (my older son's name) as a middle name for Luke.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether you would like Jones.
James and John are common, but Jones is not and I like it better! It sounds longer as well. Elizabeth and Jones.

Rachel said...

Love these classic names!
I also vote for using the double name John Michael- that definitely works for me.
Also my brother's first and middle is Andrew Stephen so that sounds right to my ear- maybe to yours as well.
Good luck!

Jan said...

Jean-Luc = John Luke? Honor name for his brother?

With Elizabeth I think your choices such as Andrew/Henry/Joseph/Henry/Charles/Peter/Walter go better than Kevin/Steven/Ryan/Tyler.

I like Andrew/Drew, Henry, and Charles from your list. With a ln like Gabriel I would try to pick a first name that doesn't sound like it could be a last name.

For little Luke's middle name how about Adam or Samuel?

I hope your have a wonderful, uneventful rest of your pregnancy and delivery.

Anonymous said...

I like the name Micah, when Michael can't be used.

I also know an Andrew who has gone through his 30+ year life without being called anything but Andrew.

We have a Luke; we thought about using Matthew for the middle name because of its meaning and for an honor name, but we ended up going with Jeffrey because of its meaning and to honor a different person. In your case, I like either for a middle name; Matthew and Jeffrey both have nice meanings and I think they both sound nice with Luke.

Eva.G said...

I don't love the idea of a double first name. It seem too "Midwestern" to my Pacific coast ears, but this could just be due to the fact that I AM from the West coast and someone living in the Midwest may really love double first names! It reminds me of Jim Bob from the Duggars. (There is a John David in the Duggar family as well, by the way!)

Since you like John, can I suggest Jack? What a great name for you! Or Davis, Judah, Milo, Ray, or Walter.

I love Luke Noah for your precious son.

Lynnette said...

Dang, I feel like I gotta defend the name Andy. My husband is a perfectly charming Andy, but that is a nickname he's comfortable with. If he wanted to be Andrew, no problem.

My brother is named Jon, which is VERY short looking, plus a four letter, one syllable last name. John Gabriel looks practically ornate in comparison.

Joanne said...

First I'd like to say that yours was a lovely post to read! Second if you don't like just John, does Sean sound better to you? Also, my SIL has a son named John Andrew and she calls him John Andrew and it's great. It was cute when he was a baby and now that he is a big (!) 10 year old boy it's just fine. I also really like Edward.

I'm sorry for your loss and I am going to recommend Joseph as a middle name. Saint Joseph is the patron of a happy death, and also of the family, and I really like the meaning of that, plus if you used it for a middle name for Luke, you could just use "Joseph" and not worry about the nicknames Joe or Joey.

Best of luck with your baby!

Daycare Girl said...

If you don't like just John, my favorite is John Michael, calling him by both names. I have known two in my lifetime, and it's a name that sounds really cute on a little boy and will still carry him through and work as a grownup.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I have a Luke too- his middle name is Andrew so I'm partial to that combination if you don't end up using that for your baby.

Penelope C. said...

About Steven, I would DEFINITELY not use it if you dislike Steve. I'm in middle school and there's a kid named Calvin called Steve 'Just because his name has a V in it, and Steve is funny'. I guess guys my age think Steve is weird/funny? Basically, he WILL be known as Steve at some point.

Melanie said...

I vote for John Michael. It is my brother's name, and in the extended family we called him by both to differentiate between him and my Dad, also John. It is really wonderful. It flows well, it is good on a little guy and a big one, and it gives you the "rest of the name". Plus it sounds so great with Elizabeth! Perfect combo.

AmyRobynne said...

Great name and I LOVE that screaming baby photo!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that that picture of your daughter holding the baby is fantastic. I love it! Haha. So great.