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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moving Day!

Hello! We're taking this blog to a new address:

It's just going to be a huge, huge mess for awhile, which is why I've been putting it off. For example, yesterday I wrote this Moving Day post, and then discovered that all the posts on the new blog had imported TWICE, so I had to take down this post and spend all afternoon and evening fixing things.

And the comments are currently ABOVE each post, which I will fix when I figure out how to do so, because it's silly to come upon the option to comment even before you've read the post.

And if someone comments on the old blog, that comment won't show up on the new blog, and I won't be able to move it, and it will be lost forever.

And the formatting on the transferred posts is completely messed up, with big gaps and no gaps and things not in the right place.

And I don't know how to do polls yet.

And probably we're going to run into a lot of problems with commenting. (Just for starters, I think the first comment from each commenter automatically goes to moderation.)

So anyway. A huge, huge mess.

But the move needed to be done, so if we can just plow through this period of things being broken and changed and confusing and upsetting, I think everything will feel fine before long. Remember to change bookmarks/subscriptions if you have them; all new posts will be on the new blog.


Amy said...

I'm so sad I won't be able to read you at work any more. My employer has the new site filtered as "pornography" for some reason. I'll just have to catch up at night!

Swistle said...

Amy- Maybe it won't last. Over the years people have told me that this site sometimes gets filtered as pornography too. Neither of them ARE, of course, so perhaps such things get straightened out eventually.

Patricia said...

Swistle, you have several baby name books worth of naming advice on this website. What will happen to that? Will this website eventually disappear?

And why a new blog site? [This is all a mystery to me. ;-)]

Any chance the new blog site will be more searchable?

Thanks for all the time and work you put into this website. I'm sure it's helping lots of parents find the best name for their baby. It's also really enjoyable for name enthusiasts like me.

Swistle said...

Patricia- This entire blog has been moved to the new location, so nothing has been lost: all the posts and comments are on the new site.

The searchability is part of the blog platform; I'm not sure if WordPress is any better than Blogger, but we'll soon see!

The new site is for an assortment of reasons; I hope it'll mean nothing more than a change of URL on the reader end of things, but things may be a bit shaky for awhile until we get everything figured out.

Patricia said...

Sorry, but I'm really confused! I set up a word press acct., thinking that was the way to subscribe to your new blog. But I guess not... Instead I think I've indicated I want to set up my own blog. ???

How can we subscribe to the new blog? Will our former subscriptions be carried over or do we have to click on something or another on the new site.

I looked at how it's set up and like the ease with which letters and comments can be accessed. I like the font too.

Swistle said...

Patricia- Old subscriptions won't be carried over. There's a subscription field/button for email subscriptions in the righthand margin, almost at the bottom of the page; it looks like RSS feed subscriptions are right below that.