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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baby Girl Holland, Sister to Valerie and Savannah

C. writes:
Hello! I'm hoping you can help us out with naming our baby girl, due Feb. 2013. Hubby and I just cannot seem to agree on a name.

One thing we do agree on is the middle name: Valeska. It was my grandmother's name. He loves the name, and initially wanted to use it as a first name (Valeska Rose was his choice), but I already have a daughter named Valerie Marie, and for me they are just too close, plus Valerie is called "Val" much of the time, and I feel like we'd end up with 2 Val's. So - to the middle name goes Valeska, and we're both fine with that.

As some additional background, he also has a daughter from a previous marriage, Savannah Grace. The baby's last name will be Holland.

I really like the name Elle. I think Elle Valeska is lovely, and I especially like how Elle sounds with Holland.  I also have a relative I'm close to whose name is Anne Valeska, and I feel like Elle Valeska is a sort of homage to her. He says he can't get past the fact that "he's just saying a letter." (L)  He likes Audrey and Emersyn, both of which I am not fond of. Audrey is too popular right now, and I don't care for it with Valeska. And I just don't like Emersyn. I feel like we need a simpler name to go with Valeska.

Some other first names I like: Blake, Drew, Isla

So, what do you think? Is Elle strong enough to stand on its own? What other names do you recommend?

Thanks so much!

If you love the name Elle but it's not enough for him, and if you have an Anne you'd enjoy honoring, then I suggest the name Annabelle. You could still call her Elle if you wanted to, but your husband would have more to say. But perhaps the name is too similar to her sisters' names: the Elle very close to Val, but even more the -annah of Savannah with the Anna- of Annabelle.

Another option is Stella, which eliminates the sound-alike issues. Stella Holland; Valerie, Savannah, and Stella.

One fun way to tie all three girls' names together would be to use a name with a V sound in it: Avery, Victoria, Evelyn, Eva, Violet, Genevieve, Ivy, Veronica, Silvie. But there is already a V in the middle name, so that does result in quite a bit of V. My favorite is Eva Valeska: Eva is relatively simple, and similar in some ways to Elle.

I don't think I would use Blake or Drew; they seem too boyish with the only-for-girls names Valerie and Savannah. Isla is great with Valerie and Savannah, but seems geographical with the surname (Isle and Holland).

His choice of Valeska Rose suggests to me the idea of swapping the names: Rose Valeska gives you the simplicity you'd prefer, while using a name he loves. And while Rose is very common as a middle name, it is still relatively uncommon as a first name. Rose Holland; Valerie, Savannah, and Rose.


Wendy said...

Oh, I think Valeska is SO lovely! Any chance you could name her Valeska and she could go by Eska?

StephLove said...

I really like the suggestions of Eva and Rose.

I know a family with a daughter named Merichel, which they chose thinking they'd call her Elle (although they don't-- but they could, and so could you).

Gail said...

Maybe Laurel or Mirabel or Estelle? I also love Jael.

Agree with everything Swistle has said, and think Rose Valeska is awesome.

Moomoo said...

Eva is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too common these days. The other girls names are not. I second Rose Valeska. The 'v' link is there, you have a short but full first name with a beautiful meaning, and it flows well.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of tying all the names together with the letter V too. It is such a cool letter!

Nova Valeska
Ivy Valeska
Avalon Valeska
Yvette Valeska
Evie Valeska
Aven Valeska

Good luck!

Megan said...

Genevieve (nn Eve) Valeska Holland is very pretty.
Valeria, Savannah, and Genevieve!

I also agree with Rose, so pretty and classic.

Lucy Bea said...

Rose Valeska is my favorite suggestion. I also like Charlotte, Clementine, Lucille, Rosalie, Magnolia, Abigail, and Rebecca

Laura said...

Annabelle Valeska Holland is just about the best name I have ever heard of. Then again, I often say that when I read Swistle's suggestions. She is a master namer.

Other thoughts I had:

Amelia Valeska
Eugenie Valeska
Phoebe Valeska
Zoe Valeska

Anonymous said...

We named our daughter Ellery with the intention of calling her Elle when she's older. Ellery would give you the extra "umpf" instead of Elle; however Ellery sounds similar to Valerie so it may not work. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

If Audrey is too popular, how about Audra?

Audra Valeska.

Bitts said...

My daughter's name is Rose, and it is an swesome name, let me tell you!! It's easy to spell and pronounce, but we have NEVER met another child her age named Rose.

And "Rose Valeska Holland" is almost the most stunning name ever. Our last name is a lot like "Holland," also, and I think I flows beautifully!!

Anonymous said...


jmv said...

I think that the name Blaire works well with the sibling set.

Swistle will cringe at this suggestion, because it is not a standard nickname, but...
How about Michelle? You could call her Elle and hubs has a "full" name. Valerie, Savannah, and Michelle.

Anonymous said...

How about Ella? Very close to Elle but doesn't sound like a letter, similar to Isla but not geographic, and I just noticed it has the a, e, and double letter from Anne, which might be a bit of a connection there.

Anonymous said...

Ellisa Valeska Rose Holland.

Anonymous said...


Ashlie said...

Ella Valeska
Emma Valeska
Emery/Emory Valeska
Lynn Valeska
Erin Valeska
Sylvie Valeska
Quinn Valeska
Paige Valeska
Reese Valeska
Sydney Valeska
Melanie Valeska
Leah Valeska
Piper Valeska
Gwen Valeska
Bella Valeska
Ivy Valeska
Ruby Valeska